Friday, 30 March 2012

Weigh in

1.25lbs off. Initially I was disappointed with this.

I felt like I had worked harder than that. I felt like I deserved more. But then I thought back to the ice cream, the banana sauce, the toffee sauce, the boiled sweets. Maybe 1.25lbs off is what I deserved. I mean, it's going down - right? But my aching limbs are protesting - it should be more, they cry every time I sit up, stretch or pick something up.

And so I turned to the spreadsheet of truth. The spreadsheet on which I have logged my weekly weight, body fat, water percentage and bmi for over a year. Yes, I am a wanna be geek. Today  I am 12stone 10.25lbs and upon close inspection of the numbers it would seem that my body fat percentage is lower than it was when I was a few pounds lighter than I am now. Well hello muscle. How the hell are ya?! That has made me feel a bit better.  You just wanna know that all the sweating and physical hard work isn't in vain. There is something to show for it.

So what have I learned from this past week (yup, over half my life doing this and I am still learning)? Boredom is not my friend. At the moment I need a structured evening when on my own to stop me ingesting sugary badness. I need to have another week just like this one - but without the slip ups. I've got two weeks to lose 3lbs. It theory that is totally do-able. I just need to make it a reality.

I'm going out for dinner to a Chinese restaurant tonight. I've got a hen on Saturday and I'm at a friend's for dinner on Sunday night. Big obstacles in the way but if I want to hit FF then I need to see 12 stone 8.75 or less on the scales next week. C'mon the 8's. C'mon the 8's...

Starting Weight: 183 pounds
Current Weight: 178.25 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 1.25
Total 2012 Weight Loss: 4.75lbs

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The night before...

Tomorrow is weigh day. The new and improved weigh day (for the time being). So how has the past week been? Pretty damn good, to be honest.

My fitness levels feel as if they have suddenly jumped up a gear and I feel so good for it. I was talked into going along to touch rugby training last night and not only did I cycle 4 miles uphill to get there without any trouble, I kept up with the regulars for over an hour of ball passing drills. I won't lie though, my legs are sore today. All this work may be toning my legs (just in time for my hols to Italy!) but boy, do they feel tired. So here's the workout lowdown.

Friday: Gym workout. 30 min spin class, 20 mins sprints, 2 sets resistance
Saturday: 4.2 mile cycle
Sunday: 5.68km run (9.2kmph pace)
Monday: Gym workout. 20 mins sprints, 20 mins other cardio, 2 sets resistance
Tuesday: 7 miles cycle, 15 min run, lunges,squats, step ups, press ups (in park)
Wednesday: 10 mile cycle. 1.5 hours touch rugby training
Thursday: 8 mile cycle, 40 mins boxercise

As for the food side of things... it's been good. Really good. There have, however - been a few slip ups. I've eaten far too many boiled sweets.  I also may have had a banana in caramel/toffee sauce situation which I created a few nights ago. That was really silly of me and was again, when I was sort of bored - a bit like the ice cream banana sauce incident. So I'm hoping the fact all my meals have been on the money and the amount of exercise I have done is enough to give me a good result.

I feel good; more toned and less wobbly in general. My tummy and hips feel just as big as ever so who knows... All this surmising is getting me nowhere, the scales will reveal all in the morning.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Reused to the power of 2

Now that we've got some sunshine in our lives I've been dipping into my growing collection of dresses.

A few years ago, as a chronic cankle sufferer, there was no way, no how, I would have worn a dress or a skirt that was anything other than floor length. However, thanks to running, lunging, cycling and generally a shit load of exercises, my legs are somewhat more shapely. Don't get me wrong, they are still big and boot buying will always be traumatic. But, in the main my legs are much better than they were and at least have some definition; less like two sausages trying to escape their skin.

Apologies for the quality of these pics. I'm going to have to find a better mirror or light - or something. Anything. This is a sleeveless dress I bought a couple of years ago from Tesco to take to NY with me. I really love the pattern and the frilly wing bits on the top part of it. And I'm sure there used to be a phone advert with a girl on a bus who had the very same one. Anyway, I am not joking when I tell you that this dress has shrunk.

It's definitely shorter and tighter around the middle. Until I lost a couple of stone there was no way I could wear it - even with leggings underneath.

