Thursday, 5 February 2015

Orange you happier?

So I've had a word with my face and I'm feeling a bit brighter.

I'm usually quite a steady kinda person, not really prone to mood swings so this is all kinda new to me. I've had a couple of really REALLY busy days at work but it's actually felt great to be so busy, getting shit done. Too much time to think about things is never good.

I'm working from home today and the plumber is FINALLY here to get the sink connected up as well as the hob. Holy macaroni, I'm going to have a functional kitchen later today. And here is the best bit.... DISHWASHER! I've actually done no dishes for almost two days as it should have been in by now and it's kinda like a protest/sign of hope - that things would be working. Cannot wait to load that baby up!

The end is is sight for the kitchen. We're onto woodwork, prepping walls and unit cornicing. It's all deathly dull but it does mean that we're maybe about two weeks away from it all being finished. I cannot actually put into words how this makes me feel. Every single room, bar one, has been affected and I can't wait to get the house back to normal! That is for around an hour and then we need to crack on with decorating our bedroom. At least that doesn't involve knocking down walls! Mind you.... we are going to get two velux windows put into our eaves in another bedroom before the baby comes - so the disruption continues!

We've got a quiet weekend ahead. TB is on a night out on Friday and so if I can get my hands on some Seville oranges I'll start my four fruit marmalade prep, now that I've got a hob I can actually make it on. It's my signature preserve (yes, I have a signature preserve - don't you?!) so I'll be gutted if I've missed the orange boat. 

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  1. LOVE that you have a signature preserve. And no, I don't!



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