Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Enough crap thank you very much

I'm not expecting great things from tomorrow's weigh in. In fact, I'm not really expecting anything at all apart from a big fat stay the same.

I've missed out on two workouts thanks to my stupid ankle which is still really swollen. It's fine to walk on and to cycle but it does twinge a bit and stairs are a bit more tricky. I went to the gym last night and did 30 mins cardio (bike and cross trainer) and some squats and chest presses but that's about it thanks to the gym shutting early because of some sort of bank holiday rubbish.

I also had too many treats at the weekend. Picked at some chocolate, ate an ice cream float, choc ice, crisps.... I'm going to spinning tonight which will no doubt be another killer as my fitness is down the pan.

It's unreal how quickly you lose it. I've lost my ipod (raging) and so I was sans tunes last night and I could hear myself wheezing away on the cross trainer. I also could only find a 5kg medicine ball for my squat things. Just as well the 6kg was no where to be found. It was so hard!

My boobs also feel bigger and I've had a couple of spots this week, odd considering this is typical PMT behaviour but mine ain't due.

This past week has actually been a royal pain in the arse. Not only did I fuck my ankle, struggle with the diet at the weekend and realise that I lost my ipod shuffle on holiday but my car has packed in too. It's currently getting fixed to the tune of around £700. This is not good. Funds are running very low and I simply don't have this amount of cash spare. Who does? It's going on a credit card and that's where it will have to stay for the foreseeable. This has to be the most expensive month in the history of mankind. Hotels for hen do's and weddings to pay for, wedding presents, travel to weddings, travel to hen do's, baby presents.... people, stop doing life things that mean I have to spend money on you!

There is some good news though. Push aside all the negativity I've just thrown at you (if you can) cause here is the good news...the next six months or so are going to be interesting as I'm working from a desk in the office of a company I used to work for. My old boss is going on mat leave and they are letting me use the space for free. I think it'll do me good to be around more people and I'll hopefully pick up some more work this way.  Although it has meant a whole load of food planning on my part as I can't just wander from my desk into my kitchen at 3pm and have a think about what I might want to prepare for that night's dinner. It's not that much of a major change as I was already pretty organised it just means there is no room for error from now on.

So in anticipation of staying the same here is my weekly workout list.

Wednesday: 35 mins of circuits class
Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun: nothing
Monday: Gym workout, mostly cardio, 1.4 miles on the bike
Tuesday: 5 miles on the bike, spinning

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  1. Poor Lovecat! I have been reading faithfully for a couple years, but haven't commented for a bit. I am the former nursing student (now ER RN), moved from Maine to Seattle. I have been really inspired by your recent record of kicking ass! Any recommendations for lifting or strength training or website tips? I have (finally) picked up the cardio again, but have never added any strength work. Cheers and thanks! -Grayson


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