Friday, 23 March 2012

Weigh in

Drumroll please..... stayed the same.

I'm quite happy with that as the more I think about what I ate last week before I pulled it together on Monday, the more I realise a gain was really quite possible. So where does that leave me in regards to... The Plan.

In quite a good place, actually. I've got three weeks to lose 4.25lbs. That will take me into FF (ready to pile a a few Italian pounds on, on holiday). I can do that. If I cut out the faff, I can totally do that. It's achievable and also, quite possibly beatable.  On yerself Love Cat!

TB is away this weekend and I've got lots of lovely things planned. I've got the first meeting of my new book club tonight (which I suspect will get rather boozy - I have rum and diet coke planned), I'm going to clean my bike and get lost out on a long ride, I've going to watch a chick flick, sort out my admin, do some housework, plan and make some heatlthy meals... and just god damn please myself!

Starting Weight: 183 pounds
Current Weight: 179.5 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 0
Total 2012 Weight Loss: 3.5lbs

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