Friday, 26 February 2016

Weigh in

Six days of a some serious healthy eating, no booze, no formal exercise and a medium sized foray into a bag of praline truffles = 1.25lbs off.

Yes please! Pretty happy with that as I'm now the lightest I've been since giving birth. I'm also closing in on a stone lost this year; less than 4lbs to go. I've got a wedding in 4 weeks time. A stone off for then would be peachy.

Goals for this week. Less sugar and more movement. Cocoa nibs for healthy raw food balls are on the list, as is a buggy run on Sunday.


Current weight:        13 stone 6.5lbs
This week:                - 1.25lbs

Pre preg weight:      12stone 11lbs

Friday, 19 February 2016

Weigh in

Last weekend I was away on a hen do. It's impossible to stick to healthy eating in such circumstances. Sometimes, you just gotta go with the flow and enjoy life. And so that's exactly what I did. Cake, booze and all!

Monday, I was right back on it. Friday (today) I decided to weigh. Risky. Would I see a loss? Yes. The answer is yes! Just a wee half pounder but after what I had shoved in my cake hole, I'm flipping delighted.

I'm now 13 stone 7.75lbs. Just a pound off being my lightest post pregnancy and 10.75lbs from my pre preggo weight.

Pleased with that.

Totally unrelated is this pic I took this week. Gives me joy!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Well hi!

Would you look at this.... a post! It's only been about four months.

These pics pretty much sum up what's been going on. Hanging with my wee pal, returning to work and of course, thinking about the size of my arse.

Lady P is almost nine months old and is more hilarious every day. Well, she certainly thinks so!

I went back to work in January when she was just seven months old. Just a wee toot! It's only two full days though and she seems to be loving nursery, and getting to see more of her granny. I am spending a lot of the other days trying to squeeze work in around her, which is proving more tricky than I hoped. Not quite got the balance yet. The massive washing pile is testament to that!

I've also felt like shit for most of this year. I had a fluey type thing which I was informed was viral, and came with a rash. Was just feeling better and BAM, floored with another cold. Just what I need when I'm trying to do it all... And can't take any sick days from work or life!

Soldiering on though! Off to my folks tomorrow for meetings down that way, while my mum babysits. Constant juggling act!