Wednesday, 2 March 2016

More good than bad

So much has happened in the past week.

First the good stuff...
  • Two new clients. Horay! Very excited and happy about this. I can do it ALL!
  • Met up with a gorgeous red head for lunch on Friday who is just a total peach
  • Went for a 7km walk along the beach with little miss strapped to my person. Yup, that beach above is on my doorstep.
  • Penelope was 9 months old and has started crawling (not sure the crawling is to be celebrated as mischief ensues)
  • Had an amusing trip to the vet with poor Hoover on the lower (slightly angled) deck
  • Went for a 5k run with the buggy.

Then there was the not so good...
  • Lover boy was away on four night stag. He was away on a different stag the weekend before. He is away for something else this weekend. I'm trying to be zen about it but am failing miserably.
  • Penelope was unwell on Saturday night. Nothing like having to change sheets in the middle of the night to really make you feel like an actual parent. Illness progressed into the other end on Sunday. Jesus CHRIST.
  • Illness progressed into me on Monday and I spent the day with my head down the toilet. Cannot remember the last time I was that ill without it being drink induced. I actually had to phone my Mother in Law to come and get Penelope I was that bad. And then when TB got home he was hit with an emotional onslaught from me. Very emotional thanks to being ill. Of course, from the first heave,  I was thinking "oooh, this might help shift a pound". Haha! I wish I was I was joking but it's so true. I'm eating, but not much so weigh day tomorrow will be interesting.

- Cat and baby transportation
- Bath time hilarity
- Poor Lady P gets stuck after some backwards scooting


  1. Oh, poor thing. Poor both of you actually - I hope you're both feeling better. She is looking gorgeous in those pictures - what a sweetheart! x

  2. Oh and yeah totally relate to the weight loss thing. Whenever someone gets a sickness bug at work I try and figure out how close I've got to them and the likelihood of me picking it up. Sadly, my robust immune system tends to protect me! x


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