I teamed it with a short sleeved bright yellow cardi for some beer garden lounging on Sunday. I also took my demin jacket as I always end up freezing once the sun goes down. I slung my new bag over my shoulder, hopped on my bike and off I went.

I love this demin jacket even though I would like it to be a little more fitted. It's just a bog standard one from Gap. I used to have it in a bigger size and a darker colour - which I ended up giving away to the charity shop as it just didn't fit any more. I got the one I am wearing now from my ex's sister. She was emigrating to Australia and was thinning out her wardrobe. She moved back a few years later - but she ain't getting the jacket back!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Sping in my step

The weekend has been just lovely with some great highs, and a couple of self inflicted lows.

Friday night was the first meeting of my new book group. I know a couple of the girls but most of us were meeting for the first time. They seem like a really great bunch and I think I'd like to be proper friends with a couple of them! That makes me feel like a proper try hard. But when you're in a new city and trying to make new friends it's not that often you meet someone that you get on with but also someone that you feel like you kinda 'get' each others sense of humour etc. And so I've just fired off a couple of friend request on Facebook. Okay, now I sound like stalker.

It was a good night but the food my friend, who was hosting, made was not good at all. Her prawn risotto was totally tasteless and ugh, it was so stodgy - and not hot enough! Oh dear. We all ate it (I was starving) but I felt quite bad for her. She pulled it out the bag though with an amazing pudding. Some strawberry mille feuille creation. If I was being totally focused, I shouldn't have had any - but... I did. When you're at someone's home I find it really hard to say no. And on this occasion I wanted something tasty after the disaster that was the risotto. I also drank the best part of half a bottle of rum.

I had a long lie on Saturday and woke up to a very foggy, dull day. That's right Britain, while the rest of you were basking in the sunshine I didn't have it so good, which kinda pissed all over my plan to go for a long bike ride. After tidying round a bit and generally faffing, I eventually talked myself in going to the supermarket on my bike, a round trip of just over 4 miles. While at the shops I got a couple of very excellent holiday outfits which I shall post pics of later. I came home, made a fish pie, blogged -and then sat on my backside for the rest of the night. This is where it went a bit wrong. I was a bit bored and as I have come to realise this is quite the danger time for me. I had eaten all the right thing during the day but the next thing I knew I had helped myself to a bowl of vanilla ice cream smothered in my own banana jam/sauce. What a combination. It was insane. I bloody loved it. I then proceeded to demolish half a big bag of assorted mints. Suffice to say after all that sugar, I felt totally horrendous. I went to bed annoyed with myself. What happened to The Plan? I promised myself that if it was sunny I would go for a run in the morning.

I woke up to a gorgeous Sunday morning. The sun was shining; I got my trainers on. I headed off to a big park near me that I just discovered the other day - and this meant running up a rather large hill. Off I went. I got up the hill. I felt good! I kept on going. I felt even better. I realised the route I was taking meant there was only one way home - up a very long and very big hill. Oh well, nothing else for it. I kept going. I felt good. I got to the hill. I started running up it. I kept on going. I got to the top and I ran all the way home. I felt fricking amazing. 37 minutes and 5.7km of running without stopping! I was so excited. I can't stop thinking about it.

It was the perfect way to bring my thoughts together. Running in the springtime sun, through a park, along a riverside; it was beautiful. And it was the ideal way for me to realise how my fitness has improved. I think that's the longest run I've done in about a year and the fact that I managed to trot up two big hills without any problems has made me realise all the gym work is paying off. In the past few weeks I've done a lot of 1 min sprint/1 min walk on the treadmill for 20 mins at a time and my base running time is 10.2kmph. I remember when it used to be 8.4kmph. Now THAT feels good.

I got home, showered, had some brekkie, drove to Tesco, realised I had forgotten my purse, drove home, got my purse, went to Asda (closer), shopped, came home, wrestled with the washing line, shoved some mackerel down my face, went to meet my friend at a beer garden where I had a couple of rums but mostly stuck to diet coke.

