Friday, 25 March 2016

Weigh in

This is a toofer. Two for one.

I kinda forgot to update last week. Putting on a pound and a half will do that to a person. Yeah, after going out for dinner on the Friday night and drinking rather a lot, I just couldn't get it together and then on the Tuesday I ended up baking a cake, slathering it in raspberry and coconut cream cheese icing, and then eating half of it. Yes, half. I know. WTF?

BUT.... redemption awaits. Doesn't it always? I got my head back in the game and had a great week, involving two buggy runs. Goodbye 2.5 pounds this week.

This means, I have FINALLY lost a stone this year (phew!)  and am just 5 measly pounds away from my pre preggo weight. Ooh and ft. That's ooft.

I'm feeling stronger. The runs are getting faster and I do feel the difference in my clothes. I'm sure lugging a 20lb baby up and down the stairs several times a day must be helping.

Challenges lie ahead though.... 2 nights in Ireland for a weddings before next weight in. Then away with the folks and my brother's family for 4 nights for my mum's 60th, the following week.

I did manage to go to the actual gym though yesterday and there is also a gym in the hotel we are staying in for the wedding so I'm taking my gym kit in the hope I can convince myself to squeeze in a quick workout. 

Current weight:        13 stone 2lbs
This week:                - 2lbs

2016 total:                 14.75lbs

Pre preg weight:      12stone 11lbs

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  1. Go you! That's a wonderful result and even more so because it comes after you turned round a bad week. The hair (and baby) look gorgeous. x

  2. Congrats! And good luck with your upcoming challenges. :-) x

  3. Nice work! You are looking great and the bubba is gorgeous X so glad yr blogging!

  4. I thought I commented on this yonks ago but I see I didn't - well done and how're you getting on since March??


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