Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Weigh in

I was truly dreading getting on the scales this morning.

I just didn't feel like I got into the groove last week. It was mostly due to my arsed up ankle. To keep my head in the game, and to stop my picking at food I need to feel like I am working hard when it comes to exercise - and I feel like that's not happened.  Luckily for me I managed to scrape a loss of half a pound. It's not going to set the world on fire but it's a loss and on the back of a wonky week and just being home from holidays I'll gladly take it.

I read a post the other day someone wrote about the putting on their gym clothes (sorry, can't remember who it was) and how simply doing this totally changed their mind set about exercising. It was as if they felt like someone who exercised when they changed into something sporty and going to the gym wasn't something they had to talk themselves into. I can totally empathise with that.

Last night I got home after work with a couple of hours to spare before spinning. I really didn't want to go and I was thinking "What's the point? I feel frumpy and there is no way I'll have lost anything this week." I know, totally dramatic. I knew I was going to go (it's Tuesday night spinning, c'mon) but I've just not been feeling it. I pottered around for a bit feeling lethargic and then finally changed into my gym kit. What's this, an athletic Love Cat? I instantly felt more... sporty. I am the person that goes to the gym. I am fit and I am in control.

Off I hobbled to spinning (yes, the ankle is still sore!) and sweated my backside off in the class. Luckily it didn't aggravate my ankle too much and so I went for it. I definitely feel an improvement from last week. A week off the fags has certainly made a difference.

So I'm feeling A LOT more positive today. My weight is going back down (albeit very slowly) and my fitness is creeping back up. I'm going to have to modify my exercise for a while to accommodate this stupid ankle of mine (no circuits tonight) but if I remain focused I see no reason why I can't deal with this challenge and keep things moving downwards. I can do this.

Rock Awn!

Starting Weight: 204.25 pounds
Current Weight: 178 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 0.5 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 26.25 pounds

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Enough crap thank you very much

I'm not expecting great things from tomorrow's weigh in. In fact, I'm not really expecting anything at all apart from a big fat stay the same.

I've missed out on two workouts thanks to my stupid ankle which is still really swollen. It's fine to walk on and to cycle but it does twinge a bit and stairs are a bit more tricky. I went to the gym last night and did 30 mins cardio (bike and cross trainer) and some squats and chest presses but that's about it thanks to the gym shutting early because of some sort of bank holiday rubbish.

I also had too many treats at the weekend. Picked at some chocolate, ate an ice cream float, choc ice, crisps.... I'm going to spinning tonight which will no doubt be another killer as my fitness is down the pan.

It's unreal how quickly you lose it. I've lost my ipod (raging) and so I was sans tunes last night and I could hear myself wheezing away on the cross trainer. I also could only find a 5kg medicine ball for my squat things. Just as well the 6kg was no where to be found. It was so hard!

My boobs also feel bigger and I've had a couple of spots this week, odd considering this is typical PMT behaviour but mine ain't due.

This past week has actually been a royal pain in the arse. Not only did I fuck my ankle, struggle with the diet at the weekend and realise that I lost my ipod shuffle on holiday but my car has packed in too. It's currently getting fixed to the tune of around £700. This is not good. Funds are running very low and I simply don't have this amount of cash spare. Who does? It's going on a credit card and that's where it will have to stay for the foreseeable. This has to be the most expensive month in the history of mankind. Hotels for hen do's and weddings to pay for, wedding presents, travel to weddings, travel to hen do's, baby presents.... people, stop doing life things that mean I have to spend money on you!

There is some good news though. Push aside all the negativity I've just thrown at you (if you can) cause here is the good news...the next six months or so are going to be interesting as I'm working from a desk in the office of a company I used to work for. My old boss is going on mat leave and they are letting me use the space for free. I think it'll do me good to be around more people and I'll hopefully pick up some more work this way.  Although it has meant a whole load of food planning on my part as I can't just wander from my desk into my kitchen at 3pm and have a think about what I might want to prepare for that night's dinner. It's not that much of a major change as I was already pretty organised it just means there is no room for error from now on.

So in anticipation of staying the same here is my weekly workout list.

