Friday, 6 June 2014

Chubby Mrs Lovecat

Well HAI there! Wedding is over, honeymoon is over and normal life is in full flow -  I am now a married lady!

That's not to say I'm not going to tell you ALL about it so I can relive it once more. The wedding was magical. It was absolutely amazing. Despite the fact it rained pretty much throughout the whole ceremony, I wouldn't change a thing. Loved it.

I need to sort out my own pictures so I can talk (write?) you through the wholes shebang. In the meantime let me tell you how I managed to put on 10.5lbs in three weeks. Impressive, eh? That's a skill right there. I weighed myself on Thursday before the wedding  - the day after I ran 10k in 1 hour 57seconds (check those bad ass numbers out!) and I was 11 stone 13.75lbs. Amazing! I did it - I somehow managed to scrape into the 11's!

However, I think it maybe lasted about two hours until I got to the wedding venue - and then I got stuck right into all manner of exciting eats and treats. That continued right through the whole honeymoon (coconut ice cream, I'm looking at you - oh, and burritos, peanut butter candy, cocktails, pancakes, burgers, fries... you get the gist) and it was flipping amazing. Delicious and amazing. Which has all resulted in a magnificent 10.5lb gain.

It's not going to last long though as I am now engaged a new progamme of my very own I have named '10 in 6'. Six weeks today I go to camp. In those six weeks I am going to make it my mission to lose the 10lbs I put on. I want to get right back down to where I was, and get my fitness back - stat!

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week were pretty healthy but as of yesterday, we're on a 100% situation, people. 100% of being on point with eating and exercising. I went to spinning yesterday. It was a flipping nightmare. About 30 mins in I properly thought I was going to spew. Nice. This morning I saw my personal trainer. Again, horrific. My legs are like jelly and I felt like a wet rag. Just no energy left in my legs.

Doesn't matter though, as it's going to get easier. My fitness is going to come aback bit by bit and lose pounds are going to disappear.

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