Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Mixed Messages?

Having second thoughts about meeting Moonraker on Saturday. I want to meet him but I have to ask myself why. Is it just for an ego boost? If so then it's an pretty dangerous way to get one. And as Zanna  wisely pointed out Toyboy might be more okay about it than Moonraker but that doesn't mean he'd be happy about it.

Because we've had a few texts back and forward, some of which have been instigated by me - I'm now wondering if he thinks the door is slightly ajar and is going to give it an almighty shove. I don't think he knows the chain lock is on.

I might text him and say something about Saturday being us catching up as friends.  Does that sounds totally OTT? Gah! Nothing is ever simple.


  1. Well, it might be a bit risky any other way. Just saying...

  2. Ask yourself what you hope to gain by meeting Moonraker then ask yourself what you could stand to lose and see which way the scales line up - you know our lives are all about scales!!! lol. But seriously have a long hard think as I'm almost sure that in his head Moonraker is thinking he's back in with a chance and meeting him to tell him he most definitely isn't won't make him feel any better. In fact he'll be all bitter and twisted more than likely and then there's Toyboy - are you sure you want to risk his reaction when/if he finds out? Zxx


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