Wednesday: 35 mins of circuits class
Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun: nothing
Monday: Gym workout, mostly cardio, 1.4 miles on the bike
Tuesday: 5 miles on the bike, spinning

Thursday, 25 August 2011

On the bench

'You're so clumsy' is a phrase I hear on a regular basis. Pretty much every time I bang into a table corner, off a door frame,  drop a mug, trip over my own bag, accidentally steam burn my own face with a pitta bread (yes, that actually happened). The list goes on.

But you see, I don't agree.  I know I bruise myself all the time but that's cause my own spacial awareness is... um... well, crap. My co-ordination, however, is actually pretty good. Or so I though. Until last night.

There I was, gung ho, right back into the exercise routine, working up a sweat at circuits. It was about 35 minutes into the class and I was doing step ups on a big tyre. A big slippy tyre. My left foot slipped and I went over on my left ankle. My full weight. Oh dear god. I thought I was going to be sick because of the pain.

It took a good five minutes before I could straighten up my knee above my ankle. During this time the guy who runs the class was with me asking if there was anyone that could come and get my car. Ummm, no! There is no one. The closest person is probably my dad who lives 50 miles away. Mingled in the the pain were now feelings of being totally pathetic and alone. Finally I was able to walk on it and I managed to drive myself to the minor injuries unit at the hospital (luckily only about a mile away).

By this time the swelling had started. It got checked over and an x-ray. I was crapping myself. Please don't be a fracture, was all I could think. Thank god. I got the all clear. No fractures. Phew. However, today it has totally swollen up. It looks like I've stuck a tennis ball to the side of it. I've been icing it and elevating it all day without much change. Hmmmm.

I don't have time for this.Flamin Nora. I need to be able to exercise. And now! I've got holiday lard to get shifting. I did some tricep dips, sit ups and leg raises tonight which is better than nothing but it's not exactly the workout I need. So annoying. I'll give it until Monday and then I'm going to the gym no matter what. Even if I can't do much leg stuff I can at least get a decent upper body workout.

I've really tried to watch what I've eaten today but when you are sitting about it's so much easier to want to pop something in your mouth.  Exercise is good for two things, it burns calories (and builds muscle) but it also distracts you from eating!

The silver lining from all this is that I'm treating this as a bit of a dry run. A dry run for what? Well, I may be only 31 years of age but my dear people, I am getting my bunions done. Yes, you may call me Granny Love Cat from now on. They've been getting increasingly sorer and they are only going to get worse and so I've decided I might as well get them done sooner rather than later. The plan is to get them done in early January.

This is one of the reasons I want to get cracking with losing as much at possible. The operation means that I'm going 'off my feet' (I hate that phrase) for six week. That's six weeks of not being able to go to the gym. Six weeks of time spent sitting on my backside. Six weeks of being tempted by food as I'm not able to distract myself with activity.

I've got a plan of action involving tailored exercises at home and some personal trainer input which I'm planning to put in place but more on that another day. Right now, it's time to deal with the current problem with another round of icing. No, not butter icing.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Weigh in

As long as you're still in the 12s. C'mon the 12s.

That's what I've been telling myself. That was my mantra as I got on the scales this morning. I didn't feel like I'd put that much weight on; my jeans feel pretty much the same, my boobs and tummy feel marginally bigger but as far as I could see that was the extent of it. Or was this wishful thinking.

With all my scale hopping in London I reckoned I was 12 stone 7.5lbs the day I went on holiday. A weight I've not seen for a long, long time and I really want to see it again soon. Is 12 days of carefree and careless eating going to make 12 and a half stone a dim and distant memory?

I looked down at the numbers, ready to get a true reflection of my beer guzzling and pizza devouring.12 stone 10.5lbs. I do believe that's a gain of 3lbs. Only 3lbs! Amazing amazing amazing! Something has changed. I'm not sure what but the days of going on holiday and gaining half a stone in a week are gone!

The more I think about it the more I think it's down to the 'one more day' attitude. Do yourself a favour and keep holiday eating to holiday. I had a really frugal eating day yesterday and went to spinning last night, meaning I had one great day of healthy living under my belt before weighing in. If I weighed in yesterday I fully expect I would have been at least a pound heavier. 3 lbs is somehow much much easier to process re-losing than 4lbs. If I had eaten before holiday for a few days and again at the end for a few days, I'm sure that 4lbs would be 7lbs.

