Friday, 8 June 2012

Super Quick Update

  • Last week the diet went right out the window. If you have ever been to a wedding in Orkney you will know what I mean. The food was insane. Frightened of what the scales will say I ditched weigh in this week. 
  • Stayed at a B&B for 2 nights and with a friend for a 3rd - the food was incredible. Marzipan scones anyone? Freshly baked? 
  • Struggling to get my mojo back and am sort of just going through the motions right now.
  • My mum is back from her three week holiday and I happen to be staying with the folks from Saturday night till Monday am. Going to use this as a change to really crack down. Can't wait to see her actually and get a proper chat.
  • Busy weekend ahead but few eating dangers - phew!
  • Feeling very lovey dovey with TB right now. He is just the best and I am so lucky. 
  • Must dash, lunch with a friend (who I met via blogging) and then a client meeting.
Have a stonker! x

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