Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Normality bites


How are y'all?

I was going to say I'm good. That would be a lie. Mentally, yes... all is well and I'm feeling pretty balanced, but physically? Ha! HAAAAA!

Preggo immune system short circuit/meltdown is what I'm dealing with. I've had a cold that just about KILLED ME. I was in bed for three days. And on the back of that, earache. I've had a painful and blocked ear for 11 days. ELEVEN DAYS. I just want to be able to hear again and not have a constant source of green oozing out my nose. Sorry, you NEED that level of detail. I'm not doing this alone. I suffer, you suffer.

However, let's move swiftly onto the silver lining. It stopped me eating. I spent boxing day spewing (second tummy bug in three weeks) and then it's just been one cold after another. This really did halt the 24 scoff-fest. So much so that I'm now just over 5 months pregnant and have still only put a stone on. So I'm pretty chuffed. It's also made me realise that I can eat sensibly and healthily while growing a baby. I don't NEED to eat silly amounts of crap.

It sounds bonkers to write that down as, uh OBVS. I suppose it's more about breaking the cycle for me and rather than using pregnancy as an excuse to eat as much as I want and what I want, I now know that it is possible (FOR ME) to get through this like a 'normal' person. So yeah, I'm all about making sensible choices as much as possible. Sure, there will be cake days. But cake days are fine, it's cake months that are not.


  1. Poor thing. There seem to have been loads of nasty bugs floating around this year. Hope you're lurgie free soon. Sx

  2. Uuurgh - green oooze?! Poor you, that sounds absolutely grim grim grim. But the "only a stone on" sounds great. Are we weird to treat a period of horrid illness as a "silver lining"? I suppose that is the very definition of one. As long as you don't go around licking handkerchiefs trying to catch a cold..... Get well soon sweets and I love your photies. Lxx


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