Friday, 22 June 2012

Bang Tidy

I'm getting my haircut on Monday. This is something that fills me with dread thank to a couple of cracking botch ups in my time.

At the moment my hair is really long. At the back it reaches down past my bra line. It's not quite as long at the front/sides because that's where I straighten it/touch it/play with it the most and it's broken off a bit. It's also really thing, naturally wavy and also dip dyed. My natural colour is dark brown but the ends are a sort of caramel colour. You can sort of see it in the pic in the last post - where it is a complete mess (no styling that day!).

I don't want to lose the length but I feel like a need a bit of a change. I'm getting the ends redone so they will be blonder - but I think I need to be a bit bolder. A bit edgier. My plan is... to rock the bangs.

Apart from the fact I flippin well love Zooey Deschanel and everything she does/says/wears, her hair is one of the most beautiful visions I have ever clapped eyes on. Fact. Her fringe, I want. Alas, her face, I do not have. I've got quite a small forehead and so I don't think I can carry off a full fringe and so I think I'm going to go for a more parted effort.

I've got my sheet of pics I'm taking with me to my hairdresser. I now just need the balls to go for it.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Picture Post


  • Daisies in the back garden
  • Featured before, my favourite summer dress (Primark)
  • Grumpy, furry, cute
  • New tape on my handlebars!
  • The food I have been eating
  • My 24 10k workouts.... only 22 left!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Weigh in

1.5lbs off. You've gotta be happy with that, right. Right?!

Well, you would think so.

Initially, when I saw 12 stone 12.25lbs flash up on the scales I was pleased but there was a small nagging feeling. I felt slightly unsatisfied. 1.5lbs is a good loss and the kind of loss that I deserved -so why wasn't I totally happy?

I headed out on my second Up & Running 10k training run taking with me my thoughts of unsatisfaction to chew over en route and use as distraction fuel.

As I plodded away (not sure you can actually call it running) I thought about the numbers. Why did I feel that 1.5lbs wasn't good enough. IT IS good enough and it's what I deserved to lose. I suppose that I'm sick of seeing 12.10/12.11/12.12. Those numbers are getting on my nerves and I want them to be gone. I have to remember though... it wasn't that long ago I was hitting the mid 13's. I've made good progress and chipping away is how it works with dieting. You get in the groove, your own routine and then you get your head down. No matter what the results are, keep on going.

I still want to get into FF before I head off for two weeks. FF is only 4.5lbs way. It's SO close. It is however, 4.5lbs in 3 weeks. It's gonna be tight.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Que sera sera

It's been a while since 'the night before weigh in' posting was a regular thing but back - for 1 week only, it's.... the post where I whine about how much exercise I've done, how I've had a couple of slip ups but I still hope I've lost weight.

So without further ado... I got stuck into some chocolate on Saturday and on Sunday I may also have had a small portion of rhubarb crumble on Sunday. Apart from that it's been pretty bloody good.

As for exercise, check out this lot.

  • Wednesday: 6km run
  • Thursday: 10 mins cardo and half hour of heavy weights
  • Friday: 30 mins spinning class, 15 minutes weights
  • Saturday & Sunday: nothing
  • Monday: 10k training (1 hour running and various exercises)
  • Tuesday: 10 mins cardio, 35 mins weights
With all that in mind and the fact I had a tiny gain last week, it's fingers crossed for a loss.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Contender... ready

Over the past few weeks I've been bleating on about going back to work for The Man. Well... it's just a few weeks away and I feel like life is about to go off the scale as I juggle my own freelance work, working for someone else, 10k training, and two weeks camping  - but in a good way.

I'm just going to have to be super organised. I've got three weeks left before I'm back in an office all day... everyday (gads!). When that happens it's going to be balls to the wall as I also have to juggle my own clients as well as the 17million clients The Man is throwing at me - and it's mostly in an area which is not my speciality.

