Thursday, 28 October 2010

Weigh In. Number 3.

This week, I was royally pissed off. 

I'd really been strict all week and then relaxed it at the weekend and I thought I deserved a pound (especially cause it was just a pound the week before). However, it was not to be and I was faced with staying the same. Hmmmm.

I was so so annoyed but then I had a bit of a review of the weekend and there were a few things that might explain it - two slices of thick base pizza, half a bottle of wine, Chinese deep fried starter. Oops. So on reflection I suppose I deserved it. In my defense the wine was cause I was meeting Toyboy's parents. Not that I had to down the wine to steady the nerves but we went out for a meal and I felt like I couldn't ask for a rum and diet coke instead. And no, not drinking was not an option. Maybe in the future but making a fuss the first time I met them was not on the cards.

I digress... What's upsetting me is that I feel that time is slipping away and I'd love to crack on and have an amazing week but there are two things getting in the way. 1. I'm going away from Friday morning till Monday night with Toyboy and we're going to be in Germany where there is a big beer festival! And 2. My head is so not in it over the past few days. I'm trying really hard but I am just feeling the hunger - and for sweet things. I love boiled sweets and I've been putting away far too many of them.

With the way I'm feeling and the weekend ahead I'll be lucky if I can stay the same again. Even if I can manage that then I'll still only have lost 5lbs in four weeks - RUBBISH! Okay - that sound a bit frantic and that exactly where I don't want to be. Fat and serene is better, no?

So I pretty much emailed all of the above to the Lovely Helen of Clear Your Heart fame and I am feeling SO much better. She sent me a lovely response which has had the desired effect (i.e. a virtual slap in the visage). To condense her pearl's of wisdom, she said:

  1. You still have to make the right choices at the weekend
  2. Calm down - it's not the end of the world just cause you've not lost as much as you'd like
  3. Eat more of the right things
She's so right. I'm going to go on holiday this weekend and enjoy the odd treat and not worry about it. When I get back from my wee break - it is all systems go.

And I don't go till tomorrow so I've been doing well in the meantime. I've eaten a lot more today - but of all good stuff and I feel much better. I'm also pleased with my fitness. Ran for 20 mins (3km) without stopping on Monday night without too much trauma and last night at bodypump (first time back in weeks and weeks) I did my usual weights (give or take a kg on the squats and back track) and managed no problem!

I do love you body - sorry for being a pain sometimes.

Starting Weight: 205 pounds
Current Weight: 200 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 0 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 5 pounds

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Lots of people tell the story of how and when they lost their virginity with horror and regret.

Not me. I was 15 when I started going out with Rolling Stone (he loved them and played the guitar).  Although we were only young (he had just turned 16) it was a pretty intense relationship, even more so as we went to different schools (my street cred went through the roof!).

We had done everything but the deed itself so it was only a matter of time. We waited until I was 16 and we made a plan - he stayed over at mine one weekend when my parents were away. Everything was perfect, he was caring and relaxed. I was.... too nervous. I just couldn't do it.  He was great about it and we just cuddled. What a star.

A few weeks later we were at a party and stayed the night. We'd had a few drinks and without the pressure of knowing 'that was the night' it happened.

Now, don't get me wrong, there weren't fireworks- in fact it wasn't really enjoyable at all but it happened with someone I loved (yes, I loved him) and I felt safe and secure with him, until he two timed me and dumped me four months later - wanker- but that's another story. Even though he turned out to be a dickhead, I was still glad that he had been the one and it wasn't just some fumble with someone I barely knew.

I'm now 30. That's 14 years of sex. Okay - not constant bonking, I've not got that much energy! But it's 14 years of learning about what other people like, how to please my partner, what I like and what gets me hot and bothered. I've had varied lovers over the years, men my own age, older men, younger men, men who've been with a lot of people, men with big dicks, men with nothing much to report, men who've been circumcised and men who shave everything off (their hair!). I'd just like to point out that some men fulfill one or more of the above criteria  - there's not loads and loads that I've been with!

