Friday, 22 October 2010

My new mummy and daddy!

Just cracking off a quickie as I'm super busy with work. I've been working for myself for just over a year now and I am so pleased I made the decision to go it alone. It's pretty daunting at times and I'm forever checking my spreadsheet to keep an eye on the cash flow situation but it all seems to be working out! Who'd have thunk it? Shame I have to still deal with clients!

So - it's t minus 5 hours until I meet Toyboy's parentals. I'm feeling fine about it to be honest, I just want them to like me! Out of all my ex boyfriend's parents they seem to be the most similar to mine- which is really reassuring and so I am looking forward to meeting them. I'll have to watch though - I keep calling them by a nickname when chatting to Toyboy. Must not let that slip out tonight!

I've picked out my outfit too. Dark blue jeans and a kinds dressy jumper thing with a big gold bow on the front. Big gold earrings and a big gold cuff. Well, I need to give it the Love Cat touch! It's quite understated and flattering too. We're going out for bite to eat and then to a play. How civilised!

Diet is going well but the past two nights I've been out in the evening and ended up picking at crappy stuff for my tea. Last night I had about 10 truffles (they were AMAZING) - highly nutritious I'm sure you'll agree, and the night before I had a mini pie thing (just a bit of one) and an onion ring. Calorie wise it's no more than a meal but it's not the Slimming World way.

Have a great weekend lovers. x


  1. Who is this "cat" lady I thought, then I clicked:-) Good luck with toyboy's parents!

  2. Oooh how did it go?! Do tell.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog x

  3. Ah the penny has dropped for me too! Hurrah you are still here!

    Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do on all your posts on your new blog. What a treat! x


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