So I've got three weeks to make the most of having more time to myself. I've then got a week in my new role before I head off camping for two weeks.

This two weeks of camping is going to be intense (IN TENTS! Ha!). I'm helping run an activity at this camp and it's go go go all the time - and of course, once you are off duty in the evening then it's time to let your hair down a little. Suffice to say, there ain't much quality shut eye on the go and it's very tiring. Not good for the diet, not good for the 10k training. However I'm going to do my damnedest to get in a couple of workouts when I am there. I have to.

Then I come home and it's straight back into the new role. For how long? Who the chuff knows. It's a maternity cover role and so it could be 3 months, it could be 9. I'm expecting it to be at least 6. I'm quite looking forward to the challenge in a way - I like being busy. At the moment I am out the habit and it takes me an age to do anything. Potter here, faff there... I'm just feeling pretty positive at the moment. Kinda like - right Life - what have you got, cause I'm ready for it.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Order! Order!

It's not very often I blog on a Sunday but I'm feeling so organised today that it only feels right that it spills into the written word too.

TB's been away this weekend and my best friend from school and her 8 month old baby came to stay for the night (DO NOT even let me start about the broodiness) and so I was up at 7.30 this morning. That's right - 7.30 in the flipping AM! They left just before lunchtime and so I've had the whole day, hangover free to potter around - and it's been bliss.

Not only have I prepared rhubarb for rhubarb and ginger jam, I've ironed some shirts for TB (MUG!), changed the spare bed, planned and shopped for all meals this week, got a load of washing hung up and made a mini rhubarb crumble for TB but I've also mentally prepared for day 1 of my Up & Running 10k training, which is tomorrow. This weekend all of us on the course have been treated to lots of lovely blog posts and forum chit chat to get us in the right mind frame for the next 8 weeks. I've already I've got my eye on a 10k which I am going to KICK ARSE in, come September and so quite frankly, I'm rather excited!

So this is my meal plan for the week...
  • Sunday - Good for you green prawn curry (BBC Good Food)
  • Monday - Healthy fish pie and broccoli (Jamie Oliver)
  • Tuesday - Same as Monday (TB is out so I'm happy to have the same again)
  • Wednesday - Spicy lamb and carrot burgers
  • Thursday - Roast chicken and veg
  • Friday - away for the weekend
This all sounds holier that thou... not quite. I may have demolished the best part of a bag of Cadbury Nibbles and Crunch Rocks yesterday. Oops. I'm not too worried though... Last year during my winning streak Wed- Fri and Mon- Tues were sterling and the weekend was always a little more relaxed.  I'm right back into it today and am it's game ON!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Which way to the beach?

If you've checked out any celeb tittle tattle this week you might have seen the latest pics of Jodie Marsh, former glamour model and general two bit celeb who has transformed herself into a bodybuilding champion. Check out these guns (and abs, quads, shoulders - well, just any body part really).

I've never really been a fan of Jodie. She's part of the vacuous celeb crowd that are so self involved they would eat themselves if they were chocolate (and she does look rather chocolately in these pics.) Her, all of the TOWIE lots and Katie Price; they are all crashing bores. However, while Jodie is still posing and pouting and attention seeking, she has ditched the day job of glamour modelling and has turned to bodybuilding full time.

Initially she did it just for a tv documentary but she's had such success that she carried on and this week she took gold at the Natural North America Bodybuilding Championships. And do you know what I say? I say 'On yersel hen', or 'Good for you' if we're sticking to the Queen's English.

I still think she is a massive dullard but bodybuilding has given her the self esteem that she has struggled with all her life. She's spoken out about her struggle with this and bullying as a child (check it out here) and finally she had found something that she is good and at makes her feel good.

I applaud this and I think she looks incredible. To get to this level takes a LOT of hard work and she has stuck to it. Forget the body, just look at that smile. She looks happy.