Sex with Moonraker was really good but it wasn't amazing. It felt like we got into a rut really early on and that we just didn't connect in that area. When I hit him with my list of questions  when he asked me to give us another go, one of them was: "What about the sex. Do you think we can create something that wasn't there in the first place. Can that get better?" What he revealed during that chat is that he said he didn't know how to make me orgasm. "So what, you just gave up?" I challenged back. Half the fun is finding out how, I told him.

I know my body and I know what works for me - I could have told him! Jesus.  But as it happens, I don't know my body quite as well as I thought I did. 14 years of what I thought I knew have been blown out of the water in one night - step forward one Toyboy.

Toyboy and I have a fantastic sex life. Really really good. In fact, I would go so far as to say it's the best I've ever had. Lucky me! I didn't think it could get any better - until Sunday night. That boy is talented. As all ladies know, there are two ways in which a woman can normally reach the place that makes her legs wobble and her feet tingle. I have only ever been a woman who travels one path. Well, not any more. Somehow Toyboy has discovered more about my body in seven weeks than I have in my whole life! I always thought I was trickier than the average bear to convince to reach the point of no return but that couldn't be further from the truth. And it's almost on demand too! Four times in about 10 minutes! Un BEE lievable.

We're going away for a long weekend this week and will spend five nights together, the most to date. I hope the hotel has got thick walls...

Monday, 25 October 2010

It is SO good to meet you!

Toyboy's parents were coming to his flat on Friday where we would be introduced, have a drink and then head out for dinner.

I met Toyboy just after lunch and we went back to his. I wanted to have enough time to get ready at a leisurely pace so I would be calm and collected for the arrival of mum and dad Toyboy. That did not happen. By the time Toyboy and I caught up with each other - and of course, we'd not seen each other for the best part of a week and so there was a fair amount of catching up to do, I had 20 minutes to jump in the shower, get dressed (well, I wasn't going to rock up naked), get my slap on and fix my hair. I moved quickly and even had a couple of minutes to get myself all nervous before the buzzer went.

The next thing I knew - his mum had arrived. His mum put out her hand to shake mine. It felt a bit formal and so I ended up giving her sort of cuddle and a kiss on the cheek. His dad was moments behind as he was parking the car. By this point we were all standing and the kitchen table was between us so he didn't get quite the same warm welcome. I think vaulting over the table might have been a bit much.

We all chatted away before heading out for dinner and it was great. They are so lovely and are just... normal! Have you any idea how rare that is? Previous boyfriend's parents have been socially inept, drink dependent (at times), on their fourth marriage (not that it's abnormal but it's not that usual), unaware of the real world and how it works in terms of careers and the workplace - I could go on and on.

I actually really enjoyed hanging out with them and I think it went really well. They could well have thought the complete opposite but Toyboy thanked me for being 'so lovely' with them - and so I think it's all good.

Friday, 22 October 2010

My new mummy and daddy!

Just cracking off a quickie as I'm super busy with work. I've been working for myself for just over a year now and I am so pleased I made the decision to go it alone. It's pretty daunting at times and I'm forever checking my spreadsheet to keep an eye on the cash flow situation but it all seems to be working out! Who'd have thunk it? Shame I have to still deal with clients!

So - it's t minus 5 hours until I meet Toyboy's parentals. I'm feeling fine about it to be honest, I just want them to like me! Out of all my ex boyfriend's parents they seem to be the most similar to mine- which is really reassuring and so I am looking forward to meeting them. I'll have to watch though - I keep calling them by a nickname when chatting to Toyboy. Must not let that slip out tonight!

I've picked out my outfit too. Dark blue jeans and a kinds dressy jumper thing with a big gold bow on the front. Big gold earrings and a big gold cuff. Well, I need to give it the Love Cat touch! It's quite understated and flattering too. We're going out for bite to eat and then to a play. How civilised!

