Say, who?

I've been blogging since 2004, mostly about my lard busting adventures - with a big greasy slice of life thrown in.

I'm a 33 year old girl... can I say girl? Woman sounds weird - and old! Well, I'm 33 and live with my hairy husband to be TB.

As I try and work my way into uncharted fat territory (fresh fat or FF as I enjoy calling it) and get my head around the fact I'm not 18 anymore, I run my own business, manage a bonkers social life, bake and cycle lots on my very old wrecker racer (when it's not too wet or windy - so that'll be three months a year).

I have a very grumpy, yet highly cute, pussy cat and two young cats who are like plasters and just want to cuddle your face all.the.time. So three in total. Oh yeah- I did I mention I LOVE CATS.

Finally, after TB asked me to marry him last year, we're in the year of the wedding. We're getting married in May and I am THI...................................S excited! Mrs Lovecat. Got a nice ring to it I think.

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