Sunday, 10 June 2012

Mother knows best

This post comes to you from the words 'mum' 'focused' and 'drive'.

No, my mum is not focusing on putting a new drive way in... I am at the folk's house for most of this weekend and thanks to my mother's boot camp attitude, it is GAME ON.

As I mentioned in my last post I am kinda going through the motions at the moment. Since I got back from the wedding at the Jubilee weekend I've very much been plodding.  You know, kinda doing it but not with any real conviction and if the odd biscuit slips in... so what?

However, I manged to pull a pretty good day out the bag on Thursday and again on Friday. Yesterday I had an excellent day before arriving at the family nest. Once I stepped over the threshold though.. the game has begun earnest. Mum is back from her 3 week holiday. She is two stone heavier than she was at her lowest last year (she lost about 4 stone all in) and is determined to get back down again - after faffing around for most of 2012.

If mum is 'on' then so am I. When I come to stay she is totally in charge of the food and there is no room for manoeuvre. To this end the past two days have been incredible. And this morning I went out for a run! I already feel better. The wedding bloat has gone and if I could weigh in on Wednesday and still be in the 12s then I will be delighted.

Got a very busy day tomorrow with meetings all over the place and around 175 miles to drive. If I can get through that and then kick arse in the gym on Tuesday then it's very do-able. Onwards!

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  1. A wedding in the Orkneys sounds amazing! Not sure about the marzipan scones (I hate marzipan - waste of a good scone that could otherwise be laden with clotted cream and jam!)

    Well done for getting your groove back - it's never an easy thing to do.



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