Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I want it all and I want it now

The kitchen dining room updates are quite frankly, dull DULL DULL, they have been going on that long but to be honest, that's the main thing in my life these days so an update you shall get!

Fridge/freezer is in and it it huge! We built the units to go around it and it sticks out from said units much more than I expected. I had a bit of a strop last night when I realised how it was going to look. It's frustrating when you've planned your dream kitchen and it's all sleek and lovely and then a honking great appliance fucks up the vibe - and we chose to put it there. So I was pretty miffed, which father in law witnessed as he's been helping decorate loads.  Little did he know that at the same time I've decided I don't think the colour for the walls in the dining room are right - and Father in Law had just put on the first coat that very night.

I'm going to let TB have the pleasure of telling him "we" have changed our minds! God, I am such a madame.

I'm also beginning to panic somewhat about how much time we have left before the baby is here to get all the house stuff done we want to. It''s going to be a really tight squeeze and I really am expecting a lot from TB. He's not had any time to himself for months.

Last night he pointed out that when the baby comes I'll want help in the evenings and weekends but he can't give that to me if he's busy trying to sort the nursery  - which involves putting up a wall to make one room into two, and making a whole new door. And then all the snash that follows, new plugs, insulation, skirting boards... and so on. It's not a weekend job. Nothing in our house ever is.

So I've just done a week by week plan so see what is actually achievable - let's just see if TB agrees!

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