Diet is going well but the past two nights I've been out in the evening and ended up picking at crappy stuff for my tea. Last night I had about 10 truffles (they were AMAZING) - highly nutritious I'm sure you'll agree, and the night before I had a mini pie thing (just a bit of one) and an onion ring. Calorie wise it's no more than a meal but it's not the Slimming World way.

Have a great weekend lovers. x

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Freak out!

I'm meeting Toyboy's parent's on Friday!

Toyboy is an only child.
He is really close to his parents.
I am a 30 year old harlet that has corrupted their son

And most importantly what the hell am I going to wear?!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Weigh In. Number 2.

I forgot what it's like getting weighed in at Chubby Club. My heart was pounding and I was really nervous. Really nervous. I need to calm down and just remember that I'm doing all the right thing. There is nothing to stress out about. I'm following the plan and making the right choices and most importantly my head is in the right place.

This week, I lost 1lb. Now a loss is a loss and I know I lost 4lbs last week, making it 5lbs in two weeks but you know I'm all about the honesty on this here blog and the truth is, yes - I am a little disappointed. I've got fair bit to lose and I was hoping it would be a bit more.

However, I shall carry on. Historically this is where I lose the plot. I get a bit bored after a few weeks and let is all slide. This is my moment to knuckle down and keep on keeping on.

Starting Weight: 205 pounds
Current Weight: 200 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 1 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 5 pounds

Scale Dread

So tonight is weigh in two.

And I don't wannaaaaaaaaaaa go! I don't feel like I've lost anything and I am dreading it. I have stuck to the plan and I don't feel like I deviated at all. There were a few things in there that I probably shouldn't have had (hello white bread and jelly bellies - not at the same time I might add) but I counted them all as syns. We're supposed to have between 5 and 15 a day. I'm averaging out at about 10 a day for the last week.

Oh yeah,  I also went to the gym last night for the first time in about five weeks. I do apologise if you saw me there. It was not a pretty sight. When I was there I 'just' did my usual workout - some resistance/squats etc and then 30mins full on cardio. Yeah, I just rattled through it. Yeah, right.

I've been pretty pleased that all year, no matter what weight I've been I've managed to crack out at least 10mins without stopping, at a 9km pace. Last night spat in the face of that claim. Got to just over 7 mins and I had to walk for a bit. Pulled it together and got through the rest of the work out and made my way to the showers. I thought I was going to vom right then and there in the cubicle. Didn't.

Will let you know how I get on. Humph.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Moonraker Meet Up

I decided to say something to Moonraker ahead of us meeting up.

He ended up emailing me about a work related thing (we work in the same industry) and I took my chance to say.... it might sound OTT but I wanted to check, although we'd had a few texts recently, we were just meeting up as friends.

Yes, it was OTT he replied. Hmmm, not really if you ask me. Think that's more his bruised ego talking I think. I smoothed things over and it was all still on for Saturday. And when we met on Saturday - it was totally fine. I can't lie. Yes, I do still have feelings for him. No, I don't want us to get back together but I care about him a lot and.... well, I don't know. More than that I suppose but I've just not been acknowledging those feelings.

We had a couple of moments when we were talking about us and we remember some of the good times. I told him that my decision not to try again hadn't been easy and I'd really struggled with it. He said, 'Well, you always know where I am'.

However, I also found something out that I didn't know and to be honest, it's left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Moonraker revealed (after some probing from yours truly) that he went out with a girl throughout the whole of uni (I knew that part). He said the time they were together was brilliant., perfect. Stuff happened after uni and they split up. She begged him to take her back and he wouldn't. Six months later he realised he'd made a mistake but she didn't want to know.  For the next two years he was heartbroken. He told me he's never really gotten over her and that he thinks she was the love of his life and that he's had his chance.

It might sound harsh that he told me this but he wasn't going to and it was me that asked him to open up.

