Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Weigh in

1.5lbs off. You've gotta be happy with that, right. Right?!

Well, you would think so.

Initially, when I saw 12 stone 12.25lbs flash up on the scales I was pleased but there was a small nagging feeling. I felt slightly unsatisfied. 1.5lbs is a good loss and the kind of loss that I deserved -so why wasn't I totally happy?

I headed out on my second Up & Running 10k training run taking with me my thoughts of unsatisfaction to chew over en route and use as distraction fuel.

As I plodded away (not sure you can actually call it running) I thought about the numbers. Why did I feel that 1.5lbs wasn't good enough. IT IS good enough and it's what I deserved to lose. I suppose that I'm sick of seeing 12.10/12.11/12.12. Those numbers are getting on my nerves and I want them to be gone. I have to remember though... it wasn't that long ago I was hitting the mid 13's. I've made good progress and chipping away is how it works with dieting. You get in the groove, your own routine and then you get your head down. No matter what the results are, keep on going.

I still want to get into FF before I head off for two weeks. FF is only 4.5lbs way. It's SO close. It is however, 4.5lbs in 3 weeks. It's gonna be tight.

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