This is it. I am truly going to do it this time. 2011 is my year. The next six months are pretty mental, there is so much going on that I have to tell you about that means I really need to push on as much as I can. I'll tell you all about it very soon.

Finally, spinning last night just about killed me. I found it so hard. I am not exaggerating when I tell you I was almost sick at the end of the class. It wasn't my muscles but my breathing that was fecked. Fitness, I love you - come back to me!

Starting Weight: 204.25 pounds
Current Weight: 178.5 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: plus 3 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 25.75 pounds
Me at the lights at the sea organ in Zadar

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Croatian Comedown

TB snorkels while I enjoy the moment.
What a holiday. What a holiday! Crotia is absolutely beautiful. The weather was scorching hot, around 30 degrees everyday, the water was the clearest I have ever seen and the scenery was breathtaking.

Two of my best mates (Aunty and Glamour Puss), another friend, and TB and I, arrived on Thursday 11th into Split and 3 hours later after a mammoth bus journey (we thought it was only going to be an hour and a half) we ended up in Zadar, just a few kilometres from the small village which was hosting the music festival we were there for. The first thing that hit me, along with the heat, was the realisation that it was so hot that shorts were my only option.

I kinda knew that was going to be the deal and so I'd mentally prepared myself for it. While my legs are a sturdy pair of pins and some people might be horrified if theirs were anything like them, they are mine and they are the best they have ever looked so I was actually feeling quite good about getting them out. And out they came, for almost all of the holiday! So much so that I even wore shorts when we went out at night sometimes. I know! Unreal and unheard of.

One night when perched on a wall near the dancefloor, TB was standing next to me, his hand resting on my thigh. "It's lovely being able to touch your bare leg" he said. It felt pretty good too, being there with him - the two of us together and me feeling relaxed, confident and happy.

The whole holiday followed in the same vein. Relaxed, great times. I stuck to my own holiday rules of not being too bossy or blunt and to be a good holiday companion and I think I pretty much rocked it. There were no fall outs and the most cross word between TB and I was when I abruptly woke him up from a nap and he was grumpy about not being gently roused from slumber! Pampered prima donna, that he is.

In the back of my mind I thought I might do some exercise on holiday (other than dancing, swimming and walking to and from the beach/festival site). I had my trainers and gym clothes with me as I took them London en route - so that was no excuse. Instead I found other excuses such as: it's too bloody hot, I'm hungover, I'd rather sit on my arse and sunbathe, I've been up all night and am only capable of snoozing on a sun lounger, I'm too busy drinking cocktails. You get the gist. So while I sweated like a piggy it was only because of the blistering heat and not because of an evangelical set up lunges. Oh lunges, I've not missed you at all.

And then there was the eating and drinking. Let me point out two key things that I pretty much had no choice over. 1. Diet drinks do not seem to exist in Croatia. Yes, you can buy a diet coke in a bar but there is no way you can buy a drop in any shops. So I could have stuck to rum and diet cokes when out and about but, and here is point 2. Beer is the cheapest thing to drink. Cheaper than water! What choice does a person have? None! So there you have it, I chugged back pints of beer and full fat fizzy drinks. I could have coupled this with salad eating to try and balance things out but no, I had pizza. A lot of it. I had pasta, risotto, fried cheese, ice cream, bread and full fat milky coffees. Oh and I smoked like a lum.

Oh wait, one day (at the beginning of the holiday) I ordered grilled chicken. Fried chicken arrived with a side of chips. Do you see what I was up against? Do you?! I decided there was no point worrying about it. I ate what I wanted. And I loved it. I got home last night and this morning, I'm right back into fruit for breakfast and an omlette for lunch. Back to the routine.

12 days off the diet is not going to totally ruin all my good work. It's not the holiday that's the problem. It's the before and after. The "Oh well, I'm going on holiday on Thursday, I might as well treat myself and start gorging four days beforehand" and the "I'm home from holiday but I'll just eat what I like for one more day." One more day. One more day. A month later and it's still one more day. One more day is tomorrow - and a stone later. Don't delay. Take control now and make the moment count.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Last weigh in before hols and Lovecat romps home with a 2lb loss! Ha!

