Friday, 15 June 2012

Which way to the beach?

If you've checked out any celeb tittle tattle this week you might have seen the latest pics of Jodie Marsh, former glamour model and general two bit celeb who has transformed herself into a bodybuilding champion. Check out these guns (and abs, quads, shoulders - well, just any body part really).

I've never really been a fan of Jodie. She's part of the vacuous celeb crowd that are so self involved they would eat themselves if they were chocolate (and she does look rather chocolately in these pics.) Her, all of the TOWIE lots and Katie Price; they are all crashing bores. However, while Jodie is still posing and pouting and attention seeking, she has ditched the day job of glamour modelling and has turned to bodybuilding full time.

Initially she did it just for a tv documentary but she's had such success that she carried on and this week she took gold at the Natural North America Bodybuilding Championships. And do you know what I say? I say 'On yersel hen', or 'Good for you' if we're sticking to the Queen's English.

I still think she is a massive dullard but bodybuilding has given her the self esteem that she has struggled with all her life. She's spoken out about her struggle with this and bullying as a child (check it out here) and finally she had found something that she is good and at makes her feel good.

I applaud this and I think she looks incredible. To get to this level takes a LOT of hard work and she has stuck to it. Forget the body, just look at that smile. She looks happy.

PS) I've been faffing about with my blog layout. If you normally catch up via a reader then do pop over to take a look the new fuss free look. Hope you like!

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