Monday, 12 March 2012

Outfit post: Office or play?

What a lovely weekend, in which my mum and dad came to dinner - and so did TB's!  All very grown up and civilised!

TB joked that there must be no tapping of glasses or looking like we were about to make an announcement. I told him that wouldn't be happening even if there was something to say as if there was anything to tell then I would be shouting about it from the minute I could - and not waiting for a dinner! Anyway - more chat on that later. This is just a quickie...

Here are some snaps of another outfit I rather enjoyed the other day, but I must apologise for the crapness of the pics. I took them at my folk's house in a rush.

I don't normally stand with my legs so far apart but I was just trying to not make my hips stick out so much! These are my go to black jeans. A great fit and the perfect length for a pair of pumps, I love em. Especially so cause they cost a tenner from Matalan! I love the colour of this coral top which actually has a lovely slash neck - and it was only £3.50 from Primark. Bargain central.

I wore this on a day when I had a couple of meetings and again a day later when I was meeting a fellow blogger for coffee and a friend for lunch. Smart enough for work (if you can wear jeans) and comfy enough for hanging with some peeps.

Jacket: £14.99 H&M
Jeans: £9.99 Matalan
Scarf: £2 Primark
Top: £3.50 Primark


Go on then, spill.