Thursday, 28 October 2010

Weigh In. Number 3.

This week, I was royally pissed off. 

I'd really been strict all week and then relaxed it at the weekend and I thought I deserved a pound (especially cause it was just a pound the week before). However, it was not to be and I was faced with staying the same. Hmmmm.

I was so so annoyed but then I had a bit of a review of the weekend and there were a few things that might explain it - two slices of thick base pizza, half a bottle of wine, Chinese deep fried starter. Oops. So on reflection I suppose I deserved it. In my defense the wine was cause I was meeting Toyboy's parents. Not that I had to down the wine to steady the nerves but we went out for a meal and I felt like I couldn't ask for a rum and diet coke instead. And no, not drinking was not an option. Maybe in the future but making a fuss the first time I met them was not on the cards.

I digress... What's upsetting me is that I feel that time is slipping away and I'd love to crack on and have an amazing week but there are two things getting in the way. 1. I'm going away from Friday morning till Monday night with Toyboy and we're going to be in Germany where there is a big beer festival! And 2. My head is so not in it over the past few days. I'm trying really hard but I am just feeling the hunger - and for sweet things. I love boiled sweets and I've been putting away far too many of them.

With the way I'm feeling and the weekend ahead I'll be lucky if I can stay the same again. Even if I can manage that then I'll still only have lost 5lbs in four weeks - RUBBISH! Okay - that sound a bit frantic and that exactly where I don't want to be. Fat and serene is better, no?

So I pretty much emailed all of the above to the Lovely Helen of Clear Your Heart fame and I am feeling SO much better. She sent me a lovely response which has had the desired effect (i.e. a virtual slap in the visage). To condense her pearl's of wisdom, she said:

  1. You still have to make the right choices at the weekend
  2. Calm down - it's not the end of the world just cause you've not lost as much as you'd like
  3. Eat more of the right things
She's so right. I'm going to go on holiday this weekend and enjoy the odd treat and not worry about it. When I get back from my wee break - it is all systems go.

And I don't go till tomorrow so I've been doing well in the meantime. I've eaten a lot more today - but of all good stuff and I feel much better. I'm also pleased with my fitness. Ran for 20 mins (3km) without stopping on Monday night without too much trauma and last night at bodypump (first time back in weeks and weeks) I did my usual weights (give or take a kg on the squats and back track) and managed no problem!

I do love you body - sorry for being a pain sometimes.

Starting Weight: 205 pounds
Current Weight: 200 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 0 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 5 pounds


  1. I think it might help to think about it as not 'depriving' yourself but that you are being kind to your body! :)

  2. Glad it helped love. Any time x

  3. I know how hard it is when you go from WI to WI, hoping to be rewarded for all the little acts of denial over the week. But the harsh truth is that sometimes you don't get what you deserve (and this can work both ways) and sometimes you do (ditto)! It's a random mystery but you just have to put your head down and carry on. Easier said than done of course!

    Have a fab weekend and good luck with the beer!


  4. Yep it's a bugger - but as everyone else is saying - you make your choices and do the best you can and if you want more then sometimes you have to perhaps change some of your choices. But overall I think the important thing is that you're not just ignoring it in the hope it will go away but at the same time you aren't allowing it to dominate your life. Hope you have a splendiferous weekend away (and shag yourselves silly - lol) Love Zxx


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