Friday, 16 March 2012

Weigh in

2.5lbs on. That's quite a lot. I wasn't expecting quite that much of a gain. I don't 'feel' like I've gained that amount; clothes feel the same as they did a week ago. I only had a few slip ups (and the baking fiasco) but whatever I think, that's the number I am faced with. So hello, 12stone 11.5lbs. We meet AGAIN.

After jumping on and off the scales 27 times (just to make sure) I got back in the groove. Cold meat and a couple of crackers for brekkie. An apple as a snack. At lunchtime I jumped on my bike and cycled just over 4 miles to my boxercise class. There was  an odd number of people in the class and I got teamed up with the instructor - which meant I did twice the work! I cycled home again and as the endorphins kicked in I was feeling pretty positive. Eggs for lunch and a couple of boiled sweets with my afternoon coffee. 

TB came home from work and we trotted off to the shops to get some new jeans for him. By the time we were done and dusted we were both starving. He suggested getting a Chinese on the way home. I said: "We really should get something healthier, but okay."

Okay. With that one word I made a really stupid choice. And then after the Chinese was eaten, I had a choc ice, three crunch creams and a three after dinner mints. Oh lady, what IS going on? Utter sillyness, that's what.

This morning I went to the gym and ran 20 mins of sprint intervals, did three sets of lunges and squats (all with weights) and was on the spinning bike for 12 mins (no upper body as I am aching after boxercise!). When I was there I thought about what I'm doing and I commended myself on the positives; I've done three excellent workouts three days in a row; every day is a new day and I've got right back on the wagon. Ultimately I am still trying. I'm only 3 and a half pounds away from fresh fat (yes, I'm rolling out that old statistic - again!).

So how am I going to approach this? What are my next steps? Mentally, I'm not sure. I'm finding it hard to get revved up. My mum was trying to give me some fighting talk yesterday - but it's just not cutting the moutard. However, she was totally right when she pointed out that 4 weeks today TB and I are off to Italy (the Amalphi Coast!) for a week (which I am super excited about). I'd love to be in fresh fat (FF) for that and since I will no doubt gain some weight on holiday, I need to create a buffer. I do not want to see 13 stone or above ever again.

I've got five days until weigh in. I could do a lot in that time. I just need to take it one step at a time. I'm talking hour by hour. TB and I are away for the weekend which is all catered for. I realise when I talk about being away for the weekend (which we are quite a lot) it's very cryptic. I'll just come out and explain what the hell I am on about - we are both Scout leaders. In fact, that's how we met. Anyway- we're at a camp this weekend which will be catered for. I just need to make sensible decisions. No fried breakfast. No pudding. No crisps. Lots of walking around. 

The camp is close to his parent's house and so we are there for dinner tonight and Sunday night. So basically, meals are outwith my control all of the weekend. It's not the meals that are the problem though (mostly), it's everything that surrounds them.  Hmmm, I bet there is pudding on Sunday night at his parent's. Not sure how to dodge that one.

I just need to stop and think.  Just a few days ago my mind and eyes were wandering and thinking about what I could eat, what extras I could find/get away with/sneak. I definitely feel calmer. 75% of what I am doing is bang on. I need to carry that good behaviour right through so it's more like 95%.

Mindful is going to be my watchword for the weekend. Chocs away! No really - put the damn chocs away!

Starting Weight: 183 pounds
Current Weight: 179.5 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: plus 2.5lbs
Total 2012 Weight Loss: 3.5lbs

PS)  Thanks for your comments on my last post, ladies. They were just lovely and made me smile a big cheeser. I also may have drooled about the thought of your toffee, Lesley. In fact, I'm doing it again right now!


  1. I'm right there with you chick - just can't quite seem to find the right gear at the moment, so wallowing round in neutral .... good meal, bad snacks, ad infinitum.

    The Amalfi Coast sounds GORGEOUS though - how lovely!!!

  2. I've just got my head and body in gear at the moment and am powering through the 30 Day Shred to keep me motivated. I know what you mean and it's easy to wallow in the gains but it sounds like you've worked really hard at the gym too. Don't beat yourself up about it too much, there's always water weight and the like you may not have gained it as fat. So chin up and keep going.


  3. Firstly, I love the phrase 'fresh fat'. This is going into my weight-loss related vocab immediately.

    Secondly, you sound like you know exactly what has to be done so I have faith that you can do just that! Most people, after a dodgy couple of days, would think 'well I've ruined this week, might as well carry on' but you haven't. You've looked at the positives and come up with a game plan. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and manage to avoid the chocolates and breakfasts and so on, and I look forward to reading about the rest of your week soon!



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