There was at least a 2lb loss, possibly even 3, but what with the various different times of weighing, I'm gonna take the
2 - and be overjoyed about it!

This means I am 12 stone 7.5lbs which is a grand total of 2 stone 0.75lbs.

It feels so good to put the work in and to see results.

I'm on the train out to Gatwick right now and I'll get to see TB! So excited. Then tomorrow morning we're off! Yippee!

I'll not be posting when I'm away so good luck with everything from dieting to work, exercising to boys and everything in between. Be careful- I'll miss you!


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Location:Weigh in - Final holiday result

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Before I start wittering on about holidays and wobbly thighs I'd just like to take a moment to acknowledge the horrific riots going on in London and other areas of London. Disgusting is just about the only word I can think of to describe those guilty of attacking and destroying the communities they live in. I've been in London over the weekend and will be back there tomorrow. Many of my friends live there and it's all so sad.

As you know while I've been in London and in the last few days before I jet off on holiday (getting very excited now!) I've been trying to stick to my diet and shoehorn a few last workouts in. And how have I been getting on. Pretty damn good!

I was a but nervous about putting my dress on that I was going to wear to the wedding. It was short-ish (knee length), hot pink and strapless- and a size 14 French Connection. I need not have worried. It fitted brillantly and I think I looked pretty damn hot. I certainly felt really really good. And not just in my body but my face too. I know I'm more attractive when there is less fat on my visage and with less of it on there now I feel like I don't need to put on a 'camera face' I can just smile, or make a stupid face. I've also had a few complements which has been so so nice and has just given me that extra shot of confident. An old friend at the wedding said he noticed I had lost a shit load of weight (not that much actually since I last saw him when I was almost at this weight) and a really hot guy on Friday night told me he thought I was lovely and just new that I had a boyfriend. Not a sleazy chat up - just a really nice complement. And I bloody loved it.

So what has been passing my lips and how much I have been sweating... I've actually been eating less that I normally would at home. I eat a LOT of fruit and veg. Piles of the stuff. At other people's houses (I'm staying with friends) they just don't have that amount of food so I've been eating healthy things but not the portions I am used to.

Saturday at the wedding I ate some of the wedding cake icing and that was it. There was no evening buffet (which I think was odd) but it meant I wasn't tempted by anything. On the way home we stopped off to get some food as we were starving. I had a kebab with no meat. So grilled chicken, onion and lettuce. Not too bad at all.

Sunday I had scrambled eggs, fruit and yogurt during the day and steamed (1 fried) dumplings for dinner. That was all! I then hotfooted it out of London Town (this was all planned, not a riot avoidance technique!) an hour north west.

Yesterday (Monday) I had fruit and yogurt for brekkie, chicken soup for lunch, a snack of cold meat and then thai for dinner. Now, we did go out to eat for dinner and I definitely ate more than I normally would but I chose as wisely as I could. Steamed dumplings (again) for started and then a seafood curry with sticky rice for main. As for exercise, I managed to get a free day pass from the local gym! I filled in their online form, called them up and the next thing I was being shown around by a membership manager. I told her I wasn't going to join and so she just told me where everything was and left me to it!

Today I went out for a run round about where my friend lives. And it felt really good. All of a sudden it feels easier to run. My body just feels that little bit easier to move. I've also ditched the looser jogging bottoms for tighter ones. Skin tight ones, which I wear to the gym and outside running. There is no getting away from the size of my backside but now I feel justified in wearing them. I don't think people are looking at me thinking "Why the hell is she wearing them. There is no way she's a fit person." So the run was good, even though on the way home I saw a fricking snake! I was just trotting along a path through a grassy field and there is was.... snaking it's way across the path in front of me! I shat myself.

Food again, was really good today but not having quite enough finally caught up with me and a few chunks of cold chicken turned into several hunks, hummous and and two small packs of melba toast. Not the worst snack in the world but way too much.

Overall though, I am rockin it! Normally I am much more slack at the weekend than I was so I"m hoping for good things tomorrow. I've got one more workout and and the whole day of eating until I get on the scales. Who knows what numbers might show up but the way I've been eating and exercising there is no way I can have put weight on. NO WAY!