PS) I've been faffing about with my blog layout. If you normally catch up via a reader then do pop over to take a look the new fuss free look. Hope you like!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Weigh in

I was hoping and possibly expecting  a loss this morning but it wasn't to be. 0.25lbs on.

I'm pretty okay with it though. In fact, I'm very okay with it. I don't know what damage was done when I went a bit mental at the wedding and so on, and my period is late but 'weighting' in the wings. Ha! Get it! Oooh - too much hilarity. On top of all that, I feel good. I feel really good. I feel like I've lost weight and I just feel confident and relaxed.

I went out for a run this morning and I wanted to try and do around 6k - the longest run I'll have done in probably around a year.  I set off unsteadily as my hip flexors were a bit stiff from kettlebell lunges yesterday. I soon got lost in a daydream and managed to crack out 5.85km in 39.20 mins. Flippin well delighted. Saying I got lost in a daydream makes it sound like I just floated along. Not the case at all! Sweat in my eyes, tight chest, burning legs, practically racing a boy on a bike who was getting cycling proficiency lessons - and two monty hills!

I've also had a cracking result for one of my clients which I am chuffed to bits with. It's given me a real boost workwise and I feel like I could take on anything right now!

And now here's a montage (everyone loves a montage!) of what's been going down of late. 

Scottish countryside, cute cats, healthy shopping and cooking, heart shaped polka dots, running and bike love.

Starting Weight: 185 pounds
Current Weight: 181.75 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 0.25 gain 
Total 2012 Weight Loss: 3.25 pounds

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fair dinkum, mate

I've been blogging for a long time. Some of you might remember me from It's Life Jim or even The Fat Party is Over. Crikey, that is going back a bit. 2004, in fact.

When I first started out there was one blogger that I couldn't (and still can't) get enough of. Of course, that is the wonderful Diet Girl, also know as Shauna. If you've not heard of this blogging bombshell - then where the hell have you been?!  This girl practically wrote the book on blogging. She is funny, intelligent, inspirational. I could go on but I'll hang fire for now.

As I gorged myself on her blogs, sneaking time at work everyday to read my way through her archives, I couldn't believe that someone could put down on paper (screen?) some of the thoughts that were in my head. It was like she was inside there with all the crazy! She wrote sense and I felt like she was writing just for me. As I read more I began to daydream that one day she would read my blog and come back for more. Eventually we would meet up. She would like me. I would like her. We'd be FRIENDS!

But how could this be possible? I didn't even know where she lived. Was it in the UK? Hold on a minute. Hold the fricking phone... it suddenly dawned on me (after reading more of her older posts) she lived in Scotland! Hoots man! I live in Scotland! Maybe it wasn't such a crazy thought after all. Maybe I could stalk get in touch somehow. Unbelievably, it got better, she lived in a town just few miles outside of Edinburgh. Say WHAT?! At the time, I was living in Edinburgh! This was too good be true! But how would I go about getting in touch with her without seeming like a total mentalist.

I had talked about Shauna to quite a few people. I mean, this girl is thoughtful, intelligent, hilarious, ginger (I do love a ginge) and just a lovely person. I found her story compelling, and they way she conveys the every woman struggle and I couldn't help but tell the people close to me about her and her blog. One person I told was my best friend, who happens to be a beauty/lifestyle journalist. She wanted to do a story using Shauna as a case study and the next thing I know, the two of them were chatting on the phone. I was green with envy. In fact I was seething with jealousy. Now, I am litttle muddled with the details here (it was a few years ago!) but I think my friend told Shauna about me and Shauna had either already seen my blog or went on to take a peek. The excitement! Before I knew it my friend had arranged for us all to meet up! I couldn't believe it! One moment I was reading her blog, the next we were stuffing our faces with cakes at the Balmoral Hotel!

Since that day I've been very lucky to count Shauna as a friend. We've lifted weights together, we've got drunk together, we've moaned together, we've pondered the trials of life together, we've pretended to go to the gym but really just ditched it for a chinwag together. She's cooked for me, she's cheered me on at the finish line when I ran a half marathon, she's been a shoulder to cry on when relationships have hit the rocks, she's signed her book for me with a witty and tres drole inscription that only she and I will get.

