Sunday, 17 June 2012

Order! Order!

It's not very often I blog on a Sunday but I'm feeling so organised today that it only feels right that it spills into the written word too.

TB's been away this weekend and my best friend from school and her 8 month old baby came to stay for the night (DO NOT even let me start about the broodiness) and so I was up at 7.30 this morning. That's right - 7.30 in the flipping AM! They left just before lunchtime and so I've had the whole day, hangover free to potter around - and it's been bliss.

Not only have I prepared rhubarb for rhubarb and ginger jam, I've ironed some shirts for TB (MUG!), changed the spare bed, planned and shopped for all meals this week, got a load of washing hung up and made a mini rhubarb crumble for TB but I've also mentally prepared for day 1 of my Up & Running 10k training, which is tomorrow. This weekend all of us on the course have been treated to lots of lovely blog posts and forum chit chat to get us in the right mind frame for the next 8 weeks. I've already I've got my eye on a 10k which I am going to KICK ARSE in, come September and so quite frankly, I'm rather excited!

So this is my meal plan for the week...
  • Sunday - Good for you green prawn curry (BBC Good Food)
  • Monday - Healthy fish pie and broccoli (Jamie Oliver)
  • Tuesday - Same as Monday (TB is out so I'm happy to have the same again)
  • Wednesday - Spicy lamb and carrot burgers
  • Thursday - Roast chicken and veg
  • Friday - away for the weekend
This all sounds holier that thou... not quite. I may have demolished the best part of a bag of Cadbury Nibbles and Crunch Rocks yesterday. Oops. I'm not too worried though... Last year during my winning streak Wed- Fri and Mon- Tues were sterling and the weekend was always a little more relaxed.  I'm right back into it today and am it's game ON!


  1. You are well and truly IN THE ZONE, my friend. May SoD reward you.


  2. THE ZONE indeed... i need to find this healthy fish pie recipe! i made one recently and figured out the cals in my app and nearly DIED... 700 and something per serve!!!?

    have an ace week!


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