Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Reused to the power of 2

Now that we've got some sunshine in our lives I've been dipping into my growing collection of dresses.

A few years ago, as a chronic cankle sufferer, there was no way, no how, I would have worn a dress or a skirt that was anything other than floor length. However, thanks to running, lunging, cycling and generally a shit load of exercises, my legs are somewhat more shapely. Don't get me wrong, they are still big and boot buying will always be traumatic. But, in the main my legs are much better than they were and at least have some definition; less like two sausages trying to escape their skin.

Apologies for the quality of these pics. I'm going to have to find a better mirror or light - or something. Anything. This is a sleeveless dress I bought a couple of years ago from Tesco to take to NY with me. I really love the pattern and the frilly wing bits on the top part of it. And I'm sure there used to be a phone advert with a girl on a bus who had the very same one. Anyway, I am not joking when I tell you that this dress has shrunk.

It's definitely shorter and tighter around the middle. Until I lost a couple of stone there was no way I could wear it - even with leggings underneath.

I teamed it with a short sleeved bright yellow cardi for some beer garden lounging on Sunday. I also took my demin jacket as I always end up freezing once the sun goes down. I slung my new bag over my shoulder, hopped on my bike and off I went.

I love this demin jacket even though I would like it to be a little more fitted. It's just a bog standard one from Gap. I used to have it in a bigger size and a darker colour - which I ended up giving away to the charity shop as it just didn't fit any more. I got the one I am wearing now from my ex's sister. She was emigrating to Australia and was thinning out her wardrobe. She moved back a few years later - but she ain't getting the jacket back!


  1. Lovely dress! There is no way in the world I can wear a short dress without leggings, my legs are horrideous (so bad I combined two words).

    You've just reminded me about my denim jacket which I had forgotten I owned... and seeing these photos makes me realise I need some coloured cardigans!

    Looking good lady!


  2. You look great - and a lot slimmer than the weight you say you are, you obviously carry it very well.

    I was going to ask you for cycling gear advice. I've never bothered much just commuting to and from work but we're getting bikes to cycle at weekends and I want to wear something cuter that will be okay for a pub lunch too - any suggestions please?


  3. Well thanks P. You are kind to say that. I'm almost 5ft 7 and have quite broad shoulders so I do carry it quite well. I'm a 12 on the top and a 16 on the bottom - which is quite a small size for 12 and a half stone I suppose.

    Oooh, yes- cute cycling clothes. To be honest, I will wear anything on my bike! As long as you can pedal and things aren't going to get caught in the pedals then go for it! If I'm going on a longer ride I try to avoid jeans just because it can get a bit uncomfy around the seat area - if you know what I mean!

    If you can wear leggings under a dress or a skirt that's usually quite comfy and looks good too. I'm also a big fan of layering up. A vest top, a cardi, a jacket, a scarf...


  4. I love that lemon yellow with the dress! Looks so springy :) You always look so gorgeous :)


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