Monday, 18 June 2012

Contender... ready

Over the past few weeks I've been bleating on about going back to work for The Man. Well... it's just a few weeks away and I feel like life is about to go off the scale as I juggle my own freelance work, working for someone else, 10k training, and two weeks camping  - but in a good way.

I'm just going to have to be super organised. I've got three weeks left before I'm back in an office all day... everyday (gads!). When that happens it's going to be balls to the wall as I also have to juggle my own clients as well as the 17million clients The Man is throwing at me - and it's mostly in an area which is not my speciality.

So I've got three weeks to make the most of having more time to myself. I've then got a week in my new role before I head off camping for two weeks.

This two weeks of camping is going to be intense (IN TENTS! Ha!). I'm helping run an activity at this camp and it's go go go all the time - and of course, once you are off duty in the evening then it's time to let your hair down a little. Suffice to say, there ain't much quality shut eye on the go and it's very tiring. Not good for the diet, not good for the 10k training. However I'm going to do my damnedest to get in a couple of workouts when I am there. I have to.

Then I come home and it's straight back into the new role. For how long? Who the chuff knows. It's a maternity cover role and so it could be 3 months, it could be 9. I'm expecting it to be at least 6. I'm quite looking forward to the challenge in a way - I like being busy. At the moment I am out the habit and it takes me an age to do anything. Potter here, faff there... I'm just feeling pretty positive at the moment. Kinda like - right Life - what have you got, cause I'm ready for it.

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