Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Plan of action

What up peeps! Can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post.

Thursday was a crazy busy day with work and I was diving about all over the place (so much so I didn't make it to the gym - shock horror) On Saturday I went away camping with my voluntary thing and only got back last night.

I always find it really hard to eat healthily when I'm away camping as it's all catered for and there are packets of biscuits always on the go. We're outside all day long too which always makes me feel hungrier than normal. I did pretty well on Saturday and the only misdemeanor was the nan bread I munched on with dinner. I had a burger which had been fried, and a sausage at lunchtime on Sunday which was bad too. This wasn't too bad really but then I started munching on biscuits and I had a few coffees with cream! What was I thinking?! Silly, silly, silly.

Monday's meals were pretty good but again - biscuits! I must have eaten about six chocolatey caramel digestivey things - at least. They were SO goood, but I dread to think how much fat there is and the number of calories in them cannot be good. On the positive side, I made everyone a cooked breakfast (including Stornoway black pudding - drool) and didn't eat any of it! I also was on the go lots. Not much sitting about and a lot of walking about, lifting things and generally being active. I just hope it was enough to balance it all out.

However, I'll not be finding out tomorrow. That's right, weigh in will not be taking place tomorrow. I'm off to London town on Friday night as I've got a wedding reception down there on Saturday. I'm then staying with friends from Sunday until Wednesday night when I will be staying at the Travel Lodge at Gatwick as the next morning (Thursday) I fly out to Croatia for 11 days!

This mean the plan for weigh in is all over the place. I'm going to weigh in at home on Friday morning and that will be my last 'true' reading before Croatia. When I'm in London I'm going to stick to my diet and I will also have my trainers with me so  no excuses for not exercising. The problem is finding a scale that I can use to show any loss as I'm staying at all three different places. There might be a chance I can use a set on Friday night and Wednesday night - which would be the perfect scenario but I'm not sure it'll come off. I'm just planning to hop on and off just about every set I come across and hopefully I'll have two readings taken at the same time of day on the same scales and at least a few days apart.

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  1. Hope the scales will be kind - do let us know if you can. And either way, have a FANTASTIC holiday!



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