Friday, 22 June 2012

Bang Tidy

I'm getting my haircut on Monday. This is something that fills me with dread thank to a couple of cracking botch ups in my time.

At the moment my hair is really long. At the back it reaches down past my bra line. It's not quite as long at the front/sides because that's where I straighten it/touch it/play with it the most and it's broken off a bit. It's also really thing, naturally wavy and also dip dyed. My natural colour is dark brown but the ends are a sort of caramel colour. You can sort of see it in the pic in the last post - where it is a complete mess (no styling that day!).

I don't want to lose the length but I feel like a need a bit of a change. I'm getting the ends redone so they will be blonder - but I think I need to be a bit bolder. A bit edgier. My plan is... to rock the bangs.

Apart from the fact I flippin well love Zooey Deschanel and everything she does/says/wears, her hair is one of the most beautiful visions I have ever clapped eyes on. Fact. Her fringe, I want. Alas, her face, I do not have. I've got quite a small forehead and so I don't think I can carry off a full fringe and so I think I'm going to go for a more parted effort.

I've got my sheet of pics I'm taking with me to my hairdresser. I now just need the balls to go for it.

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