Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Weigh In. Number 2.

I forgot what it's like getting weighed in at Chubby Club. My heart was pounding and I was really nervous. Really nervous. I need to calm down and just remember that I'm doing all the right thing. There is nothing to stress out about. I'm following the plan and making the right choices and most importantly my head is in the right place.

This week, I lost 1lb. Now a loss is a loss and I know I lost 4lbs last week, making it 5lbs in two weeks but you know I'm all about the honesty on this here blog and the truth is, yes - I am a little disappointed. I've got fair bit to lose and I was hoping it would be a bit more.

However, I shall carry on. Historically this is where I lose the plot. I get a bit bored after a few weeks and let is all slide. This is my moment to knuckle down and keep on keeping on.

Starting Weight: 205 pounds
Current Weight: 200 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 1 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 5 pounds


  1. I think there's always a big lose week and then a small one. Your body is adjusting to the new you. Watch out next week! Keep up the good work!

  2. I know that the accepted response to this is along the lines of '1lb is great and all losses are good'. Technically this is true but I too feel a pang when I lose anything less than 2lbs a week. That is, until I put on and then I feel all nostalgic and wistful for those 1lb debit days.... Keep at it - and stiff upper lip!

  3. Will say the same as I just said to Margaret E - now the fluid levels have levelled out and you know that you've lost 5 lbs of fat and your fluids should be settled down now. Well done you. Keep on keepin on Zxx

  4. keep it up! those 1 pound losses add up!!!!


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