Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Today is a struggle.

A struggle to walk as I went to kettelercise on Monday night! Haha - wee bluff style joke there from me.

Yup, I've been to a class at the gym. No wonder I can barely walk; I cannot remember the last time I went to an actual class. The past few days have been very painful but the class itself was fine - apart from the star jumps and the like. Truth is my pelvic floor is not so hot! This is one of the reasons I've had to can running for now. For the first 30 seconds of running, things are not good at all. Anyway - that's a whole other post.

Healthy living wise, things are going VERY well. And I feel so much better. Sure, I'm not really any thinner but it's all a mind game, isn't it. Meals have been on point and the bingeing is well and truly over. I keep thinking of six weeks time and how amazing I will feel if I keep this up.

Tomorrow I'm going to spinning for the fist time in about 9 months.

Here's a few recent pics. New glasses and blonder for me. And Lady P who was 1 just a few weeks ago! I have a one year old! WTF? She is hilarious.  And yes, we love a good knit.

 PS) thanks for the comments girls. So lovely to hear from you all x

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  1. Your hair is fabulous. I've been toying with idea of lightening up but having quite short hair I suspect that beautiful ombré style would just look like root regrowth on me.

    So glad that you're feeling better - it's amazing what just a few good days can do.



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