I could talk about how sad it is that he thinks like that and how it seems that he can't let go but that's all about him and to be honest yes, I am upset for him but I'm a bit upset for me too. Sad that I don't think he ever really loved me and the whole time (not consciously) he was comparing us and me.

I was chatting to Toyboy last night and I told him that I'd met up with Moonraker. As I thought and hoped he would be, he was fine about it. That's what I love about him. He just takes things at face value. He asked what we talked about and I told him what I've just told all you. I didn't go into the details of how it made me feel. No need. And that was the end of it.

So I do think Moonraker and I will go on to be friends and I'd like that but I need to let things settle down a bit and make sure that Toyboy is my priority.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Weigh In. Number 1.

I'm calling this week's weigh in at *looks around furtively* Slimming World, weigh in one. Yeah, I was weighed in last week, on my very first week but wasn't after a week of following the plan, was it?

So I trotted along on Tuesday to the hall where myself and a pile of other chubby ladies have the pleasure of standing on some scales which make us feel either totally shit or completely amazing. I waited in line to get on the bloody things and I was nervous. My heart was pounding and I could barely keep my train of thought - which was, 'I better have lost at least a few pounds'. It was week one after all. I'm delighted to report that I lost 4lbs.

I'm extra pleased with that as not only did I do no exercise I was generally pretty sedentary. I'm aiming to get back into the gym this week, even if it is just once or twice so hopefully I can get another good loss next week. It's a tall order but I'd love it if I could lose 3lbs next week and make it a half stone. I'm going for it anyway and if I come anywhere close then happy days.

I also had more of a chance to assess my fellow syners this week as I wasn't doing mental somersaults with red days, green days, free and superfree foods and I think I might have been a bit quick to judge them. The majority of them are pretty normal people who can probably spell their own name (oooh - harsh?). It's just that there are certain characters that stand out who are.... well, maybe not the fizziest drink in the fridge.

I was going to tell Toyboy about being on a diet at the weekend as we spent a long weekend together but after the first day together I realised I didn't have to! We were eating out loads and I was just making the right choices and I thought 'I'm getting away with this - I don't need to tell him!'. Well, that was until Monday lunchtime when I offered the mozzarella to him from my chicken salad.

"Are you not eating dairy, or something", he asked.

Busted! I had no option but to come clean. I fessed up. I wasn't sure what he was going to say and to be honest I wasn't too worried. I wasn't looking for him to say 'why? You don't need to go on a diet' or for him to try and reassure me. I'm not doing this to please him. What he did say was, "Fair enough. If that's what you want to do then good luck."

I love that. No big discussion. No big stromash.

Mixed Messages?

Having second thoughts about meeting Moonraker on Saturday. I want to meet him but I have to ask myself why. Is it just for an ego boost? If so then it's an pretty dangerous way to get one. And as Zanna  wisely pointed out Toyboy might be more okay about it than Moonraker but that doesn't mean he'd be happy about it.

Because we've had a few texts back and forward, some of which have been instigated by me - I'm now wondering if he thinks the door is slightly ajar and is going to give it an almighty shove. I don't think he knows the chain lock is on.

I might text him and say something about Saturday being us catching up as friends.  Does that sounds totally OTT? Gah! Nothing is ever simple.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hindsight & Foresight

A lot has happened over the past few weeks and I've had a chance to think about the choices I've made.

Toyboy is just brilliant and I am so pleased I decided to give us a chance. It's so easy to spend time with him and it just feels so comfortable - but at the same time exciting. I'm really relaxed about the age difference - not worried at all.

He's great because he teases me and winds me up (and I love that) and loves to make out that after 5 weeks together (since I first went to visit him) that he's got me whipped - but then he treats me, won't let me pay for anything, looks after me, drives 50 miles out of his way to pick me up late on a Friday night. He's also really tender and caring and the sex... Well, It's fantastic. And there is so much of it! To feel that wanted and desired is simply divine.

In addition to that - he's intelligent. He's not uber clever but he is definitely a smart cookie. I do think he's got the edge on me (not that I would admit that to him!) and just his logical and practical approach to things is... well, it sounds really sad  -but I love it! I find it incredibly attractive.

