Thursday, 29 March 2012

The night before...

Tomorrow is weigh day. The new and improved weigh day (for the time being). So how has the past week been? Pretty damn good, to be honest.

My fitness levels feel as if they have suddenly jumped up a gear and I feel so good for it. I was talked into going along to touch rugby training last night and not only did I cycle 4 miles uphill to get there without any trouble, I kept up with the regulars for over an hour of ball passing drills. I won't lie though, my legs are sore today. All this work may be toning my legs (just in time for my hols to Italy!) but boy, do they feel tired. So here's the workout lowdown.

Friday: Gym workout. 30 min spin class, 20 mins sprints, 2 sets resistance
Saturday: 4.2 mile cycle
Sunday: 5.68km run (9.2kmph pace)
Monday: Gym workout. 20 mins sprints, 20 mins other cardio, 2 sets resistance
Tuesday: 7 miles cycle, 15 min run, lunges,squats, step ups, press ups (in park)
Wednesday: 10 mile cycle. 1.5 hours touch rugby training
Thursday: 8 mile cycle, 40 mins boxercise

As for the food side of things... it's been good. Really good. There have, however - been a few slip ups. I've eaten far too many boiled sweets.  I also may have had a banana in caramel/toffee sauce situation which I created a few nights ago. That was really silly of me and was again, when I was sort of bored - a bit like the ice cream banana sauce incident. So I'm hoping the fact all my meals have been on the money and the amount of exercise I have done is enough to give me a good result.

I feel good; more toned and less wobbly in general. My tummy and hips feel just as big as ever so who knows... All this surmising is getting me nowhere, the scales will reveal all in the morning.

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  1. Good luck - I have my fingers crossed for you...


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