Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Normality bites


How are y'all?

I was going to say I'm good. That would be a lie. Mentally, yes... all is well and I'm feeling pretty balanced, but physically? Ha! HAAAAA!

Preggo immune system short circuit/meltdown is what I'm dealing with. I've had a cold that just about KILLED ME. I was in bed for three days. And on the back of that, earache. I've had a painful and blocked ear for 11 days. ELEVEN DAYS. I just want to be able to hear again and not have a constant source of green oozing out my nose. Sorry, you NEED that level of detail. I'm not doing this alone. I suffer, you suffer.

However, let's move swiftly onto the silver lining. It stopped me eating. I spent boxing day spewing (second tummy bug in three weeks) and then it's just been one cold after another. This really did halt the 24 scoff-fest. So much so that I'm now just over 5 months pregnant and have still only put a stone on. So I'm pretty chuffed. It's also made me realise that I can eat sensibly and healthily while growing a baby. I don't NEED to eat silly amounts of crap.

It sounds bonkers to write that down as, uh OBVS. I suppose it's more about breaking the cycle for me and rather than using pregnancy as an excuse to eat as much as I want and what I want, I now know that it is possible (FOR ME) to get through this like a 'normal' person. So yeah, I'm all about making sensible choices as much as possible. Sure, there will be cake days. But cake days are fine, it's cake months that are not.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Up up and not quite away

Well HAI!

Just took a notion to pop in here.  Such a busy time just now and I'm struggling with the work/life balance as I'm really enjoying my work but at the moment I'm working 4 days a week - which doesn't give me as much time as I would like with little miss.

I've had a few moments recently when I've picked her up from the in-laws or they have dropped her off and she just wants to cuddle them. I can't put into words how hard I find that. Throw preggo hormones into the mix and I'm just about at breaking point. I actually have SO much to say about this topic, and how the in laws are with her but I'm trying to get a handle on my serious frustrations and issues with the way they are, that launching into a mega moan is not going to help.

Let's talk about how much I weigh! I braved the scales the other week and I've pretty much put on close to stone. Let's call it a stone in 4 months. I think this is kind of on a par with last time. So that is kind of okay I suppose. Thing is I was thinner before I was pregnant last time.

In total, from the day I found out I was pregnant to the day before I gave birth I had gained around 4 stone. Eeek! Admittedly 2 stone of that was gone within 2 weeks of giving birth, but that's still quite a lot, I think we can all agree. I need to not let things get quite so out of hand this time.

So what I'm saying is, I'm fatter but sort of feeling okay with it. And here are some recent pics. I'd like to point out I don't always dress my child in pink!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


This has to be my worst year of blogging since  I began all those years ago in... 2004? I can't even remember.

Life is so different now. I don't have the time. I don't have the motivation. But I do miss connecting with the so many of the really lovely people I 'met' along the way. I've no doubt I'll get back into it at some point. Probably not anytime soon, but sometime.

I think it also comes down to the fact I'm content. Life is good and I'm happy. For so many years things were a bit all over the place, least of all my weight, but now I'm settled and happy and loved.  And since having a baby I've manged to just about get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Well, what's half a stone between friends?

But, that half stone is probably much more than that now. I'm on the weight gain train and that can only mean one thing. Yup, I'm pregnant!

Baby number two is due at the end of May, just seven days before Penelope's second birthday.

Exciting and busy busy times!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Granny C

I'm pretty crap at the blogging malarkey these days.

A lot has been going on recently. I can't really write at length about it as I'll get upset but about three weeks ago my Granny died.

I can't even really take typing that out. I just need to not think about it sometimes. She was pretty unwell but we really thought she would rally and so we're all still shocked.

It's all been pretty up and down and last week I thought I was losing it. Emotionally fragile to say the least. 

As I'm rubbish at regular updates on here you can always take a peek at my social media accounts

T: @laineyeff
Insta: ginger_pr
Snapchat: laineymcl

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Weigh in

3lbs off! Yippee! Very happy with that. A lovely start.

That means five weeks to go and 6.5lbs to lose. This week won't be quite as stellar... I drank A LOT on Saturday and thanks to a crappy cold, no gym yesterday. Thanks to an all day conference on Thursday, no spinning. So it's all down to the diet and the walking.

