Monday, 2 February 2015

Face like a wet weekend

So my exercise regime has kinda gone out the window. Not entirely but it's not how I imagined things would be  - a year ago when I was kicking the arse out of it all.

I'm going to the gym/seeing my personal trainer once a week - or thereabouts. And that's it. Today I walked along to the gym, did my weights/stretches workout and then walked home. It's probably around 3 miles all in. That's as much walking as I want to do though as my back gets sore. Really low down, almost into my bottom, it gets sore after less than a mile!

I would consider doing more but there are two reasons this isn't actually happening. 1. Every evening we're working on the kitchen and those walls won't sand themselves. 2. I can't be arsed. That's really about the size of it. Simply as that. I'm still very active (the DIY is seeing to that) but actual exercise... not really happening.

I'm also feeling so flipping hormonal just now it's not even funny. One minute I'm super excited about everything that's happening and the next, I am totally down in the dumps. Yesterday TB commented that a radiator I've spend a long time painting, wasn't good enough. Well that sent me into a flood of tears that lasted about half an hour. Just feel all over the place - and not in control of it at all. And when I do feel down, I feel guilty that I'm feeling this way - and also it worries me what things will be like when the baby comes.


  1. Ah sometimes it's good to cut yourself a break, as long as you're active and feeling productive that's all that matters. Don't be too hard on yourself!
    Inanity and the Girl

  2. Oh poor thing. Don't be hard on yourself! And don't feel guilty for feeling rubbish! Just think of the amazing thing that your body is doing at the moment, it's no wonder that your hormones are loopy and you're not feeling up to your old exercise routine. MASSIVE hugs.


  3. It sounds like you're still doing quite a lot of exercise anyway - more than me at the moment and I don't even have an excuse! As the previous commenters have said, there's no need to be hard on yourself.xx


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