Okay, I've covered diet and exercise so time for a quick social skills chat. Social skills? Eh? Yeah, I know that sound a bit mental but with a group holiday just days a away, which is also a holiday with TB, I need remind myself of a few do's and don'ts.

1. Do not turn into a moany girlfriend. The last few times I've been drunk I've ended up moaning at TB. I hate being that person and he's also mentioned it. Time to hit that on the head.
2. Don't forget to be fun with TB. Sometimes I slip into 'cosy girlfriend' mode. TB and I started our relationship off with lots and lots of witty chat and intelligent funnies. I want more of that and I think he'd like it too.
3. Do not be too blunt with people. If I don't like something then I can explain my thoughts in a way that's not too abrupt.
4. Be supportive of Glamour Puss (my best friend). She is really slim (but thinks she is huge) and always seems to look great. That can make me feel insecure and I end up not being as good a friend to her as I should be. Actually took a lot for me to admit that.
5. Don't tell TB when other guys have chatted me up.

Location:Holiday prep

Saturday, 6 August 2011

I love it when a plan comes together

I am fricking exhausted and I've not even started getting ready for the wedding I'm going to tonight.

By the time I got off the plane and into London it was 11.30pm when I met my friends at the pub. They were all pretty hammered and so it would have been rude of me to not try and catch up!

We eventually made it home at about 2.30am and I jumped (staggered) onto my friend's (let's call her Aunty) scales - which are actually my old scales. Oooh, if they could talk, they tales of stroppy weigh in's they could tell. 12 stone 13lbs flashed up (they only register whole pounds). I then popped back on them this morning (more for interest's sake) and got a reading of 12 stone 10lbs. So they are roughly a pound heavier than mine, not that it really matters. So now at least I've got a base reading to go from while in the big smoke.

After gassing away for ages, we finally got to sleep about 3.30am. We then woke up at 7.10am! Gah. Not good. We chatted for about half an hour and then luckily managed to get back to sleep until just after 9. I felt pretty rough but that is no barrier to weight loss and smugness; deep breath.... 6.5km run to, and around Hampstead Heath, was done and dusted by 11am. We did walk some of the way but I am bloody happy with that as my mouth was as dry as a Pharaoh's sock. I love being outside and what a great view from the top of the hill over the city. If you know the lookout point I'm talking about then you'll know the hill you have to go up to get there. I didn't quite managed to run to the top - half way though.

On the way back to I clocked a well know gym just beside Aunty's flat. The same gym I am a member of at home. Can you see where I am going with this? Yup, I popped in and it turns out I'm allowed to go there! So, here is the plan... On Wednesday I'm meeting a friend for lunch in the centre of town. I'll then come out to the gym for a last chance workout. After that it'll be time for a light tea and the last thing I'll do before I leave for the airport is weigh myself.

Not the perfect plan as I ate around about 4 hours before I weighed in last night but it's the best I can do. I know this all might seem a bit OTT and obsessive but if that's what's going to keep me on track until I go on holiday - then so be it and I'm quite fine with that.

Righto - better be off to put on my short, hot pink, strapless dress for this evening reception. Having last minute doubts about being brave enough to wear it but it's too late now!

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Friday, 5 August 2011

Weigh in

Greetings from 35,000 feet!

Okay, not really from 35,000. I'm writing this while on a plane (just going over Manchester- hello Helen!) but of course, I'm on flight mode on my phone. I'm not that naughty! I'll hit publish when we land.

Weigh in was this morning and the result was... A quarter of a pound off. Pathetic really. I could probably blow my nose and lose more than that but.... I lost almost 4lbs last weigh in and I was away camping etc etc. It's also my low week.

So with all that said, I'm quite okay with it. It may be the smallest of losses but it's a loss and it's all going in the right direction. I'm now 12 stone 9.5lbs- which still makes me smile. Hee hee!

The last time I was on a plane was exactly 2 months ago when I was almost a stone heavier. I felt great then but imagine my delight when I placed my posterior in the seat tonight and there is room on either side of me. I actually did a little clap and said to myself: "this is why you do it". And by 'it' I mean kill myself in the gym, turn down the cooked breakfasts, do dynamic lunges with 10kg weight in each hand (which I hate!), avoid oil and butter, cycle everywhere (although I am in love with my bike), say no to bacon rolls, never eat white bread. The list goes on but it's booooring! You get the gist, right?