And how do I feel about Moonraker? Hmmm - I dunno. I do think about him quite a lot but not in a regretful way. I do think about what could have been, and about the family we could have been one day. I find that hard but I'm not pining for him. I called him the day after we met up after he dropped his bombshell. I thought it only fair that I let him know my decision.  We chatted for a bit and then I told him I was calling because I had done some thinking after we'd met the previous night and I thought we should just leave things as they were.

He thanked me for telling him. I explained that I didn't feel convinced that it was what he wanted and so I wasn't convinced it was right and that I was the one who would end up getting hurt again. He said he was convinced he wanted to try again. Not good enough. He then joked about spending the rest of the evening crying but then all of a sudden insisted he had to get off the phone. He sounded quite upset.

Hmmmm - so the shoe is on the other foot. I felt bad for him but part of me also is practical about the whole situation - a situation he brought it on himself. I was in an horrific state when he was dicking me about - and sadly that's the way it goes.

I texted him a few days later just saying hi and we had a couple of friendly messages back and forth. I was pleased. I wanted to make sure he was okay and that we were still okay  - okay as friends. On Friday just there a few more texts were exchanged - some friendly banter. All fine and dandy. Saturday night 1.30am. I'm on my way home from a night out with friends. Toyboy is with me (he'd just met all my friends that night and it had gone really well). I get a text from Moonraker. I angle the phone away from Toyboy so he can't see. I open up the text. 'Hey. Yes, I am drunk and yes it's a Saturday night. Just wanted to say hello! You okay?'

Shit. This is not good. He's on a boys weekend and his drunken thoughts are racing. Now that he can't have what he wants.... typical! I can't really keep my thoughts together but I don't think Toyboy notices. I don't reply. I'm not sending texts to my ex while I'm sitting next to my boyfriend - who I thinks is the bee's knees! 30 mins later another text from him arrives. 'Sorry, ignore that. Cringe'.  So he's realised that his text is pretty transparent. I still don't reply.

The next morning Toyboy is in the shower and I sent a text back. 'Sounds like the beer in Germany is strong stuff, you steamer.'  He replies. 'Sorry about that - bit embarrassed.' We send a few more texts - nice and light and that's it. Okay - dealt with. Well done me, I think.

BUT (of course there is a but!), I wake this morning to another text from Moonraker. He had a dream about me last night. I know! I know it sounds dodgy. I promise it was nothing rude! We exchanged a few amusing texts and then he asks if I am around for a catch up. Hmmmm.  I can see exactly where this is going. I'm actually pretty busy over the next few weeks and I'm not in his neck of the woods at all (he lives an hour away). I reply saying that. He comes back telling me he's in my area this weekend. Next thing I know we're getting something to eat this Saturday night coming.  Okay - so perhaps I should have put up more resistance but I do like him - of course I do and yes, I suppose my stupid ego has gotten in the way and I'm letting flattery affect my  decision.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not meeting up with him with any sort of agenda in mind. I do not want to get back together. I'm with Toyboy and I'm really happy about that. However, I do have to ask myself why do I think Moonraker wants to meet up so soon after the last time. It's only been two weeks since I saw him last. This is what I think. He's not only going to tell me he wants to get back together, just as he did last time, but this time he's going to do it with feeling.

Let me explain. The main reason I decided that I wasn't prepared to give it another go with him was because there was no passion when he was trying to convince me. It felt like he was going through the motions. When I asked him WHY he wanted to try again he said: 'I'd be an idiot if I didn't give it another go because we're so well matched, we get each other, you make me laugh, we work in the same industry, you're gorgeous etc. etc.'. There was no 'I can't live without you, I can't stop thinking about you, I want to be with you forever.' Where was the feeling? Where was the passion? Where was the raw emotion? It wasn't there.

