Monday, 30 June 2014

Weigh in

Okay. It's time to fess up. I'm not really doing very well with the whole diet and exercise thing. I just can't seem to get a grip, a really firm grip of things. Motivation is not high.

I give myself a talking to and I am resolute that THIS IS IT. No more faffing about. No more half arsed attempts. That lasts as long as it takes for the next tempting thing to come along and glance in my direction.

I managed to scrape a lost of a quarter of a pound on Thursday. That really is pathetic and based on the weekend's takeaway pizza and Chinese on Saturday and Sunday night respectively, I'm not holding out much hope for a loss this week. In my defence the takeaways have occurred through social situations which have been beyond my control. What is in my control though, is not sneakily eating a meringue nest, extra forkfuls of creamy pasta and ditching a run because it looks a bit wet outside.

I've got two and a half weeks before I go away for two weeks. This was the deadline I gave myself to get back to wedding weight. I'm not aiming for ww though. All I am aiming, right now, is three fantastic days of clean eating and exercise so that when I do stand on the scales on Thursday morning it's not with a total sense of dread.

Current Weight: 12 stone 7.25lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 0.25lbs

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Mind over matter

What a whirlwind the past five days have been. Bonk-ERZ.

  • My work thing on Thursday was a total hit and I got the best results I have EVER had. That's right - EVER. I was pretty bloody chuffed with myself, I can tell you. The only downfall was the food on offer was pretty much incredibly unhealthy but I was so flippin hungry that I had no choice but eat it. Hmmm. I then got stuck into some chocs on the train home that a friend gave me for helping them out with a project.
  • Friday morning I saw my PT and had a really good workout. Sometimes he makes me hold on to TRX straps and do one legged squats. When I first did them I could hardly do them on my right leg. Now - I am the Queen of them. That felt good.
  • I bought some maca powder from a lovely health food shop on Friday which I have had in a green smoothie on Friday morning. Tasted fab but I think I need to get into the swing of it more than just once a week.
  • I was at camp all weekend and was very very active. SO much walking. But my eating was questionable. I ate too much portion wise and I also made far too many cakes. And here is the rub... cakes that I made. I made some coconut and bramble cupcakes on Friday morning to take with me and I decided to make some coconut icing too. Holy crap, it was amazing. SO GOOD.  I then proceeded to scarf about five of them over the weekend. Silly girl.
  • I've been in the company of a sort of ex of mine recently, and it has totally made my dreams go haywire. For some reason I've had lots of dreams about him. Not those kind of dreams. Just bonkers dreams, in which I am mostly annoyed with him. Truth is, things are a bit awkward between us but I can't see a way of resolving that. I thought we once had a lot of respect for each other but now I think that he previously fed me a load of crap and told me what he wanted me to hear. This makes me feel like I was an idiot at the time - an idiot that revealed a lot of herself. I now feel a bit exposed that he's had that insight that he doesn't deserve. I think I just need to forget about it and keep my distance as much as I can. I need my subconscious to get a grip though.
  • The oldest of my pussy cats will be 12 in a few weeks and the wee monkey has been fighting. On Friday I wondered why is face was all swollen - his front right canine has broken right off! Poor wee sausage.  
  • Getting back into more organised cooking. Chicken, chickpea and aubergine curry last night and a massive pot of chilli for tonight and the freezer.
  • Weigh in on Thursday. Really trying to be as good as possible. I can't lie. It's not easy and I finding it hard to resist the call of any sort of food stuff of any description.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Weigh in

It's 3/4 on a pound on this morning. Rats.

I'm kinda feeling a bit zen about the scales. I've done a power of exercise this week and I am feeling good. I've definitely got a bit to go to get back to wedding weight (WW) but I am feeling a lot less bloated and so I'm really not too worried.

Also, I weighed myself at 5.40a, this morning (I'm telling ya, those few hours make a difference), last week was my first week of losing after a long haul flight and kick arse holiday, I'm pre menstrual - oh and I ate and drank too much over the weekend. Ha! There is that. Hmmm, yes... too many little treats here and there.

The challenge still rolls on though and we are now looking at 7.5 in 4. Yikes, just over half a stone in a month. Thing is, if i just make a few key tweaks here and there, it could be done.

I've got a hella busy five days coming up. Away with work tonight and at an event with work the following morning, then meeting a friend and getting home late. Friday, I've got my PT then TB and I are away this weekend at camp - which we need to plan activities for and buy all the stuff. Not sure when I will fit that in. Friday lunchtime? All of this involves a lot of eating out and eating where it's all catered for. I just need to make my mind up though. Am I doing this or am I not? I am, by the way.

I've also been looking into coconut flour, protein powder and maca powder, all things I've been meaning to try for a while but haven't quite got around to. Now is the time and I'll let you know how I get on with them, what I create with them and why I'm doing it.

Right peeps, have a kick arse Wednesday. x

Current Weight: 12 stone 7.5lbs
Weight Loss This Week: +0.75lbs

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Free time shmime

I knew there was no way I'd come back from honeymoon and I would have oodles of time on my hands. I'm never going to be the person who has oodles of time my hands, and even if I did I would fill it somehow.

We had a weekend at home this weekend - a whole weekend! And it was bloody lovely - but busy. Saturday (after my first lie in since we got home from hols) we headed off the the nearest big city to check out some kitchen showrooms. That's our next big project, doing the kitchen up. That was draining. We thought we knew what we wanted and now we've gone totally off in a new direction and are possibly back to where we started! 

Then on Sunday we decided to spend half an hour planting the rhubarb we got as a wedding present. 4 hours later we were still hauling weeds out. I suppose, we've not touched the back garden since we moved in almost a year ago and it had gone somewhat wild. We then had a bbq with the in-laws and a couple of pals. All very civilised!

