Thursday, 31 May 2012

Six in six

That's my mantra... six in six.

I want to lose six pounds in six weeks. That's totally do-able, right? Well, yeah it is. If I don't slip up, if I keep on keeping and just keep it together. I can't afford to have a few bad days and gain a couple of pounds, which let's face it - isn't something alien to me.

Things like this morning's workout will help. It was hard. It was sweaty.

Things like last night's licking of cheesecake filling and a digestive slathered with full fat Philadelphia shoved down my pie hole will not help. It was creamy, delicious - and packed with fat.

Things like this will help .It's a coconut and vanilla greek style yogurt. It's fricking delicious. It's 73cals.

I'm not a massive yogurt fan. I like em, but the thought of gulping down a big spoonful makes me want to gag. It's something about the texture. BOAKE.I normally have half a Mullerlight on top of fruit for brekkie and that's plenty. What I do love though, is creamy puddings. I'm thinking creme brulee, any sort of creamy sauce, any sort of white chocolate sauce....  okay, actually drooling now. Anyway, I took a moment to peruse the yogurt aisle this morning instead of just firing the usual cranberry and raspberry numbers.

One of my favourite flavours is coconut... macaroon anyone? What about a bounty? Or maybe a pina colada? You catch my drift. I spied these bad boys and quickly clocked the 73 cals per pot info. I was planning to try one out over some mango and raspberries for brekkie but that kinda went out the window. Moments after the first taste, I scarfed the whole thing straight, at lightening speed. It is creamy, it's subtle, it delicious. It really felt like I was indulging in a treat, rather then a yogurt. I've got another three in the fridge... not sure they will last the night.


  1. Oooh yes, I love coconut flavoured things. I couldn't have these because I bet they've got sugar and/or sweetener but I use Total greek yoghurt and stir in some desiccated coconut to have on some berries for breakfast.

    6 in 6? Deffo.


  2. I've had these too, they are yummy, but wish they weren't also vanilla flavoured as I dislike artificial vanilla! I like the above commentors idea of mixing coconut in with Total, as I too try and avoid the sugars!

    Oh and I want some 6 in 6 too!

  3. I want 6 in 6 as well! Thanks for the yog tip off.
    Bron x


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