Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Happy Place

The grouting isn't done. The dining room isn't painted. All the woodwork still needs painted. All the plug sockets need wired up. The new fridge is still in the garage and we've still got open floorboards. BUT, the kitchen is functional! I have a sink, hob and oven. Better still, I have a dishwasher!  So bloody happy.

I love to jam. Strawberry, bramble, chilli.... but my signature preserve is my four fruit marmalade. I was worried I was going to miss marmalade season this year, thanks to lack of a working hob but no, I made it! I made the season and I made my marmalade, all 34 jars of the stuff.

The radio was on, the marmalade was on a rolling boil, and I was organizing jars as the winter sun was streaming in my kitchen window. That is my happy place.


  1. I've been mulling on the topic of my signature preserve and sadly conclude that I really don't have one! The Horrors!

    It's just that there are so many that I keep trying new ones so very seldom repeat the ones I have made before. Frankly, my preserve making energy is low so I'm only ever going to make 2 batches of anything each year and this sort of half-assery does not lend itself to having a signature preserve. Maybe by the time I'm 50 (not that far off now) I will have settled on one. Watch my space.

    Oh my word - if that is the sort of excitement readers of my blog have to look forward to, I'm very happy that you are moving things along at your rapid pace: boyfriend, fiance, house, wedding,baby, more house, 4 fruit marmalade (34 jars thereof) - it's all go here while over at Live to Slim I ponder my lack of a signature preserve.....

    Keep it up chuck!

    Lesley xx

  2. amazing one, one of the outstanding picture i have seen ever. Lost and found

  3. It is beautiful! Love the light coming through :D


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