TB joined us later but it was really nice to invited out by one of my new pals and to head off and meet her on my own, in my new city, doing ma thing... The evening wore on and we ended up heading out for food. There was talk of heading to the chippy but I'm glad to say I managed to steer it away from that and we went for Thai in the end. I had a pretty spicy jungle curry which was really nice - and not a bad choice at all.

This morning I had another excellent workout. 12 mins of running at 10.2 and then 8 minutes of sprint/walking and other cardio resulting in 40 mins in total - and some good resistance too. Fish pie tonight and  The Plan is in full flow.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Budget Busting Extras

I'm on a strict budget these days but even when I'm not watching the pennies I'm a total tight arse when it comes to spending money on clothes and shoes.

For example, I really will only pay £15 for a pair of jeans. If they are £30 the shop assistant practially has to use a wrench to get my bank card out my hand. You can pretty much always find me in H&M, Primark and New Look. Sometimes Dotty P and from time to time, M&S.  Very occasionally Top Shop but to be honest, at almost 32 years old and not a size 10, I feel a bit out of place in that shop. And then there is the cost of their togs that just ain't worth it (mostly).

However, over the past few years I have gotten a couple of brilliant items from Tesco. The price is great, the fit is good (mainly) - and many of the shops are open 24 hours a day! The other day I hopped on my bike and popped off to Asda (for a lemon and some mustard seeds). The sun was shining, I was squinting. Without my trusty massively oversized shades I was practically a danger on the roads and so I nipped off to George at Asda to see what they had on offer. Well check out these sporty bad boys - and all for just £3.50.

I'm normally a fan of really dark shades, really big, dark shades, with little fuss but these are the perfect accessory for my old skool bike.  I've also been on the lookout for a new bag recently. I like one that's big enough to take all my crap but that I can also wear across my body as well as over one shoulder - again this is the bike chat coming through. I need to be able to sling my bag across my body and get my pedal on.  I love the colour of this bag, something light and fun for the lighter days, and it was only a fiver! That's right five of your pound sterling for this baby in Primark right now.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Weigh in

Drumroll please..... stayed the same.

I'm quite happy with that as the more I think about what I ate last week before I pulled it together on Monday, the more I realise a gain was really quite possible. So where does that leave me in regards to... The Plan.

In quite a good place, actually. I've got three weeks to lose 4.25lbs. That will take me into FF (ready to pile a a few Italian pounds on, on holiday). I can do that. If I cut out the faff, I can totally do that. It's achievable and also, quite possibly beatable.  On yerself Love Cat!

TB is away this weekend and I've got lots of lovely things planned. I've got the first meeting of my new book club tonight (which I suspect will get rather boozy - I have rum and diet coke planned), I'm going to clean my bike and get lost out on a long ride, I've going to watch a chick flick, sort out my admin, do some housework, plan and make some heatlthy meals... and just god damn please myself!

Starting Weight: 183 pounds
Current Weight: 179.5 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 0
Total 2012 Weight Loss: 3.5lbs

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The plan

Or more correctly... THE PLAN (also known as Stop Fannying Around). The block capitals represent a refreshed me. A me with some motivation! I know... where the chuff did this come from?

My post on Friday was all about mindful eating for the rest of the weekend. That mindful eating didn't go as well as I might have hoped. Friday and Saturday were.... okay. Just okay. Sunday? Oh dear. Not good at all. Not one bit. Not only did I eat a lot of unhealthy foods, but I ate a lots of them. My portions were massive.

I woke up on Monday morning and was still wiped out from camp with no idea of what damage had been done. Thoughts of dragging myself to the gym swiftly got binned. Instead, I stayed in bed and came up with.... the plan. The plan is the introduction of a new (temporary) weigh day. I go on holiday three weeks on Friday. I'm giving it my all from now until Friday and then we shall see what the scales have to say.  I then have three weeks to get into Fresh Fat.

I'm expecting the scales to be no higher than 12stone 12lbs on Friday but I'm hoping for less than that. Even if they are 12stone 12lbs, that gives me three weeks to lose 5lbs. This is all totally do-able. I just need to stop fannying around. I want to feel great on holiday and I could feel fricking amazing by simply dropping less than half a stone.