Yesterday was super good and today looks to be very similar.

Start weight:        13stone 9.25
Current weight:   13 stone 6.25
Total loss:            3lbs
Weeks left:          5
Pounds left:         6.5

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Today is a struggle.

A struggle to walk as I went to kettelercise on Monday night! Haha - wee bluff style joke there from me.

Yup, I've been to a class at the gym. No wonder I can barely walk; I cannot remember the last time I went to an actual class. The past few days have been very painful but the class itself was fine - apart from the star jumps and the like. Truth is my pelvic floor is not so hot! This is one of the reasons I've had to can running for now. For the first 30 seconds of running, things are not good at all. Anyway - that's a whole other post.

Healthy living wise, things are going VERY well. And I feel so much better. Sure, I'm not really any thinner but it's all a mind game, isn't it. Meals have been on point and the bingeing is well and truly over. I keep thinking of six weeks time and how amazing I will feel if I keep this up.

Tomorrow I'm going to spinning for the fist time in about 9 months.

Here's a few recent pics. New glasses and blonder for me. And Lady P who was 1 just a few weeks ago! I have a one year old! WTF? She is hilarious.  And yes, we love a good knit.

 PS) thanks for the comments girls. So lovely to hear from you all x

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Line in the sand

I feel better already.

I spoke to TB last night about how I was feeling. He had no idea. Well, why would he, I suppose. Told him how down and out of control I felt.

I told him six weeks away needed to see a serious change. He was totally supportive. Well, of course he was. He would support me if I said I was going to gain 3 stone on purpose. However, he also made some observations....

Specifically, I go to a lot of effort to make a healthy meal and then snack on wee bits of chocolate and sweeties here and there. So true. If I really want to make these next six weeks count then that has to stop.

I weighed myself this morning. 13 stone 9.25lbs. I was 13 stone 7.5 on Monday. Almost 2 lbs in 5 days. That's impressive, no wait... I mean, that's horrific!

So it's game on. Six weeks to lose 9.5lbs. Six weeks to get into the 12 stones.

My main thing I want to get in the groove with, as a starter, is planning. I can't remember when or why I stopped planning all meals for the week. I'm out tonight but tomorrow the pen and paper is coming out and the list is being made. It feels so good to write that.

Breakfast today was a slice of brown bread and marmalade (no butter) and a watermelon heavy nutriblast. Lunch will be chicken tikka salad (seriously, lidl chicken tikka is the unreal).

Also feels nice to be blogging. Saved my sanity I don't know how many times. 

Friday, 3 June 2016

Out of control

I'm struggling. Big time.

For about a week now, every day has been the day I'm getting my shit together. Every day I end up eating crap. A lot of crap. I'm binging. It's been a long time since I've done this for more than a day at a time.

I just cannot get it together. The thought of getting through a whole day is monumental.

Size and weight wise things are really not that bad. I weighed myself on Sunday and I'm 13stone 7.5. Well, I was. God know what damage I am doing every day I fill my face with crap.

I wanted to be 12 stone 11 by July 16th, when it's summer camp time. I've just counted.... that's 6 weeks tomorrow. Big sighs...

If I am going to even be close to that (I would bite your hand off to be in the 12 stones) then I need to take action now. This might sound totally bonkers but I really don't know where to start. What the actual.... I feel like I have never eaten healthily for a day in my life.

And I'm pissed off. I am pissing myself off with this behaviour.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Weigh in

This is a toofer. Two for one.

I kinda forgot to update last week. Putting on a pound and a half will do that to a person. Yeah, after going out for dinner on the Friday night and drinking rather a lot, I just couldn't get it together and then on the Tuesday I ended up baking a cake, slathering it in raspberry and coconut cream cheese icing, and then eating half of it. Yes, half. I know. WTF?

BUT.... redemption awaits. Doesn't it always? I got my head back in the game and had a great week, involving two buggy runs. Goodbye 2.5 pounds this week.

This means, I have FINALLY lost a stone this year (phew!)  and am just 5 measly pounds away from my pre preggo weight. Ooh and ft. That's ooft.