The other key thing was when I asked if he would bring up Toyboy every time we hit a bump he said he would try not to. Try. Again, not good enough. I wanted him to fight for me but he wasn't prepared to do that. He said he couldn't profess his undying love for me but that he wanted to try again. It was all just too wishy washy.

I wonder - now that I'm the one holding all the cards (ha!- says the child within) has he decided that he does still love me and wants to tell me? I'm guessing that's exactly the way it's going to go down. I can't be sure but if I was gambling man...

Friday, 8 October 2010

The New Regime

It's day three of the new regime and I am slowly getting to grips with Slimming World's way of thinking. Well, I am getting to grips with extra easy days (there are also red and green days.)

From what I can work out they make you think that you can live the life of a very hungry Riley as you can eat unlimited veg and fruit - sounds fair enough. You're also allowed lean meat, fish, eggs and other similar thing. But get this you are also allowed to eat unlimited pasta. Yes, PASTA. I was agog. However, here is the kicker - you have to fill up 1/3 of your plate with superfree foods. What's a superfree food, I hear you ask. I'm glad you did. It's pretty much fruit and veg - but not root veg or nice things like avocado. I'd just like to take this moment in time to point out one avocado has 15 syns (yes, with a 'y' - it's for SYNergy dontcha know? - ugh. Helen, I feel your pain on this point. Mumpreneur, anyone? Sorry, I digress). How many syns are you allowed in one day? 15. Goodbye dear avocado.

I can now see how this works as by the time you pap a heap of fruit or veg on your plate there's only so much of the other stuff you can eat.

What is limited, but has to be included every day is milk or cheese and high fibre things like bread and crackers. I am a massive cracker snacker (ooh - rhymes) and this has hit me hard.

Anything else has to be counted as a syn. After a few hours into it all I realised.... no sugar. Yup, there is very little sugar on this diet. I love sugar. We've been FIRM friends for a long, long time and I miss it already. I think my banging headache last night might have been something to do with that too. Hmmmm.

So what have I been eating? Well, all manner of nice stuff. Just means I need to be organised  - which, of course I knew already. Duh.

Lunch. Salmon (cooked in foil in the oven), cous cous and salad)
Brekkie. Two types of melon, grapes and muller yogurt.

It's lovely food but I think my tummy is used to getting a lot. (putting away a large packet of Butterkist every other night up until Monday) and so I am still hungry at times but am just going nuts on the fruit. I#'ve also been saving my Syns as I need them for weekend boozing. I'm actually dying on a drink- roll on 6pm tonight.

I do still feel like the side of a house and I have visibly put on weight and getting dressed at the moment can be somewhat painful. However, today I have managed to pull together an outfit that I feel pretty good in so all in all - feeling pretty positive.

And on top of that Toyboy is coming down for the weekend till Monday! Now let's just hope my body plays ball and I don't get any monthly interruptions -okay TMI, but you know you get all the details here!

Have a fabulous weekend mes amies. x

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Dust, anyone?

I've abstained for around 14 years but last night I gave in. I went to...  a slimming club.

I am so annoyed at myself. Slimming clubs are great for some people and offer the guidance and support that sees them have incredible results. I'm fiercely competitive and independent and I was all smug at the fact I'd lost almost 3 stone on my own and had gotten somewhat of a handle on my love handles.

Yeah, Love Cat - you lost that 3 stone about 5 years ago! Since that time you've put on a stone and then yo yo yo yo yo yo'd up and down the same stone and a half more times on top of that than Marjorie Dawes has offered her fat fighters some dust.

The truth is that I've lost my way I need a plan. My usual plan ain't working for me and so I need to swallow my pride and man up....

There are very few Slimming World classes near where I live but as luck would have it there is one just a few miles away. As I walked in to the building I suspected it would be just as I remembered  the classes were that I attended when I was 16. I wasn't wrong.

Before I go on to describe my experience let me just say, I like the diet (or healthy eating plan - whatevs). It's the people and the mentality I have issues with. And I will freely admit many of those issues come from the fact I am a bit of snob. There- I've said it. I have high standards and a low tolerance threshold - not the idea combo for putting up with some people. Well, most people.