It's day three today and I'm feeling good. I'm on plan. I'm organised. I am determined.  Bring it!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Weigh in

2.5lbs on. That's quite a lot. I wasn't expecting quite that much of a gain. I don't 'feel' like I've gained that amount; clothes feel the same as they did a week ago. I only had a few slip ups (and the baking fiasco) but whatever I think, that's the number I am faced with. So hello, 12stone 11.5lbs. We meet AGAIN.

After jumping on and off the scales 27 times (just to make sure) I got back in the groove. Cold meat and a couple of crackers for brekkie. An apple as a snack. At lunchtime I jumped on my bike and cycled just over 4 miles to my boxercise class. There was  an odd number of people in the class and I got teamed up with the instructor - which meant I did twice the work! I cycled home again and as the endorphins kicked in I was feeling pretty positive. Eggs for lunch and a couple of boiled sweets with my afternoon coffee. 

TB came home from work and we trotted off to the shops to get some new jeans for him. By the time we were done and dusted we were both starving. He suggested getting a Chinese on the way home. I said: "We really should get something healthier, but okay."

Okay. With that one word I made a really stupid choice. And then after the Chinese was eaten, I had a choc ice, three crunch creams and a three after dinner mints. Oh lady, what IS going on? Utter sillyness, that's what.

This morning I went to the gym and ran 20 mins of sprint intervals, did three sets of lunges and squats (all with weights) and was on the spinning bike for 12 mins (no upper body as I am aching after boxercise!). When I was there I thought about what I'm doing and I commended myself on the positives; I've done three excellent workouts three days in a row; every day is a new day and I've got right back on the wagon. Ultimately I am still trying. I'm only 3 and a half pounds away from fresh fat (yes, I'm rolling out that old statistic - again!).

So how am I going to approach this? What are my next steps? Mentally, I'm not sure. I'm finding it hard to get revved up. My mum was trying to give me some fighting talk yesterday - but it's just not cutting the moutard. However, she was totally right when she pointed out that 4 weeks today TB and I are off to Italy (the Amalphi Coast!) for a week (which I am super excited about). I'd love to be in fresh fat (FF) for that and since I will no doubt gain some weight on holiday, I need to create a buffer. I do not want to see 13 stone or above ever again.

I've got five days until weigh in. I could do a lot in that time. I just need to take it one step at a time. I'm talking hour by hour. TB and I are away for the weekend which is all catered for. I realise when I talk about being away for the weekend (which we are quite a lot) it's very cryptic. I'll just come out and explain what the hell I am on about - we are both Scout leaders. In fact, that's how we met. Anyway- we're at a camp this weekend which will be catered for. I just need to make sensible decisions. No fried breakfast. No pudding. No crisps. Lots of walking around. 

The camp is close to his parent's house and so we are there for dinner tonight and Sunday night. So basically, meals are outwith my control all of the weekend. It's not the meals that are the problem though (mostly), it's everything that surrounds them.  Hmmm, I bet there is pudding on Sunday night at his parent's. Not sure how to dodge that one.

I just need to stop and think.  Just a few days ago my mind and eyes were wandering and thinking about what I could eat, what extras I could find/get away with/sneak. I definitely feel calmer. 75% of what I am doing is bang on. I need to carry that good behaviour right through so it's more like 95%.

Mindful is going to be my watchword for the weekend. Chocs away! No really - put the damn chocs away!

Starting Weight: 183 pounds
Current Weight: 179.5 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: plus 2.5lbs
Total 2012 Weight Loss: 3.5lbs

PS)  Thanks for your comments on my last post, ladies. They were just lovely and made me smile a big cheeser. I also may have drooled about the thought of your toffee, Lesley. In fact, I'm doing it again right now!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I should have weighed myself this morning. This did not happen. What did happen was that last night I made a huge batch of Florentines - and ate the lot.

If you aren't sure what Florentines are (and maybe ignorance is the best!) they are biscuits made out of a load of butter and brown sugar, even more condensed milk, dried fruit and coconut. Although I swapped the dried fruit for some chocolate lumps. Just cause they weren't unhealthy enough as it was.

