Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Weigh In. Number 1.

I'm calling this week's weigh in at *looks around furtively* Slimming World, weigh in one. Yeah, I was weighed in last week, on my very first week but wasn't after a week of following the plan, was it?

So I trotted along on Tuesday to the hall where myself and a pile of other chubby ladies have the pleasure of standing on some scales which make us feel either totally shit or completely amazing. I waited in line to get on the bloody things and I was nervous. My heart was pounding and I could barely keep my train of thought - which was, 'I better have lost at least a few pounds'. It was week one after all. I'm delighted to report that I lost 4lbs.

I'm extra pleased with that as not only did I do no exercise I was generally pretty sedentary. I'm aiming to get back into the gym this week, even if it is just once or twice so hopefully I can get another good loss next week. It's a tall order but I'd love it if I could lose 3lbs next week and make it a half stone. I'm going for it anyway and if I come anywhere close then happy days.

I also had more of a chance to assess my fellow syners this week as I wasn't doing mental somersaults with red days, green days, free and superfree foods and I think I might have been a bit quick to judge them. The majority of them are pretty normal people who can probably spell their own name (oooh - harsh?). It's just that there are certain characters that stand out who are.... well, maybe not the fizziest drink in the fridge.

I was going to tell Toyboy about being on a diet at the weekend as we spent a long weekend together but after the first day together I realised I didn't have to! We were eating out loads and I was just making the right choices and I thought 'I'm getting away with this - I don't need to tell him!'. Well, that was until Monday lunchtime when I offered the mozzarella to him from my chicken salad.

"Are you not eating dairy, or something", he asked.

Busted! I had no option but to come clean. I fessed up. I wasn't sure what he was going to say and to be honest I wasn't too worried. I wasn't looking for him to say 'why? You don't need to go on a diet' or for him to try and reassure me. I'm not doing this to please him. What he did say was, "Fair enough. If that's what you want to do then good luck."

I love that. No big discussion. No big stromash.


  1. Good job! 4# is great! I am actually going to my first weight watchers meeting tonight (ugh). I joined years ago and totally didn't stick with it, but lost the chunk with swimming. I HATE counting 'points'. It feels totally obsessive. But somethngs gotta give- other than my jeans! I feel your pain, sister!

  2. 4lbs is pretty amazing - go you! Carry on fizzing...


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