I get a really warm welcome from the class leader, a chubby lady called Lucy. She shows me to the back of the class where there are another couple of new people. As we're filling out our forms another new member arrives called Sue. I take one glance at Sue - she's not the fizziest drink in the fridge by a long stretch of the imagination.

Sue is unable to register volume as whenever she speaks... well, she bellows. Sue has also forgotten her glasses and can't see the form to fill it in. Lucy has to ask her each bit of information one bit by one painstaking bit and fills it in for her.

Finally Lucy sits down with us and talks us through how it all works. I actually went to Slimming World when i was about 16 and so had rough idea of the drill - and my friend who goes to another class had let me read all through her stuff at the weekend. Lucy is maybe halfway through explaining what each bit of literature is about when Sue pipes up at a deafening level. "That's me problem - I just sit in the evening and it's crisps and chocolate and its me sun ah feel sorry for. You know".

What?! What the hell does that have to do with anything that Lucy is saying at this moment in time? Lucy is very good with her and chats with her for a moment about the fact eating in the evening can be a struggle for many. I could not care less- apart from the fact my ears are bleeding. Can we just get on with it, I think to myself and I'm sure my face says the same.

At the end of the explanation (which leaves me itching to get home so I can get my head around superfree foods, free foods, healthy extras, syns and all the rest of the malarkey).  We join the rest of the group who have all weighed in. There is an express weigh in so you can just weigh and go without waiting for the class. I can forsee this being my lifeline in the near future. However, for the moment I stay for the class.

Any slimming classes/clubs I've been to before involved the class leader facilitating discussion about why we put on weight, the struggles that we face etc. Sounds fine in theory but in practise I find it really patronising. I recall one occasion where we were going through the alphabet naming an feeling or emotion that would hinder our efforts to lose weight. I was 15 at the time and for the letter A I put forward 'apathetic' as my suggestion. In return I got a blank stare. The class leader didn't understand the word.

And that is what I find in all slimming classes I have ever been to - the level of intelligence is below average. it may well be that it's just the area where I come from. I can't speak for anyone else's classes or for any other area but in my experience that's the deal. Of course, there are few people who seem relatively 'normal' but they are most definitely in the minority.

So the class itself. Could you call it a class? Lucy went around each member announcing their loss or gain that week and infront of the whole class tells chats about why they had a good week or what went wrong. Hmmmm - how shall I put this. I don't care. I am not remotely interested in anyone else. I do not care about your lame excuse and if I ever put on there is no way, no how I will be hanging around to talk about it.

Okay - so I've bleated on about the downside of the classes and barely even mentioned the actual eating plan. I'm still getting my head around it so bear with me while I get to grips.

And let's not talk about what weight I am. NOT. COOL.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

This Just In

Okay - it's maybe not JUST in, but I feel like I've suddenly realised just how massive the size of my backside is.... and my things, boobs, arms, back fat wedges. You get the picture. The big fat picture.

I'm in a bad way. A really bad way. I've really packed on the pounds and am now only around a stone away from my heaviest weight ever. At one point I was almost 3 stone away from that dark and frankly miserable place.

I'm not going to bleat on about how crap I feel, how none of my clothes fit and I generally am disgusted with myself (there's plenty of posts to come about that - boom boom). What I will tell you is that something needs to happen. I need something that's going to give me a kick up the arse and get me in the right headspace and so.... after much thought I've decided to do something I never thought I would consider (having dabbled when I was around 16) again.

Okay, here it is. On Tuesday I'm going to..... Slimming World. There, I've said it. I'm not happy with  this decision. This is something that I hope will change.

I've been inspired by the incredible Helen over at Clear Your Heart. This little lady has lost an impressive 4.5 stone this year. Get your head around those numbers. A friend of mine has also had success and I just feel that I have to do SOMETHING.