Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Day 13

13 days overdue.

Can you believe this? I'm beginning to question if there actually is a baby in there. I always thought I'd be late, but not this late. And I have to admit, as my 14 days allowed before I'm induced have slowly disappeared, it's been tough.

I've been mentally prepared for a water birth throughout my whole pregnancy, taking place at my local maternity unit - just a mile from home. However, as induction is more medical it means I have to have the baby at the nearest hospital - 45 minutes away.

It's fine, it's not that big a deal, it's just not what I've visualised for the past nine months. On Sunday I went for a second sweep (sorry, I hate that word) with limited success. It was then I realised that I'm more than likely to be induced. That was not a good day and I spent a lot of it in tears; the culmination of almost two weeks of hanging around, carrying this baby, being uncomfortable, hormones, and lack of control.

So unless this baby makes a move in the next 24 hours, induction here I come. One way or another there is going to be a baby in my arms in by Friday. A little Gemini baby.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Grasshopper slices

If this baby doesn't make an appearance soon I'm going to bake myself into a diabetic coma.

Yesterday's endeavour was a minty choc delight described by the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook as a Grasshopper slice.

It all nearly went tits up as I had to make a white choc ganache with 1kg of chocolate. Yes, 1KG! That is a shitload of chocolate. So of course, I managed to split it. And when I say split, it wasn't just  bit grainy looking, it looked like curdled milk. The oil from the cream had separated out so badly it was sitting on top of it. Horrific. And I was raging.

However, a quick google later and I read that a fix is to heat up some semi-skimmed milk and add it a bit at a time to the mix, stirring well. Holy milky bar kid. It worked! I am amazed! I was ready to chuck it in the bin, it was that bad. I mean it looked more lumpy than my thighs in their current state (i.e. VERY). The end result, creamy, smooth silky ganache. Amazing!

Anyway, here is a slice of the finished product (with a bite out it - ummm... baby was hungry!).

Obviously there is still no god damn baby! My friend who is a midwife told me to have more sex. Well, sex. Ha! Look, it's bloody awkward  and heartburn inducing at this stage!

In other news (yes, this is my high octane life just now) I've cooked twice with quinoa this week. We had healthy burritos made with turkey mince and quinoa instead of rice. Very delicious they were too!

TB is on a health kick and so while I might still be chowing down on cakes and sweeties, my meals are all very healthy as I'm cooking for loverboy. It's been really good actually as it's helping me get back in the mindset - ready for the full on health kick which is imminent. Tonight's tea is a crazy tasty fritatta with leftovers including spicy turkey mine, roast sweet potato and leek. Can't wait!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Come on out!

I'm still here and I'm still pregnant! Today I'm 40 weeks and five days so officially overdue.

The past month feels like it's been really busy - what with finishing up at work and generally just getting (parts of) the house organised. Last week I thought I had feck all to do and then my accountant asked for all my tax return info so that was three days of spreadsheets!

And inbetween we've also had my birthday and our wedding anniversary. I'm actually really pleased we've managed to get those dates out the way so that the baby's birthday it a date of it's own - and let's be honest, who wants to be pushing a human out their vagina on their birthday? Not I.

So yeah, that's me 35. It doesn't feel or seem that old (and I know if you're older than that you'll be scoffing right now) but then I realise that's 17 twice over. I moved to Edinburgh for uni when I was 17. I can't believe it's been another 17 years since then. So, so fast. I really feel like I just left uni a few years ago.

Despite moving around like a big lump, I had a lovely birthday. My mum came up to see me and we went out for lunch at my local beachside cafe. Cannot wait to go for walks here with our baby.

My lovely parents in law also took us our for dinner. I've not got much to wear at this stage so I donned my trusty, striped maternity dress which has been a new look god-send. There ain't no hiding in this and I did get a few looks at the restaurant. There's a baby in my tummy - deal with it! You can also see in the background the freshly painted bedroom and new carpet! Loving our new 'coastal' bedroom. You might also spot our crib which is just waiting for a wee person to go in it!
The next big change to the house is cutting one of the bedrooms in half to make two rooms. The velux windows went in when we  were on hols and last week we got the new door in place. Some jobs you just gotta pay a joiner to do. This new half is going to be the baby's room and the other half will still have room for a double bed - it was a huge room. There is no massive rush for this though as the baby will be in with us for the first while.

Sunday was our first anniversary. It's been a fantastic year. A really busy year. I am such a lucky girl to have found TB and I can't wait to have lots and lots more years together. We spent the day, cutting the grass and tidying round. So romantic! Ha! Someone asked me if we were doing paper gifts. I said yes, a birth certificate.

I've been doing quite a lot of baking since I've actually had some time, which has been fab. So nice to enjoy the new kitchen and potter around making cakes. TB's colleagues are pretty happy about it too as they are on the receiving end.


We've had a bit of a cat situation on our hands. Papa Lazarou is just as affectionate as ever - as seen here with bump - but Dave is seldom seen at the moment. He appears for some food once ever few days and that's about it. Turns out some dame who lives on the next street has been feeding him! She took him to the vet to see if he belonged to anyone (thank for microchipping) and so they called me to make sure he had a home to go to. Ummm - YES! How about you stop feeding him and don't let him come in your house. I want to get him back home and settled before a wailing sprog sends him running again!

So that's me covered just about everything apart from how I am feeling about waiting for this baby to show up! I am ready to stop being pregnant and I am so ready to meet this wee monkey.  I've got until I'm 42 weeks before I'll be induced - so just over another week left.  I really don't want that though as it means I have to go to the big hospital 45 mins away, rather than my midwife led maternity unit where I've had all my appointments (and the fact I am sick of lugging this sprog around in my uterus) At my last visit there I was examined and they said the baby's head is very low - so that's good news. I'm booked back in for a sweep (ugh) on Thursday so I'm hoping that will chivvy things along if there is nothing by then.

It's weird being in this limbo like state. I'm not physically able to to walk far and I don't really want to be that far from home - so we are just waiting. TB is worse than me; he is desperate for us to have our wee baby and bring it home. In the meantime, what else is there to do apart from make jaffa cake cupcakes.