I'm feeling stronger. The runs are getting faster and I do feel the difference in my clothes. I'm sure lugging a 20lb baby up and down the stairs several times a day must be helping.

Challenges lie ahead though.... 2 nights in Ireland for a weddings before next weight in. Then away with the folks and my brother's family for 4 nights for my mum's 60th, the following week.

I did manage to go to the actual gym though yesterday and there is also a gym in the hotel we are staying in for the wedding so I'm taking my gym kit in the hope I can convince myself to squeeze in a quick workout. 

Current weight:        13 stone 2lbs
This week:                - 2lbs

2016 total:                 14.75lbs

Pre preg weight:      12stone 11lbs

- Post run glee
- My branding expert reviews my biz cards
- Out on the town with my blonder barnet

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Weigh in

Yipeeee! Half a pound off. Very VERY happy with that.

It's not been a perfect week. There was cake. There were toffees. Let's just leave it at that shall we and enjoy a loss.

Just a quarter of a pound more off and I'll have lost a stone this year.

I've got two more weigh ins until we go to a wedding in Ireland. I would LOVE to be in the 12s for that. That means I need to lose 3.25lbs in two week. Totally do-able but there can be no excuses, nibbles or general faffing.

In other news... I have potential new biz coming out my ears! Excellent position to be in but there are not enough hours in the day. Haven't been to the gym for WEEKS. I'm gonna power walk to mother and toddlers tomorrow. Gotta do what you can, when you can.

Current weight:        13 stone 3lbs
This week:                - 0.5lbs

2016 total:                 13.75lbs

Pre preg weight:      12stone 11lbs

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Weigh in

There was a loss this week, which comes as no surprise.

3lbs off. I'm very happy with that! Well, happy that I lost a good chunk but happy that it wasn't any more than that as I feel like I could keep that three pounds off this week, and maybe lose a wee bit more.

Who the hell knows how it will all pan out but I am doing my utmost to keep this downward trajectory going. I'd LOVE it if I could lose 3/4 of a pound which would take me to a stone off this year.

Numbers aside, for the first time since I gave birth (and for a long time before) I feel like I am getting back to looking like me. Once I get into the lower 13 stones my shape changes a bit and this is where I feel good. I feel even better weighing less than this OBVS but I feel like I've finally shifted the weight that makes me feel like a frump.

Been for a 5k run today. My time was exactly the same as last week but I felt a LOT slower. Not too much other exercise planned so will really need watch what goes my gob.

Current weight:        13 stone 3.5lbs
This week:                - 3lbs

2016 total:                 13.25lbs

Pre preg weight:      12stone 11lbs

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

More good than bad

So much has happened in the past week.

First the good stuff...
  • Two new clients. Horay! Very excited and happy about this. I can do it ALL!
  • Met up with a gorgeous red head for lunch on Friday who is just a total peach
  • Went for a 7km walk along the beach with little miss strapped to my person. Yup, that beach above is on my doorstep.
  • Penelope was 9 months old and has started crawling (not sure the crawling is to be celebrated as mischief ensues)
  • Had an amusing trip to the vet with poor Hoover on the lower (slightly angled) deck
  • Went for a 5k run with the buggy.

Then there was the not so good...
  • Lover boy was away on four night stag. He was away on a different stag the weekend before. He is away for something else this weekend. I'm trying to be zen about it but am failing miserably.
  • Penelope was unwell on Saturday night. Nothing like having to change sheets in the middle of the night to really make you feel like an actual parent. Illness progressed into the other end on Sunday. Jesus CHRIST.
  • Illness progressed into me on Monday and I spent the day with my head down the toilet. Cannot remember the last time I was that ill without it being drink induced. I actually had to phone my Mother in Law to come and get Penelope I was that bad. And then when TB got home he was hit with an emotional onslaught from me. Very emotional thanks to being ill. Of course, from the first heave,  I was thinking "oooh, this might help shift a pound". Haha! I wish I was I was joking but it's so true. I'm eating, but not much so weigh day tomorrow will be interesting.

- Cat and baby transportation
- Bath time hilarity
- Poor Lady P gets stuck after some backwards scooting