And while I love looking thinner and having a greater choice of clothes to wear, the feeling of being able to fit comfortably into a plane seat, to feel normal, is beyond words.

I clearly remember flying to Japan in 2003 when I was just over 15 stone. I couldn't put the arm rest all the way down and I was encroaching into the skinny French girl's seat next to me. I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable. I then ate a bag of toffee's before we landed.

So what's the plan for the next weigh in? I'll tell you! 2 stone, baby. No, not to lose 2 stone from now; I'm good, not that good. 2 stone in total- which means I need to lose 1.25lbs. Can I do it? Well, I'm going to give it a bloody good go.

As I've mentioned, I'm away from home as of now until early on Thursday when I go to Croatia. I need to try and find a set of scales I can weigh myself on asap and again at the same time of day on Wednesday. Not sure how that's gonna work or if it will but regardless I'll be putting the work in.

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

A whole stromash

Thanks for the lovely comments yesterday about my pics. Just for the record, there is still a lot a junk in my trunk (and general leg area) under the dress. Those floaty layers and the leggings are hiding a multitude of sins! Someone shoot me I almost wrote syns and I'm not even doing Slimming World. Brainwashed, I tell you.

So yes, feeling strong and quite athletic but still got quite a way to go. I'm a size 12/14 on top which is great and I'm really happy with that. On the bottom I'm a size 16. Waaah! I still get a thrill writing that. I'd love to get down to a 14. Even thinking it could happen seems like an impossible dream but as soon as I get back from holidays I am right back on it.

Recently I've seen a lot of people that I've not clapped eyes on for months and months and some others that it's been more a case of weeks. The reactions to my slimmer figure from these various people have been so so varied. People I was with at the weekend who I've not seen for ages said I was looking tiny and asked me how I did it etc. So quite a big response. My best friend (who is having a baby in just a few weeks. Too much excitement!) simply said I was looking the best I've looked for ages. My brother and sister in law who I've seen maybe twice since March (when I started to lose weight) have said nothing. Not. A. Peep.

Normally this would annoy me but I've actually to come to a conclusion (although it's pure conjecture). The people closest to me see me. They see the person that I am; a friend, a sister, a sister in law. They see me and my personality. I'm not just a person that happens to be overweight. That's not what come to mind when they think of me. They think of the person I am and all that encompasses. I'm sure they must notice some changes in me but how much I weigh or what size of jeans I'm wearing does not define me.

In other news. TB is getting on my nerves. He's staying at his parent's this week as he's working out of a different office. We normally speak on the phone for around half an hour each night just before we go to sleep. This has been earlier as he's been going to bed at the same time as his mum and dad. That's totally fine, no issue there, What does piss me off is that he can't really speak at that point as the sound travels really easily in his folk's house. The phone goes and all I get is a whispered 'Hello, how's it going' and after five minutes we have to end the call cause he can't really speak. Or the other reason is that he's tired. Fair enough but how about you call me earlier in the evening!

I just feel like there's not been the closeness that we normally have over the phone. I called him earlier tonight to ask a question about my car (which has been playing up). It rang out and so I left a voicemail. A few minutes later I got a half arsed text back which was useless and pointless. Cheers for the call, doll. Don't go out of your way, will you. In fact, I'm not even asking him to go out his way - just speak to me for a few minutes!

At this stage in the relationship (and earlier in fact) I can feel myself going from a carefree, independent and sometimes hard to get girlfriend to a needy, whiney, slightly pathetic girlfriend. Okay, admittedly that is a gross exaggeration but the other day I heard myself saying "Do you love me?". Gaaaaah! I'm not that person! An irritating girlfriend character in a tv programme TB and I were watching said that very line and he turned to me and made a face that said: "see, only whiny girlfriends say that".

So for those reasons I've been trying to be a bit more relaxed and that also means not calling him. I'm off to London tomorrow and we'll not see each other until Wednesday night and I'm planning to keep up the laid back-ness till then. Sounds pathetic I know, but... well, there it is.