What was I thinking?! I have no idea. I knew I was on the verge of eating something I shouldn't. But to make a whole batch of biscuits is just insane. I felt horrendous before I'd even finished them - but of course I did. I plodded on stuffing the buttery, sweet biscuits right into my piggy face. Even when I felt sick, bloated and my head was spinning from all the sugar, I kept up that hand to mouth action. Where did this behaviour come from? I would have never done that last year. What has happened?! I've become... A MONSTER! Okay, just a few jokes there to mask the sad reality.

Looking at yesterday, specifically, my negative feelings about weigh in thanks to picking at things I shouldn't have and drinking a whole bottle of rose wine on Sunday evening, got the better of me. My thought process (before I quashed it with baking and eating) was that I was going to see a gain on the scales this morning... so what the hell - let's eat! Idiot. It all started with the frozen banana parfait I made for Saturday night. There was some leftover and I picked and picked at it until it was all gone. Next up - let's fire up the oven! Quite the chubby leap.

So this morning instead of weighing in, I got up and went to the gym. Started again. Again... again... again. So what does this mean for weigh in. I could just leave it until next week but I think that presents far too many opportunities for me to think I can 'get away' with bad behaviour. I'm weighing in tomorrow. I'm not going to like it. I shall probably stamp and cry and huff for fair bit. And then... I'll get over it- and the cycle continues.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Outfit post: Office or play?

What a lovely weekend, in which my mum and dad came to dinner - and so did TB's!  All very grown up and civilised!

TB joked that there must be no tapping of glasses or looking like we were about to make an announcement. I told him that wouldn't be happening even if there was something to say as if there was anything to tell then I would be shouting about it from the minute I could - and not waiting for a dinner! Anyway - more chat on that later. This is just a quickie...

Here are some snaps of another outfit I rather enjoyed the other day, but I must apologise for the crapness of the pics. I took them at my folk's house in a rush.

I don't normally stand with my legs so far apart but I was just trying to not make my hips stick out so much! These are my go to black jeans. A great fit and the perfect length for a pair of pumps, I love em. Especially so cause they cost a tenner from Matalan! I love the colour of this coral top which actually has a lovely slash neck - and it was only £3.50 from Primark. Bargain central.

I wore this on a day when I had a couple of meetings and again a day later when I was meeting a fellow blogger for coffee and a friend for lunch. Smart enough for work (if you can wear jeans) and comfy enough for hanging with some peeps.

Jacket: £14.99 H&M
Jeans: £9.99 Matalan
Scarf: £2 Primark
Top: £3.50 Primark

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Weigh in

Sweet relief. The scales have moved.... DOWN!

I was really hopeful a loss was in the post as the last three weeks of gains have been undeserved and unexpected. I also emerged triumphant from a weekend that was entirely catered for. I refused the cooked breakfast, I turned down eggy bread and I avoided pudding (although I did drink a helluva lotta rum). The outcome... 2.25lbs off. Phew!

Workouts this past week have been few and far between as I've been too busy enjoying myself . All I did was a gym workout on Wednesday and on Thursday I cycled 8 miles and did my boxercise class. That's all. I think regardless of what I did exercise wise, a loss would have show up but I think it's done my body no harm to have a rest.  I actually don't have another workout planned until Friday (away with work just now so fitting it in just ain't happening) but I'm not worried about it. I'll work out three times before next weigh in and that's all I can do.

Today's number was 12 stone 9lbs. I am just one and a half pounds away from equalling my lowest ever weight. Fresh fat is within sight!

Starting Weight: 183 pounds
Current Weight: 177 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 2.25lbs
Total 2012 Weight Loss: 6lbs

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bats in the attic

I'm feeling a bit out of sorts. The weekend has made me think about a few things that I wasn't expecting to. My mind is ticking over ten to the dozen and it seems to be sapping all my energy as I'm working through a few thoughts.

My emotions are a swinging about as my conscious thoughts marry up with the sub-conscious and that's draining. I was supposed to be up and at em bright and early this morning but I slept in really late  - which done nothing to ease my mind as I now feel guilty for not being as productive as I should have been. And then I sacked off the gym as I needed to spend time at the PC. Double guilt. And tomorrow is weigh in.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that life isn't as easy as making a decision. You have to stick to it. You have to know your mind - really know your mind and make the right choices. Day after day.

Here endeth the cryptic post.