Tuesday, 29 May 2012


What a lovely weekend. Shall I mention it was sunny? Not sure if you clocked that...

Lover boy and I had a weekend at home - just the two of us for once. And it was amazing. To actually have the conversation "what shall we do now" was incredible. Usually it's more a case of "we're leaving as early as possible on Friday so be packed and ready to go - and have a packed lunch for the car."  It was all really relaxed and just lovely (apart from going over my handlebars on my bike and scraping my elbow. Ouch. My legs also have an imprint of a bike on them - but in bruises. Nice.)

On Friday night we went out to see a techo DJ I really like. The two of us got pretty messy, lots of fun. Saturday we had a long lie (heaven) and then spend the rest of the day in the park with magazines, newspapers and food. I'll just take this juncture to mention that apart from the large amount of booze I put away on Friday night, my eating over the weekend was amazing. A chicken salad to eat in the park, rather than a baguette, a calipo rather than a feast ice cream  etc.etc.

Saturday night we ordered thai food and watched Star Wars. TB ain't never seen it! Almost 25 years old and he's never seen it!

Sunday we went out for lunch and... wait for it.... bought tennis rackets! TB enjoys a knock about with a few pals and we discovered courts just 2 minutes from our place. One minute we are standing looking at rackets and the next thing we're playing tennis! Well, when I say playing tennis it was more like us just trying to hit the ball back and forth a few time. I was actually better than I expected and what a good way to enjoy the sun while getting some extra exercise in.

Sunday night we made sushi and watched 'The Empire Strikes Back'. Lovely!

Throughout the weekend I had my head buried in my new app (MyNetDiary). I LOVE it! According to the numbers, I am on target to lose around 4lbs tomorrow. Ha! Okay - if that happens I'll... I'll cartwheel naked across the front garden. I have been really focused and have worked hard on the exercise front too. Yesterday avo TB suggested we play tennis again, that night after work. I'd already been out for a small run/circuits session at lunchtime but what the hey - bring on the additional calorie burn!

With all this in mind, how I feel and based on what I see when I look in the mirror,  I am expecting a loss tomorrow. Let me rephrase that.... I'm hoping for a loss. Hoping.

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  1. Aint love grand.... great to hear you sounding just SOOOO happy!!


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