Between her crazy schedule and my weekend antics we don't see that much of each other but I know that if I ever blog about feeling upset or down she'll be in touch just to check I'm okay. I think that's the sign of a real friend; someone who is there for you no matter when or where even if it's been weeks or months since you've been in touch.

So yeah, my mate Shauna is a published author. Tell me you have read her book? Check it! But did you know that she is also the co-founder of an incredible online running course, Up and Running? Shauna and running coach Julia have been helping women all over the world to ditch the running fear and embrace the love that comes with striding out into the great outdoors. With their knowledge, support and unrelenting enthusiasm they offer training guides for 5k and 10k runs, a support forum and a blog all to keep their runners motivated and moving.

I've been blown away with the project and more importantly with Shauna's unrelenting drive to make a difference to so many women. However, I didn't actually ever give any thought to taking part myself. I've always been such a lone wolf when it comes to exercising that it just didn't cross my mind but recently I've been thinking I could do with some more structure with my exercising. I really like having a goal or at least a very set routine and this faffing about with the same gym workout and the odd run here and there isn't really working. A few days ago I tweeted that my 4k run really should have been a 6k and I needed to up my game. Then whaddya know, there tweets Shauna suggesting I give the Up and Running 10k course a bash. I won't lie, I did hesitate for a moment but then I thought, don't be a total arse candle, go for it! The woman knows her shizzle - so crack on!

And so with much delight I have just noticed the welcome email has but moment ago dropped into my inbox! I am very excited and feeling motivated and inspired - and that's before I've read one word of official advice and really know what lies in store.

Do you see why I need this woman in my life?

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Mother knows best

This post comes to you from the words 'mum' 'focused' and 'drive'.

No, my mum is not focusing on putting a new drive way in... I am at the folk's house for most of this weekend and thanks to my mother's boot camp attitude, it is GAME ON.

As I mentioned in my last post I am kinda going through the motions at the moment. Since I got back from the wedding at the Jubilee weekend I've very much been plodding.  You know, kinda doing it but not with any real conviction and if the odd biscuit slips in... so what?

However, I manged to pull a pretty good day out the bag on Thursday and again on Friday. Yesterday I had an excellent day before arriving at the family nest. Once I stepped over the threshold though.. the game has begun earnest. Mum is back from her 3 week holiday. She is two stone heavier than she was at her lowest last year (she lost about 4 stone all in) and is determined to get back down again - after faffing around for most of 2012.

If mum is 'on' then so am I. When I come to stay she is totally in charge of the food and there is no room for manoeuvre. To this end the past two days have been incredible. And this morning I went out for a run! I already feel better. The wedding bloat has gone and if I could weigh in on Wednesday and still be in the 12s then I will be delighted.

Got a very busy day tomorrow with meetings all over the place and around 175 miles to drive. If I can get through that and then kick arse in the gym on Tuesday then it's very do-able. Onwards!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Super Quick Update

  • Last week the diet went right out the window. If you have ever been to a wedding in Orkney you will know what I mean. The food was insane. Frightened of what the scales will say I ditched weigh in this week. 
  • Stayed at a B&B for 2 nights and with a friend for a 3rd - the food was incredible. Marzipan scones anyone? Freshly baked? 
  • Struggling to get my mojo back and am sort of just going through the motions right now.
  • My mum is back from her three week holiday and I happen to be staying with the folks from Saturday night till Monday am. Going to use this as a change to really crack down. Can't wait to see her actually and get a proper chat.
  • Busy weekend ahead but few eating dangers - phew!
  • Feeling very lovey dovey with TB right now. He is just the best and I am so lucky. 
  • Must dash, lunch with a friend (who I met via blogging) and then a client meeting.
Have a stonker! x