On the healthy living front, I can't lie. It's not been 100% There was cake on Friday  night, boiled sweets on Saturday, too much food at the bbq and then also Eaton mess (which I made!). But, and this is a big but (haha!) the exercise front is very much AWN. Yesterday especially I was kicking arse and it felt amazing and all of a sudden I am feeling much more focused. I also have my lovely new sneaks - which are green and sexy and make me want to go running even more.  On Thursday I ran 8km. On Friday I had a PT session (which was h.a.r.d) then yesterday I did my new gym resistance programme. However, it was too nice to be stuck inside a building and so I did it in the back garden with a garden chair and some paint tins. I then did 30 mins (5k) of interval training. I then ran another 2.5km miles to pick up my bike from the repair shop. I then cycled home. THEN TB and I did a 12km cycle after dinner. Holy macaroni! ON FIRE.

I also treated myself to some new flowery shoes and a dress for work which was £5 in the sale! Only once wearing said dress did I realise why it's £5; it's designed with a massive slit in the top. Eh?

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Weigh in

So here we are again - it's weigh day! Life just has this way of carrying on but I can't deny, I do quite like it. I'm a creature of habit and routine is my friend. I bloody love going on holiday and throwing myself into new adventures but I also love coming home.

Anyway, enough of this mithering on, let's talk numbers. 3.5lbs off. Phew. That's a good result. It's partly down to the fact my body has got back to normal, I've not been on a long haul flight and you know, things have just sort of settled down.

It's also thanks to a spinning class, a personal training session and two 5k runs (and some serious gardening). I'm quite pleased with how I've eased back into things exercise wise. And to be honest, that felt like quite the effort. There is no doubt my fitness has taken a bit of a kicking. The second 5k was just me, knocking out one of my usual routes and oh boy, I felt it. I still did it in 30mins (smug face!) but I was spent after it. Three weeks ago that was a piece of cake.

Speaking of cake, let's talk food. Exercise is not a problem for me. Regardless of my fitness levels, I do it. I put the time in and I do what I'm supposed to. Not putting in my face what I shouldn't is another thing altogether. In the main, over the past 8 days, I have been on point. My meals are really good. I've got right back in the swing of healthy and nutritious meals without too much fuss. However, where I have struggled is the incidentals, which are FAR from incidental. I'm talking about the two decent sized bars of chocolate I secret ate yesterday and the day before. WTF? Secret eating? Are we back in 2003? I need to get a grip on that - stat. Yes, I just wrote stat.

So today is a clean slate. I've got seven days ahead of me for the taking. 10 in six is no longer people. We're now on to 6 in five*.

*It's actually 6.75 but I think you'll agree, doesn't really have the same ring to it. 

Current Weight: 12 stone 6.75lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 3.5lbs
PS) I removed some of  the stats. Weight lost in 2014 seems bonkers to have on there as it's only about 3lbs!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Living life in technicolour

I've always wanted to take part in the Colour Me Rad 5k. Who wouldn't want to run a 5k course while being pelted by colour bombs? No, not everyone?

A few of us donned our white t-shirts and shorts (which does make us look like we are on a day out from the mental hospital) and proceeded to get A LOT of colour thrown in our faces as we made our way round a very grassy course. It was so much fun. The sun was shining and it was a great way of doing a 5k. One of the girls had only run 3k before so she was totally chuffed with herself.  Rightly so.

I was really glad we ran the whole thing but stuck together - I found it pretty hard going. I've actually just done a 5k right now and  I did it in 30 mins - which is fine, I'll take that time. But that's the last 5k for a while - I need to get my distances up again. No more fun running - Operation 10 in 6 is go!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Chubby Mrs Lovecat

Well HAI there! Wedding is over, honeymoon is over and normal life is in full flow -  I am now a married lady!

That's not to say I'm not going to tell you ALL about it so I can relive it once more. The wedding was magical. It was absolutely amazing. Despite the fact it rained pretty much throughout the whole ceremony, I wouldn't change a thing. Loved it.

I need to sort out my own pictures so I can talk (write?) you through the wholes shebang. In the meantime let me tell you how I managed to put on 10.5lbs in three weeks. Impressive, eh? That's a skill right there. I weighed myself on Thursday before the wedding  - the day after I ran 10k in 1 hour 57seconds (check those bad ass numbers out!) and I was 11 stone 13.75lbs. Amazing! I did it - I somehow managed to scrape into the 11's!

However, I think it maybe lasted about two hours until I got to the wedding venue - and then I got stuck right into all manner of exciting eats and treats. That continued right through the whole honeymoon (coconut ice cream, I'm looking at you - oh, and burritos, peanut butter candy, cocktails, pancakes, burgers, fries... you get the gist) and it was flipping amazing. Delicious and amazing. Which has all resulted in a magnificent 10.5lb gain.

It's not going to last long though as I am now engaged a new progamme of my very own I have named '10 in 6'. Six weeks today I go to camp. In those six weeks I am going to make it my mission to lose the 10lbs I put on. I want to get right back down to where I was, and get my fitness back - stat!

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week were pretty healthy but as of yesterday, we're on a 100% situation, people. 100% of being on point with eating and exercising. I went to spinning yesterday. It was a flipping nightmare. About 30 mins in I properly thought I was going to spew. Nice. This morning I saw my personal trainer. Again, horrific. My legs are like jelly and I felt like a wet rag. Just no energy left in my legs.

Doesn't matter though, as it's going to get easier. My fitness is going to come aback bit by bit and lose pounds are going to disappear.