Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Weigh in

So here we are again - it's weigh day! Life just has this way of carrying on but I can't deny, I do quite like it. I'm a creature of habit and routine is my friend. I bloody love going on holiday and throwing myself into new adventures but I also love coming home.

Anyway, enough of this mithering on, let's talk numbers. 3.5lbs off. Phew. That's a good result. It's partly down to the fact my body has got back to normal, I've not been on a long haul flight and you know, things have just sort of settled down.

It's also thanks to a spinning class, a personal training session and two 5k runs (and some serious gardening). I'm quite pleased with how I've eased back into things exercise wise. And to be honest, that felt like quite the effort. There is no doubt my fitness has taken a bit of a kicking. The second 5k was just me, knocking out one of my usual routes and oh boy, I felt it. I still did it in 30mins (smug face!) but I was spent after it. Three weeks ago that was a piece of cake.

Speaking of cake, let's talk food. Exercise is not a problem for me. Regardless of my fitness levels, I do it. I put the time in and I do what I'm supposed to. Not putting in my face what I shouldn't is another thing altogether. In the main, over the past 8 days, I have been on point. My meals are really good. I've got right back in the swing of healthy and nutritious meals without too much fuss. However, where I have struggled is the incidentals, which are FAR from incidental. I'm talking about the two decent sized bars of chocolate I secret ate yesterday and the day before. WTF? Secret eating? Are we back in 2003? I need to get a grip on that - stat. Yes, I just wrote stat.

So today is a clean slate. I've got seven days ahead of me for the taking. 10 in six is no longer people. We're now on to 6 in five*.

*It's actually 6.75 but I think you'll agree, doesn't really have the same ring to it. 

Current Weight: 12 stone 6.75lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 3.5lbs
PS) I removed some of  the stats. Weight lost in 2014 seems bonkers to have on there as it's only about 3lbs!

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