Okay, onto weighty matters. Weigh in is tomorrow and I am not feeling confident. Not confident at all. I've missed out on a couple of workouts because I was away and I also ate lots of biscuits and sweeties. My only saving grace is that I barely drank. This is my low week for weighing and the last three low weeks have registered 0.5lb, 0lb and 1.5lb on!  So we shall see what we see.

In the meantime here's the exercise run down.

Wednesday: 9.3 mile cycle, circuits
Thursday: nothing
Friday: 10.3 mile cycle, bodypump
Saturday: bit of incidental lifting as we lugged camping equipment about
Sunday & Monday: nothing but lots of stomping about in wellies
Tuesday: Spinning
Wednesday: 8.3 mile cycle, set of lunges and squats
Thursday: Gym workout (40 mins cardio, resistance - mostly lunges and squats with weights)

Finally, here is a picture of my serious sweaty betty bod after tonight's work out. Can you see how my top is properly saturated with sweat? Lovely. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Eat me

Since my last post about my mega huge Spanish omlette type effort, I've made a slight modification.

While it's super healthy, three eggs is quite a lot and so I've reduced the number of eggs to two and I'm adding some of this bad boy.

There is quite a lot of the egg white mix in the carton and since it cost about £2.80 (or thereabouts, I can't quite remember now) and you've to use it within three days of opening I was a bit hesitant about buying it. But then... I had a brainwave. I froze it into individual portions by using an ice cube bag!I knew I was going to need some today for lunch so I popped three in a bowl this morning and by lunchtime they were defrosted and ready to go!

So how does it taste with one less yolk? Definitely not as flavoursome and I felt like I needed to add a touch more salt. However, I think it's a case of getting used to it and maybe adding more nutmeg or something else to give it more taste.

In other news I wanted to show you a dress I bought last April and only wore for the first time last week. I love the colour and the tiny dots on this number, but the way it ties at the back means that any tummy rolls are on show through the synthetic material and so I've not been confident about wearing it till now. 

Sorry about the mess in my room- and my hair. It's all over the shop. It's such an Alice and Wonderland dress - love it! It's so synthetic though that I think it'll be too hot for Croatia. Finally. how amazing is this ring! Top shop sale, I salute you.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Plan of action

What up peeps! Can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post.

Thursday was a crazy busy day with work and I was diving about all over the place (so much so I didn't make it to the gym - shock horror) On Saturday I went away camping with my voluntary thing and only got back last night.

I always find it really hard to eat healthily when I'm away camping as it's all catered for and there are packets of biscuits always on the go. We're outside all day long too which always makes me feel hungrier than normal. I did pretty well on Saturday and the only misdemeanor was the nan bread I munched on with dinner. I had a burger which had been fried, and a sausage at lunchtime on Sunday which was bad too. This wasn't too bad really but then I started munching on biscuits and I had a few coffees with cream! What was I thinking?! Silly, silly, silly.

Monday's meals were pretty good but again - biscuits! I must have eaten about six chocolatey caramel digestivey things - at least. They were SO goood, but I dread to think how much fat there is and the number of calories in them cannot be good. On the positive side, I made everyone a cooked breakfast (including Stornoway black pudding - drool) and didn't eat any of it! I also was on the go lots. Not much sitting about and a lot of walking about, lifting things and generally being active. I just hope it was enough to balance it all out.

However, I'll not be finding out tomorrow. That's right, weigh in will not be taking place tomorrow. I'm off to London town on Friday night as I've got a wedding reception down there on Saturday. I'm then staying with friends from Sunday until Wednesday night when I will be staying at the Travel Lodge at Gatwick as the next morning (Thursday) I fly out to Croatia for 11 days!

This mean the plan for weigh in is all over the place. I'm going to weigh in at home on Friday morning and that will be my last 'true' reading before Croatia. When I'm in London I'm going to stick to my diet and I will also have my trainers with me so  no excuses for not exercising. The problem is finding a scale that I can use to show any loss as I'm staying at all three different places. There might be a chance I can use a set on Friday night and Wednesday night - which would be the perfect scenario but I'm not sure it'll come off. I'm just planning to hop on and off just about every set I come across and hopefully I'll have two readings taken at the same time of day on the same scales and at least a few days apart.