Tuesday, 17 February 2015

It's all progress

This weekend was very enjoyable. Friday kicked off with the delivery of a dozen red roses. Aw shucks. He's a naughty monkey though. Spending money on that sort of thing. I've still got last year's (on the mantelpiece) which I dried. They are lovely though. Lucky girl.

Then it was time for some pampering. Hello red, glittery gel nails (which were a Christmas present) and then we headed off to my homeland for a leaving do, via my folks. 

The next day, armed with a few of my childhood soft toys which my mum looked out, including my first teddy (called, Teddy - OBVS), we went pram shopping. Bloody hell, what a minefield. A very expensive minefield. After a lot of consideration, clicking on and off of parts, and wheeling around of potential baby wagons, we decided to bite the bullet and just go for the one we liked - no more faffing. It's all on order apart from the car seat and base which we took away then and there. Teddy helped us work out how the hell you use it.

I have to say, getting the pram has made me more excited. I had a moment when we were back at home, figuring the car seat out. In three months time, there is going to be a baby, for real, in there. Everything feels like it's speeding up, I'm going to blink and we'll be parents. Holy moly.

Which means we really need to crack on with the house stuff. We are so close to being finished with the kitchen/dining room. TB and his dad got on with painting the dining room part yesterday which has made a big difference.

I weighed myself on Friday. Oh my. Oh ho ho hohohaaaaaa. 2 stone. I've put on two stone since the love kitten came into being. Christ. That's quite a lot - especially considering I've still got three months of serious baby growth to go. In fact, it's not quite a lot. It's freaking LOADS. My mum, so helpfully, pointed out that she could see it on my face, when I saw her. That's really pissed me off, actually. Why bother mentioning it? My bump is pretty neat so two stone can't be blamed on that! 

Any pregnancy stuff I read now refers to the fact I am eating lots of healthy foods. Am I? Am I really? Sure, my meals are healthy enough but any notion of snacking on fruit has long gone out the window. Case in point, I just threw a BIG bag of minstrels down my neck like they were nothing. I've not been to the gym for about three weeks thanks to a busy schedule but this really has to change. Thursday I am going. I will empty that fruit bowl (and not by throwing the rotting contents in the bin). 

PS) Pic of my big boy just cause he's the boss


  1. Awww, your boy is adorable!

    Soooo exciting re car seats and buggies and the like. I am super excited for the arrival of the kitten!


  2. It's funny, whenever my female friends have bought a pram, they're all excited thinking about the baby. Most of my male friends have been white at the cost and bemoaning the road bike/car/telly/holiday they could have bought instead....

    I'm sure you're blooming so don't fret about the weight - just eat that fruit and do some exercise.

    Love the grey dining room. I'm thinking quite a sombre grey for ours which would tone with the pale dove of the hallway....

    Lesley xx


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