Saturday, 5 March 2016

Weigh in

There was a loss this week, which comes as no surprise.

3lbs off. I'm very happy with that! Well, happy that I lost a good chunk but happy that it wasn't any more than that as I feel like I could keep that three pounds off this week, and maybe lose a wee bit more.

Who the hell knows how it will all pan out but I am doing my utmost to keep this downward trajectory going. I'd LOVE it if I could lose 3/4 of a pound which would take me to a stone off this year.

Numbers aside, for the first time since I gave birth (and for a long time before) I feel like I am getting back to looking like me. Once I get into the lower 13 stones my shape changes a bit and this is where I feel good. I feel even better weighing less than this OBVS but I feel like I've finally shifted the weight that makes me feel like a frump.

Been for a 5k run today. My time was exactly the same as last week but I felt a LOT slower. Not too much other exercise planned so will really need watch what goes my gob.

Current weight:        13 stone 3.5lbs
This week:                - 3lbs

2016 total:                 13.25lbs

Pre preg weight:      12stone 11lbs

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  1. I have only just spotted that you're back! As I'm a bad blogger at the mo. But I'll be back soon promise!! Great to hear you sounding so pumped up and positive and with little Pen not slowing you down too much!! Keep it up chuck. Lxxx


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