Friday, 8 October 2010

The New Regime

It's day three of the new regime and I am slowly getting to grips with Slimming World's way of thinking. Well, I am getting to grips with extra easy days (there are also red and green days.)

From what I can work out they make you think that you can live the life of a very hungry Riley as you can eat unlimited veg and fruit - sounds fair enough. You're also allowed lean meat, fish, eggs and other similar thing. But get this you are also allowed to eat unlimited pasta. Yes, PASTA. I was agog. However, here is the kicker - you have to fill up 1/3 of your plate with superfree foods. What's a superfree food, I hear you ask. I'm glad you did. It's pretty much fruit and veg - but not root veg or nice things like avocado. I'd just like to take this moment in time to point out one avocado has 15 syns (yes, with a 'y' - it's for SYNergy dontcha know? - ugh. Helen, I feel your pain on this point. Mumpreneur, anyone? Sorry, I digress). How many syns are you allowed in one day? 15. Goodbye dear avocado.

I can now see how this works as by the time you pap a heap of fruit or veg on your plate there's only so much of the other stuff you can eat.

What is limited, but has to be included every day is milk or cheese and high fibre things like bread and crackers. I am a massive cracker snacker (ooh - rhymes) and this has hit me hard.

Anything else has to be counted as a syn. After a few hours into it all I realised.... no sugar. Yup, there is very little sugar on this diet. I love sugar. We've been FIRM friends for a long, long time and I miss it already. I think my banging headache last night might have been something to do with that too. Hmmmm.

So what have I been eating? Well, all manner of nice stuff. Just means I need to be organised  - which, of course I knew already. Duh.

Lunch. Salmon (cooked in foil in the oven), cous cous and salad)
Brekkie. Two types of melon, grapes and muller yogurt.

It's lovely food but I think my tummy is used to getting a lot. (putting away a large packet of Butterkist every other night up until Monday) and so I am still hungry at times but am just going nuts on the fruit. I#'ve also been saving my Syns as I need them for weekend boozing. I'm actually dying on a drink- roll on 6pm tonight.

I do still feel like the side of a house and I have visibly put on weight and getting dressed at the moment can be somewhat painful. However, today I have managed to pull together an outfit that I feel pretty good in so all in all - feeling pretty positive.

And on top of that Toyboy is coming down for the weekend till Monday! Now let's just hope my body plays ball and I don't get any monthly interruptions -okay TMI, but you know you get all the details here!

Have a fabulous weekend mes amies. x


  1. Syn still makes me angry. UGH.

    Have a fab weekend x

  2. Very impressive. And quite inspiring. Good luck.


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