Thursday, 4 August 2011

A whole stromash

Thanks for the lovely comments yesterday about my pics. Just for the record, there is still a lot a junk in my trunk (and general leg area) under the dress. Those floaty layers and the leggings are hiding a multitude of sins! Someone shoot me I almost wrote syns and I'm not even doing Slimming World. Brainwashed, I tell you.

So yes, feeling strong and quite athletic but still got quite a way to go. I'm a size 12/14 on top which is great and I'm really happy with that. On the bottom I'm a size 16. Waaah! I still get a thrill writing that. I'd love to get down to a 14. Even thinking it could happen seems like an impossible dream but as soon as I get back from holidays I am right back on it.

Recently I've seen a lot of people that I've not clapped eyes on for months and months and some others that it's been more a case of weeks. The reactions to my slimmer figure from these various people have been so so varied. People I was with at the weekend who I've not seen for ages said I was looking tiny and asked me how I did it etc. So quite a big response. My best friend (who is having a baby in just a few weeks. Too much excitement!) simply said I was looking the best I've looked for ages. My brother and sister in law who I've seen maybe twice since March (when I started to lose weight) have said nothing. Not. A. Peep.

Normally this would annoy me but I've actually to come to a conclusion (although it's pure conjecture). The people closest to me see me. They see the person that I am; a friend, a sister, a sister in law. They see me and my personality. I'm not just a person that happens to be overweight. That's not what come to mind when they think of me. They think of the person I am and all that encompasses. I'm sure they must notice some changes in me but how much I weigh or what size of jeans I'm wearing does not define me.

In other news. TB is getting on my nerves. He's staying at his parent's this week as he's working out of a different office. We normally speak on the phone for around half an hour each night just before we go to sleep. This has been earlier as he's been going to bed at the same time as his mum and dad. That's totally fine, no issue there, What does piss me off is that he can't really speak at that point as the sound travels really easily in his folk's house. The phone goes and all I get is a whispered 'Hello, how's it going' and after five minutes we have to end the call cause he can't really speak. Or the other reason is that he's tired. Fair enough but how about you call me earlier in the evening!

I just feel like there's not been the closeness that we normally have over the phone. I called him earlier tonight to ask a question about my car (which has been playing up). It rang out and so I left a voicemail. A few minutes later I got a half arsed text back which was useless and pointless. Cheers for the call, doll. Don't go out of your way, will you. In fact, I'm not even asking him to go out his way - just speak to me for a few minutes!

At this stage in the relationship (and earlier in fact) I can feel myself going from a carefree, independent and sometimes hard to get girlfriend to a needy, whiney, slightly pathetic girlfriend. Okay, admittedly that is a gross exaggeration but the other day I heard myself saying "Do you love me?". Gaaaaah! I'm not that person! An irritating girlfriend character in a tv programme TB and I were watching said that very line and he turned to me and made a face that said: "see, only whiny girlfriends say that".

So for those reasons I've been trying to be a bit more relaxed and that also means not calling him. I'm off to London tomorrow and we'll not see each other until Wednesday night and I'm planning to keep up the laid back-ness till then. Sounds pathetic I know, but... well, there it is.

Okay, onto weighty matters. Weigh in is tomorrow and I am not feeling confident. Not confident at all. I've missed out on a couple of workouts because I was away and I also ate lots of biscuits and sweeties. My only saving grace is that I barely drank. This is my low week for weighing and the last three low weeks have registered 0.5lb, 0lb and 1.5lb on!  So we shall see what we see.

In the meantime here's the exercise run down.

Wednesday: 9.3 mile cycle, circuits
Thursday: nothing
Friday: 10.3 mile cycle, bodypump
Saturday: bit of incidental lifting as we lugged camping equipment about
Sunday & Monday: nothing but lots of stomping about in wellies
Tuesday: Spinning
Wednesday: 8.3 mile cycle, set of lunges and squats
Thursday: Gym workout (40 mins cardio, resistance - mostly lunges and squats with weights)

Finally, here is a picture of my serious sweaty betty bod after tonight's work out. Can you see how my top is properly saturated with sweat? Lovely. 


  1. Gah, it makes me realise how utterly pathetic I am with regards exercise when I look at a routine like that...and not even a full week for you.

    Oh, and I keep wanting to spell sin with a y as well. You're right - it is brainwashing!


  2. Core workout. It’s been a long week and a half. I have been running a lot and had a number of additional training sessions outside my norm. So I could feel it wearing on me a bit. This is where staying focused and pushing through it becomes important.


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