Wednesday, 4 March 2015

10 week countdown

10 week countdown. Even just typing those works makes me feel a bit... waaaaah haaa haaa, oh my god, we're having a baby. I might have been pregnant for what seems like a pretty long time  (well, to me it does!) but only now does it kinda feel like it's sinking in.

My bump is growing pretty rapidly now (as you can see for yourselves) and for the first time a stranger offered congratulations. I was wearing my clingy gym gear mind you, so there was no escaping it! Everyone keeps telling me how neat I am though and the midwife did comment on my strong stomach muscles. YES, thank you planking and running. 

I am really missing being the person that I was a year ago. The very active, healthy eating person. Sure, I'm pretty active for a third trimester preggo, but you know what I mean. I'm going to have to throw myself back into it (once I get over the shock of giving birth and realising I'm responsible for another life) but I'm going to be starting from a place I never though I would be again. And when I say place, I mean number. At my all time heaviest I was 15 and a half stone. I'm going to be pretty close to that, if not more, by the time I have the baby. That's a long way to go to get back down to be close to where I was. 

In recent times my heavier weight was in the high 13s. In fact, I was there a few months before we got engaged. 11 months later when we got married - after some SERIOUS hard graft (we're taking 5 workouts a week and super strict healthy eating)  - I was almost two stone lighter.  I'm going to have that to lose at least, oh and the small matter of a baby to look after. I'm going to have to do it though. I'm going to have to get my head in the game and just get on with it. I need to start our new life together as a healthy one.

In terms of how I'm feeling, the answer is totally fine. A couple of minor aches and a bit of heartburn has been the sum total of issues. I sleep like a log and generally everything is just peachy. The baby is moving about loads and yesterday I there were a couple of massive thumps that actually made me exclaim out loud. 

I still can't quite believe that right now there is a baby weighing more than 3lbs in my tummy. We've been buying more bits - changing mat, clothes, monitor - but it 's all sitting in a big pile in the spare room under a big plastic sheet so it doesn't get covered in dust. I think once we actually build the crib up (once the plastering of our bedroom and the new velux windows are in) that'll  help me to get my noggin around what the hell is going on. I'll never truly be prepared though. An impossible feat!

We've got our first antenatal class on Saturday. I had to confess one of the things I'm hoping to get out of it is not some sort of chat on which way up the baby goes (although that would be helpful) but some new friends. I'm a lucky girl with lots of friends but none that don't live more than an hour away. Someone in the vicinity would be lovely! 

Kitchen update (of course!) the first coat of the new colour is on and it is SO much better. Two more coats and then we're just about ready for the floor! Thank GAWD! Poor TB spend several hours in the pissing rain drilling a 6" hole through a sandstone wall (for the extraction hood thingy pipe) and so that's another great job done!


  1. Oh my goodness, you're so close! Enjoy these last few weeks and I'm sure that when the time is right you'll be back on track no problem.


  2. Oh my God - you are SOOO pregnant!! You look gorgeous and happy and I'm jealous of all the house work going on. Ours is like my diet - glacial...

    Keep it up chuck and don't fret about the weight afterwards. You will be running around after the wee one and working from a fit and strong base so it will come easily to you.

    Lesley xx


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