Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Weigh in

In one of my recent posts I listed some of my top tips. One of them, and arguably the most important, was to keep on keeping on.

My biggest dieting and exercising hurdle has always been keeping going and not giving up when things don't go my way, such as last week's unexpected gain of 1.5lbs.  I knew it wasn't a real gain but it would have been so easy to thrown the towel in, and a jar of nutella down my neck.

I've lost count of the amount of times I've lost 7 pounds or so and then because I've struggled a little and the scales haven't played ball I've given up. And where did that get me? Almost two stone up from my lowest weight and only a stone from my heavyweight title of 2005 when I weighed in at a stonking 15 stone and 6lbs.

This week was just another week in many when I kept going. I put the work in and avoided just about all of the pitfalls - did I tell you about the three pavlovas and toffee and custard donuts at the barbeque which I looked a longingly but didn't even have a sniff of?

And the payoff? Drumroll please..... 3.75lbs off! Waaaaaaa! I do believe that means I am 12 stone 9.75lbs. Ahhhhh thank you very much! A few things about that number. In 2006 I got down to 12 stone 9 (my scales then only registered whole pounds). That was for about a nanosecond. I am the lightest I have been for around 10 years. 10 years people! I need to dig out my old diaries as I lost 17lbs in first year at uni and I can't quite remember what the numbers were then.

Only 1.25 more pounds and I'll have hit the 2 stone mark. However, there's a whole  lotta gallivanting around before then. A week on Friday I head to London for four days and after that I'm off to Croatia for 11 days. I'd love to hit the 2 stone mark before Croatia. Could be tricky - especially as I'll be staying with friends in London and won't have my scales with me. However, I have a cunning plan...

Starting Weight: 204.25 pounds
Current Weight: 177.75 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 3.75 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 26.5 pounds


  1. Hi! Have been lurking for a while but such a magnificent loss definitely warrants a de-lurk and a big well done you. That's fantastic! And what a lovely feeling to be at your lightest for ten years. Good luck with hitting that 2 stone mark.


  2. Fan bloody tactic you are a legend sweet pea xx

  3. That's fantastic - congrtulations! That's a hefty chunk to lose in a week too - well done. And for resisting pavlova and doughnuts - heroic stuff.


  4. Bloody brilliant! And I love it when you hit these milestones - makes resisting all the pavlova (and tablet - man, that stuff is like crack cocaine!!) seem worthwhile after all! :o)

    Sue (Starfish264)

  5. Rock. star. I had a few "throw in the towel" days this week, but laced up the gym shoes and took it out on the gym. It also helps that you're one blogger I look to and think, "yeah, all right, I can do this!" :)

    Well, done you! Those 3.75 pounds can kiss your shrinking ass!


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