Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Que sera sera

It's been a while since 'the night before weigh in' posting was a regular thing but back - for 1 week only, it's.... the post where I whine about how much exercise I've done, how I've had a couple of slip ups but I still hope I've lost weight.

So without further ado... I got stuck into some chocolate on Saturday and on Sunday I may also have had a small portion of rhubarb crumble on Sunday. Apart from that it's been pretty bloody good.

As for exercise, check out this lot.

  • Wednesday: 6km run
  • Thursday: 10 mins cardo and half hour of heavy weights
  • Friday: 30 mins spinning class, 15 minutes weights
  • Saturday & Sunday: nothing
  • Monday: 10k training (1 hour running and various exercises)
  • Tuesday: 10 mins cardio, 35 mins weights
With all that in mind and the fact I had a tiny gain last week, it's fingers crossed for a loss.

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  1. My fingers are firmly crossed for you. That exercise looks very impressive!!

    Lesley xx


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