Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Mind over matter

What a whirlwind the past five days have been. Bonk-ERZ.

  • My work thing on Thursday was a total hit and I got the best results I have EVER had. That's right - EVER. I was pretty bloody chuffed with myself, I can tell you. The only downfall was the food on offer was pretty much incredibly unhealthy but I was so flippin hungry that I had no choice but eat it. Hmmm. I then got stuck into some chocs on the train home that a friend gave me for helping them out with a project.
  • Friday morning I saw my PT and had a really good workout. Sometimes he makes me hold on to TRX straps and do one legged squats. When I first did them I could hardly do them on my right leg. Now - I am the Queen of them. That felt good.
  • I bought some maca powder from a lovely health food shop on Friday which I have had in a green smoothie on Friday morning. Tasted fab but I think I need to get into the swing of it more than just once a week.
  • I was at camp all weekend and was very very active. SO much walking. But my eating was questionable. I ate too much portion wise and I also made far too many cakes. And here is the rub... cakes that I made. I made some coconut and bramble cupcakes on Friday morning to take with me and I decided to make some coconut icing too. Holy crap, it was amazing. SO GOOD.  I then proceeded to scarf about five of them over the weekend. Silly girl.
  • I've been in the company of a sort of ex of mine recently, and it has totally made my dreams go haywire. For some reason I've had lots of dreams about him. Not those kind of dreams. Just bonkers dreams, in which I am mostly annoyed with him. Truth is, things are a bit awkward between us but I can't see a way of resolving that. I thought we once had a lot of respect for each other but now I think that he previously fed me a load of crap and told me what he wanted me to hear. This makes me feel like I was an idiot at the time - an idiot that revealed a lot of herself. I now feel a bit exposed that he's had that insight that he doesn't deserve. I think I just need to forget about it and keep my distance as much as I can. I need my subconscious to get a grip though.
  • The oldest of my pussy cats will be 12 in a few weeks and the wee monkey has been fighting. On Friday I wondered why is face was all swollen - his front right canine has broken right off! Poor wee sausage.  
  • Getting back into more organised cooking. Chicken, chickpea and aubergine curry last night and a massive pot of chilli for tonight and the freezer.
  • Weigh in on Thursday. Really trying to be as good as possible. I can't lie. It's not easy and I finding it hard to resist the call of any sort of food stuff of any description.


  1. So what does maca powder do then?

    You're looking great btw! And it was totally a man who designed that dress....


  2. It's described as Incan superfood and supposedly gives you more energy/lifts your mood/ helps keep everything regulated etc.

    What dress....?


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