Saturday, 4 June 2016

Line in the sand

I feel better already.

I spoke to TB last night about how I was feeling. He had no idea. Well, why would he, I suppose. Told him how down and out of control I felt.

I told him six weeks away needed to see a serious change. He was totally supportive. Well, of course he was. He would support me if I said I was going to gain 3 stone on purpose. However, he also made some observations....

Specifically, I go to a lot of effort to make a healthy meal and then snack on wee bits of chocolate and sweeties here and there. So true. If I really want to make these next six weeks count then that has to stop.

I weighed myself this morning. 13 stone 9.25lbs. I was 13 stone 7.5 on Monday. Almost 2 lbs in 5 days. That's impressive, no wait... I mean, that's horrific!

So it's game on. Six weeks to lose 9.5lbs. Six weeks to get into the 12 stones.

My main thing I want to get in the groove with, as a starter, is planning. I can't remember when or why I stopped planning all meals for the week. I'm out tonight but tomorrow the pen and paper is coming out and the list is being made. It feels so good to write that.

Breakfast today was a slice of brown bread and marmalade (no butter) and a watermelon heavy nutriblast. Lunch will be chicken tikka salad (seriously, lidl chicken tikka is the unreal).

Also feels nice to be blogging. Saved my sanity I don't know how many times. 


  1. I was so sorry to read how you're feeling in your last post - but you had written this before I got the chance to comment! You've had a lot of life changes recently and so certain habits and routines are bound to be affected by that. Don't be too hard on yourself - self anger (or self pissed off-ness) is never productive in the long run. Just try and analyse WHY your behaviours have changed and what manageable steps you can take to change it back. Which is what you're doing anyway - meal planning is definitely such an important piece of the puzzle.

    You can do this absolutely no problem at all, I have every faith that you will see that 12 on the scales shortly.


  2. You can do it girl - you've done it before. Sometimes we need to hit the bottom before we can start the bounce to the top. And get rid of all the chocs and sweeties in the house. If they're not there you can't eat them. We're with you babe xxxx


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