Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I want it all and I want it now

The kitchen dining room updates are quite frankly, dull DULL DULL, they have been going on that long but to be honest, that's the main thing in my life these days so an update you shall get!

Fridge/freezer is in and it it huge! We built the units to go around it and it sticks out from said units much more than I expected. I had a bit of a strop last night when I realised how it was going to look. It's frustrating when you've planned your dream kitchen and it's all sleek and lovely and then a honking great appliance fucks up the vibe - and we chose to put it there. So I was pretty miffed, which father in law witnessed as he's been helping decorate loads.  Little did he know that at the same time I've decided I don't think the colour for the walls in the dining room are right - and Father in Law had just put on the first coat that very night.

I'm going to let TB have the pleasure of telling him "we" have changed our minds! God, I am such a madame.

I'm also beginning to panic somewhat about how much time we have left before the baby is here to get all the house stuff done we want to. It''s going to be a really tight squeeze and I really am expecting a lot from TB. He's not had any time to himself for months.

Last night he pointed out that when the baby comes I'll want help in the evenings and weekends but he can't give that to me if he's busy trying to sort the nursery  - which involves putting up a wall to make one room into two, and making a whole new door. And then all the snash that follows, new plugs, insulation, skirting boards... and so on. It's not a weekend job. Nothing in our house ever is.

So I've just done a week by week plan so see what is actually achievable - let's just see if TB agrees!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

It's all progress

This weekend was very enjoyable. Friday kicked off with the delivery of a dozen red roses. Aw shucks. He's a naughty monkey though. Spending money on that sort of thing. I've still got last year's (on the mantelpiece) which I dried. They are lovely though. Lucky girl.

Then it was time for some pampering. Hello red, glittery gel nails (which were a Christmas present) and then we headed off to my homeland for a leaving do, via my folks. 

The next day, armed with a few of my childhood soft toys which my mum looked out, including my first teddy (called, Teddy - OBVS), we went pram shopping. Bloody hell, what a minefield. A very expensive minefield. After a lot of consideration, clicking on and off of parts, and wheeling around of potential baby wagons, we decided to bite the bullet and just go for the one we liked - no more faffing. It's all on order apart from the car seat and base which we took away then and there. Teddy helped us work out how the hell you use it.

I have to say, getting the pram has made me more excited. I had a moment when we were back at home, figuring the car seat out. In three months time, there is going to be a baby, for real, in there. Everything feels like it's speeding up, I'm going to blink and we'll be parents. Holy moly.

Which means we really need to crack on with the house stuff. We are so close to being finished with the kitchen/dining room. TB and his dad got on with painting the dining room part yesterday which has made a big difference.

I weighed myself on Friday. Oh my. Oh ho ho hohohaaaaaa. 2 stone. I've put on two stone since the love kitten came into being. Christ. That's quite a lot - especially considering I've still got three months of serious baby growth to go. In fact, it's not quite a lot. It's freaking LOADS. My mum, so helpfully, pointed out that she could see it on my face, when I saw her. That's really pissed me off, actually. Why bother mentioning it? My bump is pretty neat so two stone can't be blamed on that! 

Any pregnancy stuff I read now refers to the fact I am eating lots of healthy foods. Am I? Am I really? Sure, my meals are healthy enough but any notion of snacking on fruit has long gone out the window. Case in point, I just threw a BIG bag of minstrels down my neck like they were nothing. I've not been to the gym for about three weeks thanks to a busy schedule but this really has to change. Thursday I am going. I will empty that fruit bowl (and not by throwing the rotting contents in the bin). 

PS) Pic of my big boy just cause he's the boss

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Happy Place

The grouting isn't done. The dining room isn't painted. All the woodwork still needs painted. All the plug sockets need wired up. The new fridge is still in the garage and we've still got open floorboards. BUT, the kitchen is functional! I have a sink, hob and oven. Better still, I have a dishwasher!  So bloody happy.

I love to jam. Strawberry, bramble, chilli.... but my signature preserve is my four fruit marmalade. I was worried I was going to miss marmalade season this year, thanks to lack of a working hob but no, I made it! I made the season and I made my marmalade, all 34 jars of the stuff.

The radio was on, the marmalade was on a rolling boil, and I was organizing jars as the winter sun was streaming in my kitchen window. That is my happy place.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Orange you happier?

So I've had a word with my face and I'm feeling a bit brighter.

I'm usually quite a steady kinda person, not really prone to mood swings so this is all kinda new to me. I've had a couple of really REALLY busy days at work but it's actually felt great to be so busy, getting shit done. Too much time to think about things is never good.

I'm working from home today and the plumber is FINALLY here to get the sink connected up as well as the hob. Holy macaroni, I'm going to have a functional kitchen later today. And here is the best bit.... DISHWASHER! I've actually done no dishes for almost two days as it should have been in by now and it's kinda like a protest/sign of hope - that things would be working. Cannot wait to load that baby up!

The end is is sight for the kitchen. We're onto woodwork, prepping walls and unit cornicing. It's all deathly dull but it does mean that we're maybe about two weeks away from it all being finished. I cannot actually put into words how this makes me feel. Every single room, bar one, has been affected and I can't wait to get the house back to normal! That is for around an hour and then we need to crack on with decorating our bedroom. At least that doesn't involve knocking down walls! Mind you.... we are going to get two velux windows put into our eaves in another bedroom before the baby comes - so the disruption continues!

We've got a quiet weekend ahead. TB is on a night out on Friday and so if I can get my hands on some Seville oranges I'll start my four fruit marmalade prep, now that I've got a hob I can actually make it on. It's my signature preserve (yes, I have a signature preserve - don't you?!) so I'll be gutted if I've missed the orange boat. 

Monday, 2 February 2015

Face like a wet weekend

So my exercise regime has kinda gone out the window. Not entirely but it's not how I imagined things would be  - a year ago when I was kicking the arse out of it all.

I'm going to the gym/seeing my personal trainer once a week - or thereabouts. And that's it. Today I walked along to the gym, did my weights/stretches workout and then walked home. It's probably around 3 miles all in. That's as much walking as I want to do though as my back gets sore. Really low down, almost into my bottom, it gets sore after less than a mile!

I would consider doing more but there are two reasons this isn't actually happening. 1. Every evening we're working on the kitchen and those walls won't sand themselves. 2. I can't be arsed. That's really about the size of it. Simply as that. I'm still very active (the DIY is seeing to that) but actual exercise... not really happening.

I'm also feeling so flipping hormonal just now it's not even funny. One minute I'm super excited about everything that's happening and the next, I am totally down in the dumps. Yesterday TB commented that a radiator I've spend a long time painting, wasn't good enough. Well that sent me into a flood of tears that lasted about half an hour. Just feel all over the place - and not in control of it at all. And when I do feel down, I feel guilty that I'm feeling this way - and also it worries me what things will be like when the baby comes.